Who IS Gossip Girl?

Do you watch Gossip Girl? I admit I still get sucked into this show and can’t believe they will shortly be going into their fourth season! As of August 24th you’ll be able to purchase the Gossip Girl: The Complete Third Season on Blu-Ray/DVD! This will give you a couple weeks to catch back up on what you missed or what you may have forgotten! I know I can’t wait until my copies arrive!So the real question is WHO IS Gossip Girl?
We’ve been watching for three seasons now and have not been told who she is. I personally have been trying to figure this out myself and in a past episode I really thought we were going to find out who is was when they set a phone trap at a party with everyone there.
I could take a guess at this point but it would only be a guess. I’ve seen the damage that the gossip girl messages have left every lead characters lives a complete mess and can’t image someone putting themselves through such turmoil on purpose.
If I had to actually name a culprit I guess I would pick Georgina because she’s a walking tornado and has no problem ruining the lives around her, in fact, I think she actually enjoys it! Remember what she did to get in between Dan and Serena!
So, if you’ve been watching along for the past three seasons I’d love to know who you might think the gossip girl is. I am dying to know if we’ll get to find out in this upcoming season! First, I need to find out if Chuck was really killed because he is such a great character even if he does play dirty!

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