New Luvs NightLock Diapers {Review and #Giveaway}

You never fully appreciate sleep until you don’t get it anymore.  It is hard getting into a good sleep routine with a newborn or infant.  Luvs diapers has helped moms have more of a restful night sleep by helping baby have a peaceful night with their new Luvs with Night Lock diapers!

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  • Luvs with NightLock offers the ultimate in overnight protection for baby AND a good night ahead for Mom with: 
  • Our largest absorbency area EVER to help lock wetness away, even overnight, and locks away wetness better than Huggies Snug & Dry** – meaning less leaks at night for baby and more time for mom to enjoy those nighttime hours, however she sees fit
  • Leak Barrier Leg Gathers to ensure leaks are kept away from PJs and in our diaper – where they belong! 
  • Two new diaper designs per box – same funky Luvs monkey, new fun designs

Luvs with Night Lock isn’t available on retailer shelves until September 16th, but they are letting me give you an exclusive sneak peak, even before it becomes available!

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Luvs NightLock offers the ultimate overnight protection for baby.  We used overnight diapers with my son and I remember them being bulkier.  I wondered how Luvs diapers would be able to provide the absorbancy Halli needed at night when they are so thin.  With the other diapers we were using before it wasn’t uncommon to pick her up for a night time feeding and have her feel wet.  Her darn diapers had leaked!  Poor girl was starving and she was also wet and need fresh pj’s and blanket.  BUT! With Luvs Nightlock she has woken up dry!!!  Luvs with NightLock has provided excellent protection against leaks.

Halli also has chunkalicious legs.  I love them so much, but it is hard to get a good fit around those chubby thighs.  I was impressed by how Luvs with NightLock fit Halli.  They were big enough to curve around her thighs and had enough stretch that they weren’t too tight.


I love Luvs Diapers!  I am so glad we haven’t had anymore issues with night time leaks.  Halli and I are both able to get a more peaceful nights sleep.  Luvs feels so strongly about their diapers, they guarantee them and have a Luvs Money Back Guarantee!  Also, beginning September 16, 2013 Luvs will be offering print-at-home coupons on   Thanks Luvs!  I love saving some money on diapers!  On September 16th you can also see Luvs new series of the super cute and funny “First kid/Second kid” commercials on their YouTube page

You can also find more information about Luvs diapers at:

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers has the opportunity to win a Luvs NightLock Diapers in a SIZE 3. To enter use the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. jobeth says

    I use them they are good and cheap

  2. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says

    yes we have used them

  3. courtney b says

    yes they are great and affordable!

  4. Melanie says

    We use Luvs now for my 3 month old. I started out elsewhere but thankfully learned quickly which diapers are the best!

  5. melanie says

    Yes I love them, they work great and are cheap!

  6. Yaniris Vidal says

    I have used in the past

  7. Julie Goetz says

    I use them all the time. It is the brand I prefer.

  8. Heather Kersey says

    I have used both pampers and buggies on my son and he has an allergic reaction to both. Luvs is the only one that he can wear. We LOVE them.

  9. Maria Reaser says

    I have used Luvs they are great. I often give them as shower gifts

  10. Amanda Hoffman says

    i use luvs right now

  11. Jessica Lodge says

    Yes I have. I actually use cloth diapers but we use luvs when we are out and about .

  12. We have used them before. They worked great!

  13. susan h says

    My granddaughter wears them.

  14. Devon F says

    I have. I like that they are very affordable!

  15. Lesley F says

    Yes I have used them before

  16. sandra davis says

    i have used them before they always kept baby dry and are affordable.

  17. Carol says

    I have used in the past.

  18. shelly peterson says

    I love using Luvs! I used them on my kids and now my grandson. They work very well but would love to try the new Nightlock diapers, nothing wrong with using some added protection.

  19. I used them with all of my children

  20. Claire says

    We have, and i like them a lot. My son recently started wearing underwear during the day (hurrah!) but we are still diapering at night. I never had an issue with overnight leaks from Luvs (or Target’s diapers, our other go to brand), but the two “big” brand diapers were terrible!

  21. nancy says

    I have in the past, but Costco doesn’t sell them, so…would love to try sine dd is a “leaker”


  22. Monica P says

    We have never used Luvs. We have always used Huggies but I am definitely open to trying other brands!

  23. I used LUVS before. I thought they were more affordable than some of the other brands.

  24. Robyn says

    Luvs are my go to brand, more affordable, but still great quality and no leaks. They are a great fit for long and lean babies too!

  25. JLin says

    never use it before because I never hear of this brand

  26. Shannon Baas says

    I have not because never seen them in the store.

  27. lyndsay chae deurmier says

    i used them woth ds1 but had to switch when he started wetting more. now, id love to try them on ds2.

  28. meridith says

    tried Luvs with my 1st, didn’t like them – work great this 2nd time around – – lucked out with some hand-me-downs!

  29. Jessyca says

    Yes, I sure did with both babies. and Im planning on using them with this baby when he comes. Thanks for the chance.

  30. Debra S says

    Sure I have used them, still use them!! To be honest- sometimes we buy diapers according to what is on sale that week!

  31. Stephanie MacDonald says

    we love luvs and winning this would save us some cash! <3 thanks for the chance

  32. Jenny says

    I have used luvs before and really like them.

  33. Rebecca Orr says

    I have used Luvs many times! We like them a lot!

  34. Ashley says

    I have used Luvs several times, they are a lot cheaper than other brands and don’t leak like Huggies.

  35. Beth says

    I’ve actually never tried Luvs before! I probably should 🙂

  36. Nannypanpan says

    Yes, wish they made them in small sizes

  37. Ashley Despain says

    I haven’t tried luvs yet. But I also cloth diaper most of the time. I like to use disposables during the night and when we are traveling. I haven’t used very many brands, just what was given to us as gifts and when we have bought we have only purchased pampers as that is what we know (that is what the hospital used) I’d love to try luvs.

  38. christine reyes says

    Yes, I used Luvs with both of my oldest boys and now starting again with my youngest! love them!

  39. Nikole H. says

    I haven’t used Luvs since my first child was in diapers two years ago. I’m curious about these new diapers for my 2nd child 🙂

  40. Jessica Cox says

    Yes I am using them right now no my daughter is wearing them

  41. Jennie Sanderson says

    I’ve used luvs! They are affordable and they work really well.

  42. Jessica Wyatt says

    My son has Luvs on as we speak!

  43. Robert says

    We used Luvs all the time with our first daughter.

  44. Caron B says

    I used them with my first daughter and we had no problems with them.

  45. Meghan Finley says

    I have used them in the past. Love that they always have good coupons

  46. Katy otoole says

    Never used luvs before but I would love to stock up and try them for my baby due in January 🙂

  47. Wendy O. says

    Never tried Luvs. We typically buy generic store brand diapers because they’ve always been cheapest. I’d love to try some Luvs!

  48. Katy P says

    I use Luvs- but not all the time

  49. We have used LUVS diapers and continue to use them! They work so well and are cheaper than several other brands. I’d love to try the nightlock diapers

  50. Jenn McClearn says

    yes I have and they work great during the day, these new luz might be my new night time solution 🙂

  51. Stephanie Larison says

    Yes, they’re the best!

  52. Angie says

    Never used them but have new baby and need diapers!! heard they where the best!

  53. Brittany says

    My first son is 1yr and 3mnths I have used luvs since he was born and my second son is 3 weeks and I plan to continue using luvs until they both grow out of diapers they are truly a great brand of diapers!! We love using Luvs!!

  54. Jessica Snow says

    I’ve never tried them before, honestly I don’t know why.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  55. bonnye sensenig says

    we have used luvs- we like them , but my daughter always wants the “mickey diapers”

  56. Lauren Brown says

    I have used LUVs once and they leaked like crazy 🙁

  57. tina reynolds says

    yes I am using now

  58. Mia Mann says

    Luvs are the only thing I prefer, they don’t leak, they’re the ones I buy for my 3 month old

  59. Jenilee says

    I have!

  60. Vera P. says

    I have used them before.

  61. carrie says

    I love Luvs!!! I choose them over pampers and huggies not just for the price but because they leak less. My only problem is my daughter doesnt want to be potty trained because she loves her “monkey pants”

  62. Anne Perry says

    No… we use cloth diapers.

  63. Sharon C says

    I used Luv’s when my children needed diapers (when I wasn’t using the ones that I laundered).

  64. Jill Myrick says

    Yes, we use Luvs regularly and love them.


  65. elizabeth bayer says

    We haven’t tried LUVs yet because we don’t have any children. However, my husband and I are currently in the process of applying for foster care/ adoption from the state. If we get approved we are hoping to adopt two little ones.

  66. Erica C. says

    I haven’t used them before but I’m happy to try!

  67. Brittney House says

    I haven’t used them before because I’ve been using a cheaper brand that i’m not happy with.

  68. Nicole C. says

    Yes, I have used them, and love them!

  69. Sabrina says

    I’ve used them and they are great!

  70. danielle johnson says

    i have always loved luvs, they seem to be pretty leak proof and will use them again with my new baby on the way.

  71. Paula Tavernie says

    Yes we use Luvs!!! They are the best!!

  72. Paol Trenny says

    es we have and we love luvs…so affordable

  73. Lisa L says

    We’re currently using Luvs on my daughter

  74. Vikki Billings says

    I have used Luvs, they are what I used on my son and my grandson and now my granddaughter!

  75. trixx says

    I use Luvs often, they are affordable!

  76. Tanya White says

    Yes I have I luv them(pun intended lol)

  77. Tara L says

    I have used Luv’s and I love them

  78. Gianna says

    I use them sometimes.. I have 2 in diapers.

  79. Christian Alejandro says

    My niece does! THey are great!

  80. Tiffany Stinson says

    My daughter is 4 months old. I have been using Luvs for the past 2 months and I love them! They are very absorbent and can hold her #2 very well. However, part of the tab is made of a hard plastic and it caused a paper cut type wound on one of her legs 🙁 I just want Luvs and other moms to be aware and I wonder if this has happened to any other babies??

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