Babies”R”Us & Pampers Want to Celebrate Your Milestone! {$200 Babies”R”Us Gift Card & Pampers Wipes #Giveaway}


I love Babies”R”Us. It’s been my go-to for everything baby. Now that Sawyer is approaching two (insert CRY here) we’re still heading to Babies”R”Us for all of our needs. If you registered, you likely registered at Babies”R”Us, and received a lot of your needs for that first year. When the gifts of diapers, clothing, and toys start needing to be replenished you can bet that you can find everything you need there. The best part is you can find it there at an affordable price.

Babies R Us Pampers Diapers Sale

We recently hit a new size in diapers. Size 4. In the past this would have meant the end of using our most favorite diapers- Pampers Swaddlers. They are so soft and I love the way hug my son since he is tall and thin. The color changing indicator is the finishing bonus! As an Official Pampers Mom I knew I was going to stick to the Pampers brand but I was still sad to have to change diapers. So when I found out that Swaddlers are now available in size 4 & 5 I was thrilled!!!

Wrap your baby in Pampers softest diaper, Pampers Swaddlers. With up to 12 hours of overnight protection, Swaddlers help you make your baby as comfortable as possible. Plus, the Swaddlers color-changing wetness indicator makes it easy for you to tell when your baby might be ready for a change. Pampers Swaddlers diapers are available in sizes preemie, newborn, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  • Pampers softest diaper ever wraps your baby in comfort and protection
  • Color-changing wetness indicator
  • Unique Absorb Away Liner pulls wetness and mess away from baby’s skin
  • Umbilical cord notch (sizes N–2)
  • Earn Pampers RewardsTM with every Pampers purchase

Babies R Us Pampers Diapers Sale

Personally, I think Babies”R”Us knows that Pampers rock too because look at how well stocked they stay. If you’re looking for a different brand of diapers they carry them but it’s obvious that Pampers is their brand of preference. Plus, thru 24th Babies”R”Us customers will receive a free $10 Babies “R” Us Gift Card with an in-store purchase of any two Pampers value boxes. How sweet is that!


Luckily, Babies”R”Us has great seating for your family when you shop since they carry everything you’ll need. I grabbed these two boxes of diapers for Sawyer. Swaddlers because we love them and cruisers because I have heard a lot of great things about them and wanted to give them a try! Sawyer is constantly on the move and I’ve heard how these stay close while staying dry and letting your babies run free!

Pampers diapers give baby up to 12 hours of protection, so your baby stays dry and comfortable. Pampers Cruisers are designed to move with your baby by adapting at the waist, legs, and bottom. Less bulk than Pampers Baby Dry® means babies can play freely, with a close fit to their bottoms. And with a soft backsheet, baby is sure to stay comfortable. Pampers Cruisers diapers are available in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

  • Pampers Best Protection and Fit
  • 3-Way Fit contours to baby’s waist, legs, and bottom
  • Specially designed to fit better than Pampers Baby Dry,® with less bulk and a closer fit to baby’s bottom
  • Stretchy sides help the diaper stay in place, flexing with baby’s every move
  • Up to 12 hours of protection (sizes 3–5)
  • Fun Sesame Street® designs
  • Earn Pampers RewardsTMwith every Pampers purchase


Don’t forget that Pampers also sells Swadders Sensitive, Baby Dry, & Extra Protection. Big kid styles in Easy Up Trainers for boys & girls and UnderJams Absorbent Night Wear. Don’t forget to grab wipes while you’re there! Pampers wipes come in Sensitive, Natural Clean, & Baby Fresh. For more information click here.


Just like we can purchase all our baby needs at Babies”R”Us I also plan on doing Sawyer’s Christmas shopping there. His latest love is blocks. It seems to be a milestone with all my children and Sawyer’s hit it the hardest. Last year we bought him a MegaBlocks table and this year I plan on extending those and starting his LEGO one. They had some really cute sets for toddlers!

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  1. I would say babies R Us Earths Best marks as a milestone for my baby boy. I can see his growth by growing healthy with organic food from Babies R Us and eating newborn up to toddler food. And I would buy Pampers Cruisers diapers 🙂 thank you! Hope to win.

  2. nici r says

    The little tikes car. My son loves it and it shows the milestone of him learning to walk and having motor skills to use it. I love the swaddlers.

  3. Paula says

    This giftcard will pay for 2 months worth of pampers diapers for my triplets!

  4. Janet W. says

    A product that marks one of my grandson’s milestones is the Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table because it gave him incentive to pull himself to stand and then soon after he started walking! I’d probably buy Pampers Baby Dry diapers with the gift card.

  5. Eileen Richter says

    OUr little live in grand daughter just converted from crib to bed. I think this acutally is her crib:

    Mommy would be buying Swaddlers in size 4, Probably a Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Mega Pack – Size 4 – 42 Ct, no more economy packs…she just turned 2 this week and looking to be potty trained soon!

  6. Claire says

    My son is getting ready to start sleeping in a big bed, and we’re going to get him a Thomas and Friends bedding set which i saw at Ba ies R Us! Since he’s been in our bed since he was born, i’d say this was one of the biggest milestones 🙂 as for diapers, he’s potty trained now, so we only use cloth diapers overnight. But i have a couple of showers coming up, so i’ll buy diapers, and put the $10 towards my son’s bedding set. Bam! 😀

  7. Denise S says

    A pair of baby shoes would mark the milestone and walking and I would get the Cruisers.

  8. Mary Happymommy says

    I would get Pampers Cruisers.

    One of the milestones is potty training and I would get a Disney Princess potty seat.

  9. Mega Bloks Build N Learn Table and the Swaddlers. We already use the Baby Dry and Cruisers.

  10. Amy Heffernan says

    Children trains table. Pampers cruisers size 4 🙂

  11. esther rosenfeld says

    cozy coupe! pampers baby dry!

  12. Sara Wagner says

    The Fisher Price shopping cart showed the milestone of my children learning to walk. I would use the GC to buy Pampers pull ups for my two toddlers.

  13. D SCHMIDT says

    One item I would purchase is Step2 Corvette Toddler to Twin Bed with Lights – Red because my son is now at the stage of being too big for his crib (sob!).

    I would definitely pick Pampers Swaddlers, I am rather thrilled they now go up to size 5.

  14. Adrienne Gordon says

    The baby einstein cds, they show cognitive association.
    I like the cruisers.

  15. Tabathia B says

    I would get the pampers cruisers and one milestone item for my daughter would be the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair – Pink Lattice

  16. jessica says

    I would buy the pamper pull ups and potty seat

  17. Meghan Finley says

    I think that a high chair would be a great milestone. Yay! Solid food. I’d get the pampers swaddlers now that they have expanded the sizes

  18. Debra Holloway says

    I would buy the pampers baby dry size 4. The purchase of a high chair marks a great milestone in Elijah’s life.

  19. Lilly says

    A walker would be perfect for reaching our little one’s milestone. The sit to stand vetch alphabet train looks pretty sweet! I would get Swaddlers now that they come in more sizes. That it awesome being able to keep using Swaddlers since birth!

  20. Patricia C says

    graduating to a potty seat!, and Pampers Swaddlers, takes the guess work

  21. Katie Barrett says

    My favorite Babies R Us Milestone was when my now 4 yr old started solids… I loved the Tommee Tippee products like sippy cups and plates and bowls that stick to the table mat that are available at Babies R Us… I can’t wait to start using them with my new little one in a couple months. I would probably buy Pampers Swaddlers for the gift card. 🙂

  22. Hollie Jahnke says

    Switching from bottles to sippy cups did it for me! And I also love pampers swaddlers!

  23. MaryAnn says

    Pampers Swaddlers. Potty seat.

  24. heather says

    Infant seats, car seats and booster seats!!
    Id buy wipes, they are out of diapers 🙂

  25. Jessica B. says

    I think the Cloud B sleep sheep represents the milestone of babies sleeping all night in their crib. I love the Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry diapers.

  26. Jessie C. says

    I would get Pampers Swaddlers sensitive and Disney Princess Canopy Toddler Bed marks the milestone.

  27. I love the Pampers swaddlers size 4. I would purchase Shelby some fall clothes, they show milestones of growth!

  28. stephanie says

    i like Pampers Swaddlers. getting my daughter a new bed

  29. Kathy says

    I love Pampers Swaddlers in size 3. I would get my daughter a Toddler bed as she is coming close to moving out of the crib!

  30. maria carrasco says

    I think that a potty seat would be a product that marks one of my child’s milestones. I love pampers swaddlers in size 4.

  31. Margaret Smith says

    I love the Swaddlers and a walker would be great for a milestone.

  32. Michelle S says

    A toddler bed that we got from Babies R US marked my little one’s milestone. And I would buy Pampers cruisers.

  33. Jean says

    Pampers Easy Ups were a big milestone for us (so soft and comfy compared to other options). We still use Pampers Extra Protection for night time. I would use the giftcard to get some of those!

  34. mimi says

    Pampers swaddlers and i would get a bed for my daughter

  35. I would say infant to toddler car seat!! I would get pampers swaddlers!

  36. Elena says

    I like Pampers Swaddlers. I would buy more diapers

  37. angela cunningham says

    pampers swaddlers and I would buy a car seat

  38. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I would buy the Pampers Swaddlers and I would buy a stroller

  39. Amanda Alvarado says

    Milestone was when dd went from a infant car seat to a convertible! I’d buy some Swaddlers for my niece since dd is potty trained!

  40. Devon F says

    I would buy the Arms Reach co sleeper for my baby girl due at the end of Feb & some pampers Swaddlers

  41. Lisa says

    Pull-Ups were a bittersweet milestone. Love Pampers swaddlers!

  42. Janet F says

    I like Pampers Swaddlers for my grandson. I would buy a car seat for him.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  43. Darlene Owen says

    One milestone is going from the bassinet to a crib. I would get the newborn diapers.

  44. soha molina says

    Dora the Explorer 10th Anniversary Toddler Bed and Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Super Economy – Size 3 – 204 Ct

  45. Melissa M says

    We are getting ready to potty train our 3 year old, huge milestone in my eyes! So I would get him a super awesome potty chair and some new undies!

  46. Stacey Roberson says

    The KidKraft Euro Honey Table & 4 Chairs is my little guy’s transition from eating in a high chair to eating at the table. We love the Pampers Swaddlers.

  47. Thomas Murphy says

    I have to potty train my son soon so I could buy the BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer and I would buy Pampers Baby Dry Diapers.

  48. BeckyM says

    Pullups are a milestone…. I would also buy Pullups!

  49. Rebecca Xavier says

    The DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed – White reminds me of my child’s transition from crib to toddler bed. I would use a gift card to buy Pamper’s Swaddlers.

  50. jennifer says

    we are about to hit the toddler bed milestone from the crib and we love the pull ups and cruisers right now!

  51. robyn paris says

    baby vaporizer – can help with my baby and I can get it at babies r us

  52. naomi c says

    from “family-bed” to crib – so bittersweet 🙂

    would love to buy some new baby clothes

  53. meredith says

    The pull-ups marked the end of diapers for my cousine ( no kids yet for me – one on the way!)

  54. Christy says

    A potty for potty training. We loved the pull ups.

  55. Andrea Morelos says

    We love the BRU brand of wipes (such good quality and smell for a generic!!!)…
    We do use other diapers mostly, but when we do buy Pampers from time to time, definitely the cruisers! Our guy is a MOVER!!!

  56. Courtney says

    My daughter’s teether is a milestone marker for us! She has four teeth now and two more coming in soon. We would buy Pampers Cruisers!

  57. I would buy the Swaddlers now that they are in bigger sizes. I loved those when my little guy was smaller and was sad when he grew out of them. For a milestone I would love to get my little guy some wooden puzzles. We have one and he is a pro at it and loves to complete it. I would love to get him some more!

  58. Christina p says

    Potty training within the next 4 months or so and we love pampers cruisers at his current stage.

  59. C.j. says

    I’d choose pampers cruisers and going from a Delta Sedona Classic crib in cherry to a DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed in Esspresso was sad for me

  60. heather says

    One transition is going from the crib to the single bed. I would love to buy the pamper newborn diapers with the gift card and some pamper wipes.

  61. April G says

    The Britax Marathon 70 G3 Convertible Car Seat marks my baby’s milestone as he moves from an infant car seat to a convertible car seat.! I would buy the Baby Dry diapers from Pamper’s!

  62. Katie S says

    The aden + anais sleep sack is marks a milestone for my baby. At about 6 months old he switched from being swaddled at night to wearing the sleep sack because he started rolling around in his crib. I have a picture of him sleeping peacefully all swaddled in his aden + anais swadle blanket! So precious. Since then, I don’t think my baby has ever stopped moving! Haha

    • Katie S says

      Oh! And I would buy some Size 4 Swaddlers! I love that the Swaddlers are available in the bigger sizes now! Awesome!

  63. Stephen says

    I’d buy some cleaning supplies as he pees on the floor!


  64. amy pugmire says

    I would love to get the cruiser diapers. and the Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Train Toddler Bed
    would mark our milestone!

  65. Sarah St. says

    I think graduating to a new car seat is a big milestone. From infant seat to convertible to booster, Babies r us has a great selection. I would buy Papers Swaddlers in Newborn for our new little girl. I love how soft they are.

  66. I would choose the Cruisers for Xander, and a snowsuit for my kids, too. We finally moved to OH so the kids will see real, snowy winters! That’s a milestone to us. 🙂

  67. Christina Marie says

    One product that marks my child’s milestones, and that can be purchased at Babies R Us is a potty chair. I’d buy the Pampers Swaddlers Diapers – Size 1 Super Economy Pack – 186 Ct using the $10 gift card. Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Phylicia phillips says

    High chair marks the milestone for starting solids and pampers swaddlers size 3

  69. Gianna says

    Sitting up so it’s almost time to start solids possibly.
    Pampers cruisers.

  70. Meredith says

    I’d say my sons vtech sit and stand walker! he progressed from just sitting near it, to playing with it, to standing with it to hen walking with it! so fun to see how much he’s progressed. we would buy the swaddlers

  71. Carrie Phelps says

    I would purchase disinfecting products as we are potty training my granddaughter and she has accidents. This milestone was reached recently when she started asking to use the toilet. The best Pampers fit for her would be the Size 4 Swaddlers.

  72. pamper pull ups getting to the potty training time

  73. Jacob says

    The milestone would be the potty chair (when he gets there), for now we would go with the Swaddlers

  74. April V says

    The little “potty seat” that my daughter uses to place on the big potty (with handles on it) we got from Babies R Us. I would get the cruisers.

  75. Kim says

    The big girl underwear obv marks a HUGE milestone – but for our next baby I’d buy size 1 swaddlers! so soft!

  76. Rachel C says

    I’d say that Gerber Puff snacks mark the milestone of trying solids for the first time!
    and I’d buy size 4 cruisers for my little girl.

  77. Cynthia C says

    A potty chair is a big milestone. I would get cruisers for my niece’s baby.

  78. Tamar says

    bed rails marks a big milestone. I’d probably buy baby dry size 3.

  79. We bought our stroller there as well as car seats when Lily got older. I would purchase Pamper’s Swaddlers in size 2 for my friend who just had a baby.

  80. Rebecca Orr says

    For us, a big milestone was moving to a forward facing car seat. Purchased,at babies r us of course! I would choose the cruisers diapers for my daughter.

  81. sandra says

    casts to make footprints and handprints. and i’d buy the cruisers

  82. Linda G. says

    The milestone for me is the pottychair, and I would get the cruisers diapers

  83. The stacking rings marks when my kids started usingn hand-eye coordination.

    • I forgot to mention that I’d probably get the Pampers Swaddlers.

  84. Rachel says

    A product that marks one of my child’s milestones is our high chair. It just sits there for months at first then all the sudden the time comes when she is sitting in it and eating from it. I also like Pampers Baby Dry the most.

  85. Kelly E says

    So many milestones..I could buy a potty chair or Toddler Bed for my 2 yr old, or a playmat for my 3 month old. I would buy Pampers Swaddlers! 🙂

  86. The radio flyer tricycle for my little guy. And we like Pampers pull-ups.

  87. Kathleen Fitzsimmons says

    A product would be Sophie the Giraffe for teething and I would buy Pampers Swaddlers

  88. Melissa says

    the potty chair and pampers pull-ups!

  89. Faride says

    A product that marks one of my daughter’s milestone are using a fork and spoon. She started by using her little fingers to pick up Cheerios and now she is able to use a spoon to eat on her own. It still ends up on the floor but it’s amazing!

    • Faride says

      ….Oh and I’d but Pampers Swaddlers!

  90. nancy says

    Milestones…I think we would LOVE bunk beds, there’s just something about graduating from that crib!
    I would buy Pull-ups for night, because we have to get done with these diapers!


  91. jennie sanderson @jenpsht says

    My son is about to transition to a forward facing carseat,. that is his milestone! I’d buy pampers cruisers!

  92. Andrew Leukhardt says

    The milestone is moving up to size 3 diapers and I would buy the cruisers!

  93. Debra S says

    Doing puzzles would be a milestone! When they can begin to do the simple first puzzles- you know they are well on their way to growing up!

  94. Maria Iemma says

    The potty chair is definitely a milestone. I love the Pampers Cruisers

  95. Tanya White says

    A baby book, I have them for all 5 I love having them so I can keep track of all of their milestones.

    • Tanya White says

      I forgot to add that I love the pampers cruisers.

  96. I would get a potty chair to celebrate the potty training milestone. I’d pick the swaddlers.

  97. Megan says

    I would get puzzles and books for milestone gifts and I love pampers baby dry diapers

  98. Kimberly says

    One product that marked a milestone for my daughter was when she started wearing Easy Ups, which is what I would buy with a Pampers gift card!

  99. Feeding himself! It’s the cutest thing and he just picked it up himself rather than me forcing him to learn 🙂 I would get the Pampers swaddlers now that they come in a larger size. love them.

  100. Laurel O. says

    The Little Tikes Activity Walker was a toy that was a milestone for my twins because it helped them to balance and to walk. I would probably get the Pampers Cruisers because we recently switched from Baby Dry to Cruisers and found that they work a little better.

  101. Michelle Weaver says

    I would get the cruisers. milestone–the sit to walk stroller!

  102. Heidi says

    I’m loving the PearHead Side Photo Album – Pink for celebrating milestones! I would get Pampers swaddlers- I love how soft they are.

  103. brandy g. says

    The photo album so I can take lots of pictures and I wuld get the swaddlers (newborn)

  104. Angela Y says

    I would buy the Pampers Swaddlers! Milestone-Convertible crib! 🙁

  105. Robert says

    A milestone would be shoes (for walking). I would buy pampers swaddlers, the best.

  106. April Brenay says

    the mega blocks wagon, my youngest would work so hard to build and learn his colors, I would buy pampers cruisers!

  107. melissa Resnick says

    A milestone would be getting a walker . I would buy pampers swaddlers,

  108. Milestone would be shoes, and I would by the swaddlers!

  109. kalani says

    We are expecting baby #3! The pampers swaddlers are my faves & we’d use the gift card for soke easy ups over nights for our 3yo!

  110. Randi says

    I would agree with the shoes…or holiday outfits for baby’s firsts. We use cloth personally, but I’d buy swaddlers as a gift!

  111. Betty Baez says

    Pampers swaddlers, and C.R. Gibson Memory Book – Disney Classic Pooh for milestones!

  112. Marcia Goss says

    I would get the Pampers Swaddlers for my grandson.. When he is able to feed himself with a spoon I woud get the Munchkin Sesame Street Dining Set.

  113. debbie jackson says

    cruisers from pampers and the milestone is walking and I would get shoes that tie

  114. courtney b says

    i would get swaddlers and a milestone is when i bought her first little bathing suit, i know it sounds silly but i was so excited about it!

  115. Melanie Montgomery says

    The swaddlers, and He’s only 3 weeks now so the Fisher Price Wild Jumparoo will mark a milestone as he starts to get more active.

  116. Rebecca Parsons says

    When my kids get ready to walk I purchase a walker that has toys on it like Baby Einstein Musical Motion 2-in-1 Stationary Jumper & Entertainer to strengthen their legs. I would buy the Swaddlers.

  117. courtney hennagir says

    My baby’s milestone from babies r us was her jumper! I was so excited when she was big enough to play in it because I knew she would love it,and she did!I would get the Pampers swaddlers. They have the best fit and are soft on my daughters skin.

  118. nickie says

    I’d buy pampers cruisers!

  119. Stephanie Ann says

    a milestone would definitely be the first bike we bought! it was such a great day! I’d pick the pampers swaddlers for my niece!

  120. Sara says

    We’d get size 4 cruisers. The Little Tikes Gas ‘N Go Mower would be a milestone marker for us — learning to walk!

  121. gregg deering says

    I would buy cruisers.

  122. sarah hirsch says

    baby shoes mark the milestone of walking, and i would get wipes or buy diapers for a friend, my kids are out of them

  123. Heather Baker says

    Buying bibs was a milestone because I knew my baby would be start eating food. I would buy Pampers.

  124. karen b says

    My kids are grown and so is my grandaughter, but I remember buying alot of shoes, they seem to grow out of them so fast, so that would be my milestone. This would be a gift for a co-worker who just found out she is going to have a baby. She was about to give up so she could surely use this. Pampers would be Newborn

  125. Kelly D says

    My daughter’s first coat marked her toddler milestone because the first winter she only wore a bunting when she was a baby. I would buy Pampers Cruisers.

  126. Misses G says

    When I bought my son his walker that was definitely a milestone. I would buy the swaddlers for the gc.

  127. Tarah says

    The KRU SWING DOWN XL BEDRAIL would mark the milestone of my son sleeping in a “big boy” bed instead of a crib. I would get the Pampers Cruisers.

  128. Darlene Carbajal says

    I would get Huggies. 🙂

  129. Renski says

    Puzzles – my baby marked the milestone of toddlerhood by discovering that puzzles are fun. I’d buy overnight diapers.

  130. Nicole Larsen says

    Our exersaucer marks our milestone of my son being more mobile and being able to hold his neck up and stand with help. I’d buy Huggies!

  131. brooke t says

    baby blanket with his name on for the ride home! Newborn (baby 2 due on halloween)

  132. The special blanket I got for each of my children as gifts from BRU are milestones of their infancy stage that we still have today. I’d purchase newborn diapers for my brother (he’s expecting twins!).

  133. Lasonda says

    A cup marks a milestone as my child gave up the bottle to start drinking from it.
    I would get Pampers Cruisers.

  134. SharonC says

    A big milestone for my granddaughter was to move from a car seat to a booster seat for older children. I would choose newborn size for a new baby in the family born this week.

  135. A high chair means real food and no more formula bottles. I’d buy Pampers Cruisers.

  136. Our crib…marks the milestone of sleeping longer and in their own bed. 🙂 I’d get the swaddlers, love those!

  137. Lauren Becker says

    baby cruisers would be great for my nephew. I don’t have any children of my own, so I’d love this for a friend who is expecting her first. I think buying the first outfit is a milestone because it means you really ARE having a kid.

  138. greg says

    honestly we haven’t had to shop at babies r us yet, my wife is due with our first child in june 2014, so i’m sure we will soon be shopping there a LOT. and as far as diapers go, i definitely have to do my research, but for the sake of the contest, i’ll say swaddlers

  139. Monique Rizzo says

    I like pampers cruisers. A potty chair would certainly mark a milestone!
    Thanks for the chance.

  140. Paige says

    a big boy potty would be a milestone marker for me because it is certainly unreal that he is even walking right now!

  141. bibs are a good sign of a milestone. I would buy the swaddlers.

  142. Heather Robinson says

    I’d get one of the potty chairs since our little girl has been potty trained for two weeks now and I would buy the Pampers Pull-ups.

  143. rachel travis says

    Bottles to sippy cups! and I love the swaddlers

  144. lANA says

    from diapers to underwear. I would buy more diapers

  145. Kyl Neusch says

    high chair for real food, buy the swaddlers

  146. Steve Stone says

    diapers, underwear, camera. more diapers are always needed. swaddlers for us.

  147. Natalie S says

    My middle son is about to start potty training so we will need to stock up on underwear! I would buy the Swaddlers diapers for baby and cruisers for my middle guy 🙂

  148. Michelle says

    I would get clothes and diapers for my god children and probably the wall stickers of spiderman for my 5 year old son. And I would by pampers swadlers

  149. nechamah says

    Thanks for the heads up on the deal. Gift card would help sooo much as we have 2 In diapers!

  150. Jessica says

    Shoes for the first steps, and I would get Cruisers diapers.

  151. I would get the Pampers Cruisers for diapers. I think a lovely white dress marks my daughter’s christening; and lovely new shoes for church. Babies R Us has everything we need!

  152. Laura Etherton says

    The Pampers Cruisers and an owl blanket to remind me of her first night in her crib

  153. Tara Liebing says

    The Storkcraft Cambridge Glider reminds me of rocking my son to sleep, I would buy Pampers Cruisers.

  154. tina reynolds says

    I would say I walkers for first steps also hotwheels both boys when they hit three it is nothing but race cars. I would buy the Cruisers diapers thanks for the chance to win.

  155. Kimberly Schotz says

    I would pick the Sunny Safari Bookcase to remember when she first started to like board books. For diapers I would choose the Cruisers

  156. Rita M says

    My granddaughter is getting very independent & wants to stand on her own to brush her teeth – so, I think a step stool would be nice. Since potty training is in full force – Pampers Pull Ups would be great.

  157. Ava Chavez says

    The glider rocker & ottoman….The swaddlers.

  158. Becca F says

    Diapers to underwear. I’d buy swaddlers with the gift card!

  159. Alvina Castro says

    I would buy the pampers cruisers and a sippy cup to document the transition from bottle to sippy

  160. Patty White says

    I’d get a potty chair!! And I’d buy the swaddlers

  161. Jennifer Rodriguez says

    Our “milestone” would be the birth of our little miracle baby! He was conceived after a tubal ligation reversal surgery in which we were only given a 40% chance of conceiving. With that being said…I would most likely purchase some onesies. He was born quite little, so, our milestone is actually being able to finally wear 0-3 month onesies 🙂 We purchase, stand behind and fully promote Pampers Swaddlers and Pamper Wipes 100%

  162. Stephanie says

    Pampers Easy-ups and wipes.

  163. amanda hill says

    Thanks for the gift card heads up. I have a newborn and i’m a first time mom…it helps to always get tips from others.

  164. darci says

    Sippy cups vs bottles and I would love the Pampers easy ups and wipes!

  165. Nancy says

    A product that marks a baby milestone – walking – are the Pampers Cruisers.

    The Pampers product I’d choose for now are their Swaddlers in size 2.

  166. Katy P says

    I could buy a potty for when we start potty training- that is a milestone. I would buy Pampers baby dry

  167. Carol says

    I like the Pampers Cruisers.

  168. Jennifer T. says

    A product that marks my child’s milestones is the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat in Pulse. It was the carseat my son came home from the hospital in and has finally outgrown. I’d get Pampers Cruisers with my giftcard.

  169. Ashley Carlon says

    Well i have a 3 year old son so what we’re trying to over come right now is his potty training! we have a new born at home so having to but less diapers would be great as for my little one his first milestone would be mastering tummy time! so we would have to buy him a tummy time pad with some fun toys and bright colors =] as for diapers i LOVE Huggies size 1 & 5 along with Huggies One & Done Refreshing Baby Wipes they are the best & smell sooooo good as well as get the job done (haha)

  170. Stacey B says

    I bought my son’s crib at Babies R us, which marks am milestone during his transition from crib to toddler bed (it’s a convertible crib)

  171. Alycia says

    I need to buy a potty for potty training my son – there’s a cute Elmo one that BRU sells that I would use the g.c. for and would definitely mark a huge milestone in his life! I use Pampers Baby Dry. 🙂

  172. jenna d says

    I would get the swaddlers, and for milestone marker the Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper Safari Friends Activity Center

  173. Jessica says

    The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – Pink marks my daughter’s first step milestone. I would buy Pampers Cruisers

  174. Jessica H. says

    I think the Evenflo RightFit Booster Car Seat – Hollyhock marks a child’s milestone as they move from the smaller car seat. I would purchase pampers swaddlers. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  175. Daniel M says

    the first steps and Pampers Cruisers

  176. Allie says

    I love Pampers Swaddlers. I can purchase the jumperoo

  177. xty cruz says

    I think it would be the “Pampers Easy-ups and wipes”

  178. A potty chair is a big milestone! We are shopping for one for my grandson right now. I would buy the Swaddlers in size 4.

  179. Sonya Morris says

    I would love to get the Pearhead Photo Moments Frame to mark each month of the first year.

    • Sonya Morris says

      We love the Pampers Baby Dry for the stage we are in now! My little one never has leaks in those and his skin stays dry.

  180. Ashlee says

    I love pampers swaddlers. They absorb so well which makes it a lot easier for a first time mom 🙂

  181. sylvia says

    It sounds silly, but I want to buy some bubble guppies toys for my son’s first birthday. It is the only show he likes and he gets excited every time it comes on. With his first birthday coming up, I’ve decided to plan a bubble guppies party for him. I would buy Pampers cruisers size 3 for my little guy.

  182. Robyn says

    A new convertible car seat marks a milestone of my little one getting bigger and growing out of his infant carrier! I would get pampers cruisers size 3.

  183. Wild Orchid says

    A baby bjorn kids potty marks the potty training milestone. I would buy pampers cruisers if I won.
    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  184. Amy W says

    I would buy swaddlers. They are perfect for newborn babies! A product that marks a milestone is a toddler bed! It means that my little guy is too big for his crib!

  185. Kerry G. says

    Gerber Baby Food marks the milestone of introducing baby to food. And I’d buy Pampers Swaddlers for my newborn due in February.

  186. susan h says

    I would pick swaddlers 1 for my newborn grandson. The bassinet starts the little one in a cozy bed but only for a little while. Then its on to the crib.

  187. Stephanie Gossett says

    I would pick the swaddlers in a size 1. I love the toddler bed selection, although it always feels bittersweet when my children go from the crib to the toddler bed. I love that Babies R US carries cribs that convert from a crib to a toddler bed. I can always count on finding the products I love when I go there. Thank you for this chance. I am a mom of four, and this would go such a long way for us right now. 🙂

  188. The Delta Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib marks my sons milestone because his crib converted into a big boy bed!!
    I would choose the Swaddlers diapers, they are the softest and gentlest diapers!

  189. Kari says

    A potty seat! It’s nice not having to buy diapers for myself. But I’d purchase Pampers Swaddlers size 1 for my best friend who just had twins.

  190. I love that Pampers has sensitive options! I also love a cute toddler bed as a milestone marker from babyhood!

  191. Pull Ups always make me smile because it reminds me of when they were starting to change from toddler to “big kid”. I would get Pampers Swaddlers for my soon to arrive niece.

  192. Laura J says

    Oh I would have to say the Chicco Polly Magic High Chair – Rattania for the milestone of sitting up and eating first solids! I would get the Pampers Swaddlers!!!

  193. New High Chair would be awesome sitting up and enjoying the food we eat together at the table…Size 3 or 4

  194. Joyce Harrell says

    Pampers cruisers size 3

    M little grandson is ready for the front facing car seat, so that is what we would get

  195. Beth says

    The jumperoo was a milestone because once they start getting those leg muscles going they become mobile, then it’ baby proofing and non-stop go go. I would get Swaddlers.

  196. Jeanette Ardiente says

    I’d get the Pamper’s cruisers, since my daughter is so active. As for a product, I’m looking forward to the day my daughter stops putting everything in her mouth so I can buy toys with small pieces.

  197. Amy Orvin says

    I don’t have any children so I have no milestones, but I’d like to win for my best friend and she’d choose the
    Pampers Swaddlers

  198. Stephanie MacDonald says

    Id pick Swaddlers for my little girl who just recently started smiling!!

  199. Katara Harper says

    I would like to win this for a friend who is struggling with 3 kids and another one on the way not sure which one she would choose

  200. danielle johnson says

    My babies car seat marks milestones in his growth and weight . I could use newborn pampers as i am about to have a new son. Thanks for the giveaway.

  201. Robin G says

    About to upgrade to a bigger car seat for my little one. Swaddlers size 3.

  202. Rosanne says

    My granddaughter got Lego friends for a birthday party. Her mom wondered what she was going to do with those. We discovered she was a whiz at putting them together and we have continued to buy many sets. I would buy the newborn pampers for the new baby

  203. Dana says

    i would buy a bumbo for when my baby is ready to sit up. I would get size 2 pampers baby dry.

  204. Kristin Austin says

    I would buy toys for him to grasp since he can now. I would get size 2 pampers baby dry

  205. Heather says

    A major milestone are out with the bottles and in with the sippie cups! I would get the Pampers Cruisers.

  206. We are moving on to potty training since my baby is turning 2 in just 2 days!!! I would buy Pampers Cruisers for her!

  207. Denise P. says

    I would mark the milestone of my baby being born with all kinds of stuff from BabysRUs including a playard. Right now I’m stocking up on Swaddlers size 1 for our first little guy due in February!

  208. Andrina G says

    I would get Pampers Cruisers. My daughter is just reaching a milestone where she will be moving to a toddler bed. I would get the KidKraft Dollhouse Toddler Bed for her.

  209. Jennifer says

    I’d buy swaddles for when our little girl is born and id choose the pampers swaddlers

  210. Pam O says

    I give the gift cards to my niece since she had a baby last month.

  211. Shannon says

    I’d get swaddllers for my sisters next baby. I’d get a sleep sack.we loved those!

  212. Jackie says

    I have girls, so when they started to play with barbies, that was a huge milestone for me

  213. Erica H says

    I would get the swaddlers from pampers, and we got a highchair from babies r us that marked my son starting solids!

  214. Megan Morgan says

    I would get the pamper cruisers and I would get a toddler bed as my niece is outgrowing her crib quickly! Thanks

  215. nannypanpan says


  216. jeannine s says

    I would mark a milestone of my baby with So’Pure Sophie Giraffe Teething Ring when they start teething. I would use the gift card to buy some pampers swaddlers

  217. Jill Myrick says

    Now that my son can sit up and crawl he loves the Fisher Price Little People cars.
    He loves rolling them around the floor and they are just the right size.
    I would purchase the Pampers Swaddlers as they are still my favorite.


  218. Tara says

    I would have to say that a milestone would have been when we went from the high chair to the booster seat (I love the Fisher Price one). For diapers I have always liked the Pampers Swaddlers.

  219. Kim says

    We’re ready to stock up on sippy cups and plates and first feeding untensils. Still loving those Pamper Swaddlers – currently size 4!

  220. Jenny says

    I would get the the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub for my baby’s first bath (but she is not until Dec! ) and I would buy the pampers swaddlers newborn sized!

  221. Tabitha says

    diapers, diapers and more diapers!~

  222. Michelle H says

    Milestone marker was needing to buy a new carseat as he outgrew his baby one…. and I’d buy pampers diapers in multiple sizes and baby wipes.

  223. Michelle Burkle says

    Milestone bigger car seat, pampers all the way!

  224. A milestone marker is buying a potty chair. We would buy the Pampers Easy Ups to help with potty training.

  225. Melissa L says

    I’m not too sure about the milestone yet, I’m only 4 months pregnant. I can tell you from when my niece lived with me. One milestone was putting her in a walker 🙂

  226. A toddler bed marks a huge milestone in a toddlers life. As does, the transition into a biig bou bed. Cruisers are my favorite papmers.

  227. Sonya says

    A toddler bed is the big step coming up for us! Cruisers are my favorite and I’d buy them!

  228. Being potty trained marked a big milestone in our little guy’s life and ours too.

  229. Brittney House says

    Our milestone is a step stool now that my son is more independent and able to reach for things. I would get the pampers cruisers.

  230. Carla C says

    pampers baby dry and a huge milestone is getting your child to sleep throughout the night

  231. JenniferB says

    walking is a huge milestone and I would get the cruisers

  232. Stephanie Larison says

    The bumbo, to help her sit up and gain those muscles she needed to use. Pampers Easy Ups to help with potty training her…that’s a long road ahead, lol.

  233. Karen Drake says

    A potty chair marks a big milestone in a childs life, I would buy some Cruisers.

  234. Jennifer Marie says

    I would buy a high chair showing that the baby was ready to eat solid foods. I would also buy Pampers swaddlers.

  235. Ashley Strum says

    The first sippy cup was a huge milestone, no more bottles!! i would buy pampers cruiser. I love Pampers.

  236. Lindsey Adams says

    Booster seat and pullups

  237. Bonnie Thornburg says

    The pampers I use are swaddlers and a milestone item is a walker.

  238. Karen F says

    Buying a highchair marks a big milestone of joining the family for meals. I would get swaddlers with the giftcard.

  239. Kenny F says

    Pull-ups / Pampers Cruisers

  240. pampers sensitive diapers and I would buy potty training gear

  241. jules m. says

    legos for my daughters 13th birthday!! i’d get the large pampers for my nephew bladen!

  242. denise says

    A toddler bed and cruisers diapers size 3

  243. Shayna says

    I would get pampers cruisers. And, I would also like to buy a stepping stool and potty for my little to start potty training 🙂

  244. Susan Smith says

    A toddler bed is the big step in a child’s life. Pampers Cruisers are my favorite that I would buy.

  245. christine jessamine says

    I remember buying alot of teethers for that milestone. I love the newborn swaddlers

  246. Stephanie says

    A toddler bed is our next milestone, but our last milestone was buying real shoes. Seems like over night she started walking. We use Baby Dry. They are the best for over night. Haven’t had any spill outs to date!

  247. sarah tracey says

    our milestone would be moving to a convertible carseat.I would get pampers swaddlers

  248. Kim says

    Potty was a milestone and cruisers are my choice

  249. Peggy Rydzewski says

    A bis step for us was switching car seat. Cruisers 3

  250. Paol Trenny says

    It would be the Pipila UV Pacifier Sterilizer – Blue accompanied by the Bright Starts Polar Gel Teether and The First Years BPA Free GumDrop Newborn Pacifier 2pk – Blue & Green.

    I need the Swaddlers size 2 or 3

  251. I’d buy Pampers Swaddlers because they are simply the best! And I think a glider/rocker is something EVERY mom needs, and I know Babies R Us has a great selection!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  252. Carolyn Daley says

    The Lego aisle brings back milestone memories. I would buy the Pamper Swaddlers for the $10 gift card.

  253. Terry Cross says

    A highchair marks a milestone. I would buy Swaddlers

  254. Sky Kory says

    A toddler bed! And I’d get the cruisers.

  255. We like the Swaddlers diapers. Our next milestone is cutting pegs and teething.

  256. Priscilla P. says

    I would get Swaddlers 3 and a baby monitor.

  257. Richard Hicks says

    Probably potty training and like the cruisers

  258. One Southern Girl says

    Walking for us… lil’ guy was delayed because of chemo and Down syndrome… I’d probably get cruisers.

  259. kristy balser says

    I would buy Swaddlers and we had to buy our son sassys there because he would not use but 1 kind and lawl if we lost 1 we were in trouble so we had to buy 5 at a time lol

  260. matt lehman says

    my son just turned two and loves to go pee on the potty until i get him to poop were gonna need alot more diapers

  261. AmyBond says

    Moving to a child’s bed is a big milestone! Cruisers are what I’d choose

  262. Lisa says

    A potty marks a milestone. I like the Pampers cruisers.

  263. jennifer sorenson says

    All the different sizes of car seats we have gone thrum in the last 7 years with 3 kids. Definitely size 4 in pampers swaddlers, those were always the best glad they are now avavilable in a 4!

  264. Patrice says

    A potty seat marks a huge milestone. I would get swaddlers

  265. Holli G. says

    I’d buy newborn swaddlers and princess big girl bed,

  266. krystal wethington says

    the baby monitor and i like the swaddlers.

  267. Marissa C. says

    Silicone bibs are important to me because it represents when we finally got to start feeding our son actual food. And we swear by Pampers Swaddlers (size 3)

  268. nadine m says

    A toddler bed,

  269. Crystal F says

    The Philips AVENT 7 Ounce Soft Spout Cup With Handles, 6 Months+, Girls, 2 Pk are great to have for when trying to get rid of the bottle. I love the Pamper swaddlers. Thank you!!

  270. Ashley C says

    I’d get Pampers Cruisers, they’re our favorite! I think a baby book is a great way to show kids milestones, and babies r us has a great selection


  271. sam southard says

    swaddlers size 2 and baby toys

  272. A car seat to take your new baby home in is a big milestone! I like the Pampers Cruisers.

  273. Sara Wood says

    The baby walkers remind me of when my son started to walk.

  274. mary gardner says

    my twin girls just left their cribs and went into toddler beds in August which was a big milestone for us and we would buy the pampers cruisers

  275. The pamper swaddlers. and the little walker to learn to walk..

  276. mary j says

    The toddler bed was a milestone for my neice.I would get boo koodles of diapers to donate to a locate women’s shelter.

  277. Erica C. says

    Sippy cups mark finally not using bottles! We’d get cruisers.

  278. Danielle F. says

    Going from bottles to sippy cups and when they finally sit in a high chair

  279. shaunie says

    A walker would mark the milestone and the swaddlers are what I’d choose

  280. kathy pease says

    you can buy the Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate Extra Tall & Wide for when they start crawling and walking and id buy the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers

  281. Laura Unger says

    Having to purchase a convertible car seat from there just a few months ago was a milestone. No longer a little baby in an infant seat, but a young toddler. I’d purchase the Pampers Cruisers.

  282. Paula Tavernie says

    The toddler bed marks a great milestone and size 3 Pampers!

  283. Stacey Stanley says

    Biggest milestone purchase would be the booster seat for the car. I would buy lots of Swaddlers for baby #3.

  284. Melinda P. says

    The walker that we got from there marked my daughters milestone for learning to walk. I’d get either regular Pampers or Pampers Swaddlers.

  285. Denise A. says

    I would buy the swaddlers… and the High Chair would mark a milestone in my grand-baby’s life (not here yet… coming in the next few weeks)

  286. thischickwins says

    a baby book with real pages and not cardboard pages, and i’d get pampers cruisers

  287. susan smoaks says

    our daughter just started crawling, it is a big milestone for us. i would use the gift card to get the cruisers.

  288. Sarah Hayes says

    I would get pampers cruisers and our next milestone is getting a toddler bed!

  289. Cassandra Davis says

    Pampers Cruisers & a potty seat will help achieve a great milestone!

  290. Julie Hawkins says

    I’d buy pampers swaddlers with the gift card. I bought a bumbo seat at toys r us, which marked the milestone of my babies being able to sit up and hold their heads up.

  291. Alicia says

    I think a milestone for me was buying a big boy car seat. I would buy pamper cruisers.

  292. Hayley Yearian says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my rock & play sleepers. We have 5 month old twins and they love to sleep in them! I love Pampers Swaddlers.

  293. rose paden says

    I would get pamper cruisers! I think a potty chair marks a huge milestone!

  294. Melinda Stephens says

    My son has just barely started walking and the KidKusion Toddler Kushions for Edges marks that milestone. I would get the Pampers Cruisers since they are good for busy toddlers.

  295. Michelle Tucker says

    A toddler bed and I’d get the cruisers.

  296. Barbara Butler says

    my grandson is ready for potty training

  297. Constance Swearingen says

    A toddler bed is a huge milestone. And I would get size 6 pampers.

  298. Manda Marie says

    Definitely when they come out of the car seat into a booster, they’re big kids then. 🙂 I would get newborn size for my new little nephew due in March who will make me an Aunt for the first time!

  299. melina r says

    Biggest milestone is changing from a crib to a todller bed. I would purchase some pampers easy ups

  300. Lisa L says

    A baby gate would mark the milestone for walking since baby can now get into trouble! LOL I’d like to get some Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers

  301. Trenda T says

    A big boy bed marks the milestone, and I LOVE easy ups

  302. liz says

    Size 3 and big girl bed

  303. Lisa Fonseca says

    A potty chair, it’s such an exciting time when they can go on their own potty. I would get Pampers Swaddlers.

  304. Jennifer Bryant says

    Nice giveaway! Would love to win it for my granddaughter!

  305. Johni-Ann says

    The potty chair and size 3

  306. amber johnson says

    I would get size three and pick up a baby book and photo album to keep track of my babies milestones like babys first tooth, etc.

  307. Karrie Millheim says

    sippy cups..from bottles to sippy cups was a milestone. I would buy the Pamper wipes and cruisers

  308. Danielle Wood says

    My sister is having her first baby and wants to use pampers, its going to be and exciting time

  309. lisa lo says

    From a crib to a twin bed!! I’d get the pull ups to donate to our food bank.

  310. Samantha says

    I would get the Pampers Cruisers and the bassinet from Babies R Us marks the milestone since he’s too big for it now!

  311. wendy rozema says

    from infant seat to Car seat is our milestone, i would get pampers cruisers!

  312. Candace says

    pampers swaddlers and a potty chair 🙂

  313. Candace Calkins says

    We just bought her new Ariel bedding for Christmas to change over into her new “big girl” bed! We love their Cruisers!

  314. Trevor Oestreich says

    Size 4 Diapers and a Big Girl Bed.

  315. Vikki Billings says

    A potty chair and size 3

  316. NaVetta says

    My daughter is 4 months old and I live by my Medala Pump in Style Advanced double pump!!! Best purchase at babies “r” us for me and Pampers swaddlers size 1 is what I’d get with the 10GC!

  317. Judy Chapin says

    Sippy cups! I would get the Pampers Swaddlers size 4.

  318. CharityS says

    The high chair really worked for my son, and I would get Pampers for newborns.

  319. Breanne says

    Infant car seat and size 1

  320. Charles says

    Only diapers i will ever use on my children

  321. trixx says

    Getting baby food at Babies”R”Us is great for the “eating solid foods” milestone. I’d get Pampers Cruisers

  322. Lillian says

    Shoes mark a stepping milestone and I’d buy newborn.

  323. Marilyn Tuley says

    Potty Chair marking that independent stepping stone, and I’d get Pamper Cruisers for my grandson

  324. Kristi Cartwright says

    I would like to get a potty seat–what a milestone that will be in our future!! And, I would get swaddles size 4!

  325. Allison says

    Size three for us and I think they have a playmat that would be great for the development

  326. Lean S says

    I like the P’kolino Clothes Tree – Green and I’d buy the swaddlers in size 3

  327. Christian Alejandro says

    Her first Gerber meal will be quite the milestone! I would get size 3 or 4 in diapers.

  328. I would buy Pampers Swaddlers (size 2), and a potty seat (preferably one that makes music, because that amuses me) is a great milestone product you can get at Toys R Us.

  329. Alex Roach says

    size 2!

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