Making it Memorable with Huggies #firstfit

The first year is filled with milestones. The one I most anticipated came after the first year marker for us. Those first steps. I think it was most anticipated because I was starting to wonder when it would happen. See my first born was running around by 11 months and my second was running around just a week after his first birthday so when Sawyer's 1st Birthday rolled around we eagerly sat by … [Read more...]

He Won’t Sit Still!!! Thank Goodness for Huggies Slip-Ons! #firstfit

My little guy isn't a baby anymore. He's a toddler. I keep trying to deny it because he'll always be my baby. Then I see pictures like this and I see the little man he is growing into and he's clearly a big boy. While he loves his mama and won't let me be far from reach- he prefers to be down and exploring. He doesn't want to be held down and he certainly doesn't want to have to slow … [Read more...]

New HUGGIES Little Mover Slip-On Diapers #FirstFit {Plus, $2.50 Off Huggies Coupon}

Diapers are a daily fact of my life. Having a diaper that can make sure it keeps my life as simple and his bottom as clean as possible is the key. When I had Johnny all those many moons ago we tried them all. Expensive brands, generic brands, you name it and the only diapers that didn't leak on us were HUGGIES. So naturally when I had Gavin I didn't even give it another thought and used them from … [Read more...]