Gossip Girl Season Four on DVD Dream Vacations

One thing we see every season with Gossip Girl is the lavish lifestyle the characters live. In the beginning of season 4 we got a sneak peak of Blair and Serena’s lavish trip to Paris. They call this trip: Belles de Jour. While there Blair even meets a prince. I can’t tell you too much as this Prince becomes quite the topic de jour all season long. He puts a spin on this episode that will keep you on your toes til the end. Plus, the way they meet is rather interesting as he might just be in disguise.

I can’t imagine being able to just take off when life gets rough and travel half way across the world to the destination of my choice all summer long. If there was some possible way it would be to the Greek Isles. Oh! I think it would be amazing to go to another country so far away and learn their culture. Why not pick a beautiful one like this? I may not need to find a prince like Blair but I wouldn’t mind doing the shopping!

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