New HUGGIES Little Mover Slip-On Diapers #FirstFit {Plus, $2.50 Off Huggies Coupon}


Diapers are a daily fact of my life. Having a diaper that can make sure it keeps my life as simple and his bottom as clean as possible is the key. When I had Johnny all those many moons ago we tried them all. Expensive brands, generic brands, you name it and the only diapers that didn’t leak on us were HUGGIES. So naturally when I had Gavin I didn’t even give it another thought and used them from start to finish.

Now, when I mention I’m a HUGGIES mom I mean it. So much so that I knew HUGGIES were the brand I wanted to use with Sawyer that I stocked up. You think I am kidding?

New HUGGIES Little Mover Slip-On Diapers #FirstFit Stock Basement Pile

So, when I heard there was a new diaper on the market by them called the HUGGIES Little Movers Slip-On Diapers I knew I wanted to give them a try. They are specifically designed for little movers just like Sawyer! They are for our toddlers that are on the go and can’t sit still!

HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On® Diaper Pants are made with stretchy sides and require no adjustments for a great fit – so stop changing and start dressing! The diaper slips on easy leaves no red marks and comes off easy too. Easy open sides and grip tabs make removal and rolling up the diaper for disposal simple and easy.

New HUGGIES Little Mover Slip-On Diapers #FirstFit

Truthfully, I was skeptical. I’m so used to going upstairs and having to lay him down to change him. Since they come pre-fastened and require no adjustments for a quick and easy diaper changes. They are fitted around the legs and leave no red marks at all! It still has trusted Leak Lock® Protection. The protection and security you both need between changes. The diaper absorbs-away layers and long-lasting core lock in wetness and keep baby dry.

New HUGGIES Little Mover Slip-On Diapers #FirstFit

I made a quick video where you can see more about this diaper and my little munchkin moving all around in the background!

Wanna give them a try? Click here for a $2 coupon and if you share it with your friends it will become a $2.50 coupon!!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for HUGGIES. I received product samples to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.


  1. sheena mcnamara says

    i tried these w/ joel and HATED THEM!! just werent practical to stand him up to put a diaper one.. once i had already opened the pack i opened them up and put them on like reg. diapers anyway…

  2. Ttrockwood says

    What a great product! I wish these had been around when my nephew was still in diapers!

  3. Gianna says

    Wow, I have soon to be 4 in diapers. I only have 7 boxes and 5 packs LOL.

  4. Janet W. says

    These would be great for my 2 year old grandson! He’s constantly on the move and hates to stop what he’s doing for a diaper change. Would love to try these!

  5. Lisa Brown says

    No adjustments, I would have been skeptical too, but they look like they stay up and on and are a good fit.

  6. Vickie Couturier says

    ive got 6 grandkids still in diapers so this would be nice for them to try,,going to pass on the coupon link to them,thanks for sharing

  7. I just started using these for my Grandson and love how I can just grab him and get them on so easily…he really is a little mover! P.S. Thanks for the coupie!!

  8. I think the no adjustments along with the no leak are so great! Huggies is making awesome products as always and I only wish these were available when mine were still in diapers…back in the day! LOL! Great video by the way!

  9. Huggies slip-ons are the best! And they have the cutest commercials!
    Thanks for sharing the photos and video.

  10. Catherine S says

    Diaper changing is a joy I know not of … but these would make the task lots simpler, I’m sure!

  11. Chrissy J. says

    Where were these diapers when my kids still used them? They seem to work much easier than the regular tab ones.

  12. cassandra says

    These look like amazing diapers! I don’t have any little ones in diapers right now but I love the idea Huggies 🙂 I always used Huggies with all my kids though 🙂

  13. Maria Iemma says

    My kids are older now and I wish this diapers were available when they were younger. I am glad my daughter has them available for her babies.

  14. Angela says

    Great advice!!

  15. Nancy Bowers says

    No red marks…no leaks 🙂

  16. I found with one kid I love Huggies, then the other kid I loved Pampers. They do fit different. Both my boys look like brothers, but they have totally different builds.

    I love all the coupons they put out for diapers!

  17. I need some tips on how to buy diapers cheaper than $2 off. Diapers are so expensive!

  18. krystel says

    thats a really great product

  19. Sarah L says

    Diapers – did them 40 years ago. Glad I don’t have to any more.

  20. NICE REVIEW !!!

  21. Amanda Alvarado says

    These would have been nice for dd when she was a toddler – she hated laying down to change a diaper!

  22. Betsy Barnes says

    Wish these were available when my son was younger 🙂

  23. Coupons are always great but what’s even better is how good these really work and easy peasy to just grab the grandson and just slip em on him!

  24. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I currently use cloth diapers, but occasionally I use disposables and I think these would be great for my active toddler!

  25. courtney b says

    wow im jealous of your diaper stash!

  26. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh thanks for the coupon! We are going to have to give these a try! We are potty training carter, so the slip ons would be so much easier!

  27. Margaret Peckham says

    This is an awesome idea! I wish these had been around when my children were babies. I had to improvise and sewed up basically the same thing only not quite as nicely done. lol.

  28. Jan Lee says

    I printed the coupon a while ago 🙂 My great niece is named Sawyer too, but a girl, hehe She used to be mover, but has started walking now. Her little brother will be a mover in a few months so maybe the Huggies will be used with him 🙂 Thank you for the review!

  29. Alicia Keen says

    coupons are great thanks!!

  30. Lilia Kharabora says

    You are def a Huggies mom! 🙂 I do like your stock pile!

  31. Stacey B says

    Wish I had your stockpile!

  32. Sarah L says

    I’ll tell my friend about this. Thanks.

  33. Cynthia C says

    I’m sure my niece will appreciate these.

  34. Sandy VanHoey says

    My daughters both loved Huggies. All grandchildren are now beyond these but their diapers are great

  35. Nicki Z. says

    I’ve always been a Pampers mom, but may have to give the Huggies Little Movers a try since my daughter is such a wiggle worm during diaper changes!

  36. Jennifer R. says

    Wow I love your stock pile! I have one on the way can’t wait until he is old enough to use the slip ons. Those would have made life easier with my younger two. When they are too wiggly or on the move to wait for a diaper to be put on.

  37. alena svetelska says

    love huggies use them for all my 3 kids.But had never had stockpile like u

  38. alena svetelska says

    my best friends just had a twins girls i am definetly telling her about this.

  39. alena svetelska says

    wished i had piles of diapers like you when my kids were little,money were tight back then..impressive pile;-)

  40. alena svetelska says

    I think you deserve to be called Huggies Queen,never seen pile of diaper …just curios did u bought it with coupons at once or separetly ?

  41. alena svetelska says

    thank you for the $2 coupon for diaper i am passing on to my friend wished i could find many coupons like this so i can help my gf with her twins diapers

  42. sandy weinstein says

    dont have kids, but have used diapers on one of my little 4 legged girls….they did not stay up very well.

  43. Can always use more coupons!

  44. lisa nash says

    Will give coupon to my daughter, who is having my first grandchild!!

  45. Jen Gonyer says

    I always loved Pampers. I found that Huggies tended to leak with both my kids. But, it has been 12 years since I have had a baby, so I am sure that Huggies diapers are way different now. They probably aren’t plastic anymore, are they? I liked the Pampers because they didn’t leak and they weren’t plastic. Both my kids had sensitive skin and I found that any plastic type diaper would give them a rash. Think they inherited that from me as I am sensitive to certain band aids and also certain medical tape.

  46. Jen Gonyer says

    I like Huggies idea with the slip on diapers. Must be much easier to change….well except when they poop. Then you would have to change it like a regular old diaper. Things have certainly changed since I had my last child. I’m starting to feel old with all this new stuff coming out. I have to ask people what things are sometimes because certain things didn’t exist when I had my kids!

  47. Jen Gonyer says

    How does Sawyer do with the Slip On diapers? Does he like them…well does he cooperate while you put them on?

  48. Jen Gonyer says

    Have the slip on diapers leaked at all on you? And can you adjust them if you wanted to? Also, when he poops, are you able to unfasten them easily to change him laying down? Sorry, running out of things to say on this post…LOL!

  49. Jen Gonyer says

    I told a friend of mine about your blog as she has a baby just a couple of months younger than Sawyer and I figured she would like some of the things you post. I also told her about this post as she uses Huggies on her son and figured she would be interested in the coupon on here.

  50. Jen Gonyer says

    I signed up at Huggies so that I could get the coupon for a friend of mine who is expecting and trying to stock up on Diapers and wipes now. I also told her about your blog too as I think she might be interested in some of the things you post. And, she can get her own coupon too. Can never have too many coupons!

  51. Jen Gonyer says

    When my kids were babies, they didn’t have these slip on diapers. It was either a regular diaper or when they were a bit older, pull ups. Are these taking the place of pull ups or are there still pull ups for when they are older? Are they bulky?

  52. Lisa E says

    I will have to try these out with my baby – he’s only 4 months now but maybe when he’s walking, i’ll try them. they are very skirmy at this age !

  53. kymi a says

    My oldest has 2 new twins girls, they need great quality diapers like Huggies, keeps his girls clean, dry and protected, plus helps mom too with quality diapers like Huggies. Thank you for the $2 off coupon.

  54. Jamie Brigham says

    I’ve been quite skeptical of these diapers, 1 because huggies always leak it seems, well every other kind we’ve tried but you never know. I may try and find some samples or great coupons to try a small pack.

  55. cassandra says

    I always had problems with huggies leaking. I am completely a pampers girl. I might try them with the coupon and good sale though!

  56. Kris Garvey says

    Thanks for the coupon! I tried these once and wasn’t a big fan, I always had to make them a little tighter so they don’t fall off my son, even though they were the same size as the regular Huggies we buy for him. Now that he’s walking he freaks out when we change his diaper so I may have to try them again!

  57. Stephanie G says

    I like that these are easy on, easy off!
    Thank you for the coupon!

  58. Gina Ferrell says

    I love that Huggies came out with a slip-on diaper. It really makes diaper changes so much easier. Thanks for the coupon!!!

  59. Courtney says

    We haven’t tried Huggies brand diapers yet, we might have to give them a try.

  60. Well, what the heck where were these when my kids were little. Even all my grandkids are out of diapers, but believe it or not my nephew & wife are expecting twins! These will come in handy for sure. OMG I’M GONNA BE A GREAT AUNTIE! WHOOSH!

  61. Purvi says

    thanks for the coupon!

  62. Purvi says

    thanks for the coupon. will come in handy!

  63. jessi b says

    I’m sure these will comein handy when my first nephew gets this age 🙂

  64. Sylvia Ortiz says

    My daughter-in-law would appreciate these Little Mover Diapers, as my 6-month old grandson is constantly on the move. Thanks for the review and coupon share.

  65. laurie says

    this looks like a great product

  66. CharityS says

    I’ll pass this along to my friends.

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