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Gossip Girl is more then just the who’s who of NYC’s upper elite. It’s about fashion too people! For starters Serena has modeled and Blair’s mom is a fashion designer and remember Jenny Humphrey’s awesome must see fashion show she had at the end of Season Two?
Just take a look at the cast! Every single cast member has a great look to them. While some may be impractical for us “everyday” people, we can dream, right?
Blair herself has made the headband cool again making us all wish we could look as good in one as she does. But here when Dan of all people tells her the head band has to go- you can’t help but giggle! I was excited to find the clip on you tube. If you aren’t familiar with the show this won’t be as funny to you…but you will learn Blair’s personality. Which by the way is my favorite fashion moment of season three!
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Here is one where Dan himself is testing out a new upper east side fashion side:

Of course the obvious fashion queen would be Serena but no…I chose Jenny! I love how she uniquely picks her clothing to match her peersonality. As the seasons of Gossip Girl have gone by we have seen little Jenny Humphrey grow up!
I love no matter what scene she is in you totally hate her for how awesome she looks!

And if we had legs like hers we’d be rockin’ the short skirts too!

If I had to tell you which guy got my vote of course I’d pick Nate. He’d make just about anything look good.
Are you a fan of the show? Who is your favorite Fashionista?
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