Gossip Girl – Favorite Couples & Best Kisses of Season Three

Having watched Gossip Girl from the start I’ve seen quite a few relationships for each character and many, many kisses! Last season there were some new people on the set and I really loved the way they integrated them into the show!

My all time favorite couple of the season was Bree and Nate! Bree was from a rival family of the Archibald’s family but that was the main reason Nate took interest. He knew his relationship with Bree would really upset his grandfather and if he could do that then he was happy. I was sad when these two didn’t make it. While everyone is serenaded by Serena she’s really not my favorite character and I was so glad to see things start to unravel between the two of them at the end of season three.

Runner up for favorite couple was Dan and Olivia. While Olivia was set on not letting all of NYC know she was attending college and anyone who didn’t know who she was she had no intentions of telling. So when clueless Dan fell for her without knowing who she was it was cute to see things happen. When he finally figured out who she was he found out in a way that slapped it in his face. But what crazy relationship can last a threesome….yes, you read that right! Especially when you’re unconsciously in love with the odd one out.

When Dorota B’s maid gets married and has a baby this season is one of my favorite story lines! While Dorota doesn’t hold a big part on Gossip Girls story line we have watched Blair put her through quite a bit of nonsense! It was great to see Blair and Chuck stand up at her wedding and show their support and love for her!
But the best kiss of the season by far was this season was when Chuck kissed another man! Yes, for real! But if you want to know the catch and what Blair’s reaction is to all of this you’re going to have to purchase The Complete Third Season which arrived in stores on Blu-ray/DVD on August 24!
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