ABC’s The Whole Truth – Wednesdays 10|9c – You Are Watching, Right?

Have you been checking into the all new series called 'The Whole Truth' on ABC? If not then make sure tonight you tune in! You can find it on Wednesdays 10|9c! I saw the previews for this and when I saw that Maura Tierney was one of the main characters I knew I love it. I am a long time fan of hers from when she was on ER as Abby and love her in several movies as well! The Whole Truth is a great … [Read more...]

The New Adventures of Old Christine – The Crazy Things We Do For Our Children!

One thing I really like about watching 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' is that it always makes me laugh. The relationships they share while at times are frustrating beyond belief always find a way bring you complete comedic relief in your own life. Sometimes watching after watching 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' you have to wonder how in the world does Old Christine get herself into … [Read more...]

The New Adventures of Old Christine – FIVE Days A Week!

The New Adventures of Old Christine is now on TV five nights a week! This is one of those shows that I have some how always missed to follow along a weekly schedule but when I actually caught it I loved it and spent the entire time laughing hysterically!First off I think everyone knows Julia Louis-Dreyfus. You would have had to have been living in cave to have missed her on Seinfield. She is … [Read more...]

The Vampire Diaries – Memorable Moments & Key Episodes

If you haven't caught on yet I love watching Vampire Diaries! Not just because I have been asked to spread word about their show but because I really do watch it and love it. This campaign has been a breeze for me to talk about since I already know it so well and have fun sharing it with you!Two episodes I thought I should share with you!Founders Day"This is the key, once inserted the device will … [Read more...]

Gossip Girl – Fashionista!

Gossip Girl is more then just the who's who of NYC's upper elite. It's about fashion too people! For starters Serena has modeled and Blair's mom is a fashion designer and remember Jenny Humphrey's awesome must see fashion show she had at the end of Season Two?Just take a look at the cast! Every single cast member has a great look to them. While some may be impractical for us "everyday" people, we … [Read more...]

Vampire Diaries – Scariest Moment?

Vampire Diaries aren't just about love scenes there are many scary scenes. There are several episodes in the First Season that freaked me out! One that really stuck out for me was the episode 'Fool Me Once'.Gram & Bonnie are forced to open the tomb. But there is a catch! Just because the tomb is opened doesn't mean the seal has broken. What goes in cannot come out! Gram & Bonnie must … [Read more...]

Gossip Girl – Favorite Couples & Best Kisses of Season Three

Having watched Gossip Girl from the start I've seen quite a few relationships for each character and many, many kisses! Last season there were some new people on the set and I really loved the way they integrated them into the show!My all time favorite couple of the season was Bree and Nate! Bree was from a rival family of the Archibald's family but that was the main reason Nate took interest. He … [Read more...]

Who IS Gossip Girl?

Do you watch Gossip Girl? I admit I still get sucked into this show and can't believe they will shortly be going into their fourth season! As of August 24th you'll be able to purchase the Gossip Girl: The Complete Third Season on Blu-Ray/DVD! This will give you a couple weeks to catch back up on what you missed or what you may have forgotten! I know I can't wait until my copies arrive!So the real … [Read more...]

The Vampire Diaries – Which Salvatore Brother Would You Chose?

Do you watch Vampire Diaries? I do!Last year was the very first season for this show and I didn't miss a single episode! I can't wait until the next season airs on the CW! Until then you can grab the all new Complete First Season of Vampire Diaries out on August 31! But hurry because Season 2 starts shortly and you'll want to know what's going on!If you are stuck in a cave and have not yet … [Read more...]