Get Effortless Waves With John Frieda

I have always loved doing my hair. Even as a little girl I would play around with different styles and hair products. My go to look now is big loose curls. I have really long, thick hair so getting my hair to hold curls and have volume can be a challenge. John Frieda has some really great products to help me get the look I want. I was sent some John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full … [Read more...]

Get Some Beauty Rest and Moisturize Your Skin With Osmotics and Orico London {Review}

Winter is in full swing! I am not used to an actual winter with freezing temps, snow, and cold dry air. I also thought the rest of winter would slow down after we got through the holidays, but I swear we things are even more busy! The kids have extra activities, my husband and I both decided to go back to school, plus all the regular laundry, making dinner, and cleaning of day to day stuff. With … [Read more...]

Fall Beauty Products Roundup {Review}

Today it officially felt like Fall. We have been in the high 70s and then all the sudden dropped to the 50s today with a chilly breeze.  I made chili and cornbread for dinner. At bedtime I bundled my kids up in their warm pjs. I just got my hair done and toned the blonde down. Fall is here! Besides bringing on pumpkin flavored...well...everything. I like to update my beauty cabinet a little as … [Read more...]

Belli Anti Blemish Facial Wash – Pregnancy and Nursing Mom Safe {Review}

Pregnancy and nursing is tricky business when it comes to anything you eat, drink, or put on your body.  I am so paranoid about all that stuff.  I push my body to the limits when I am pregnant and nursing.  I never want to take an antibiotic or other medication unless I absolutely have to.  I am equally careful about what I put on my skin.  Ever since I had Hayden and Halli I swear I break out … [Read more...]

Two Beauty Essentials for Your Skin this Summer {Review}

With Summer so close you can literally feel it I have two beauty essentials that you will need in your make up bags.  Keeping my skin clean and protected is really important to me.  Especially since my family spends so much time outside during the Summer.  I want to keep my skin clean after being outside and sweating all day.  No one wants to show up to a family reunion with a major break out … [Read more...]

Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser and Self Heating One Minute Mask {Review}

I am always looking for a good face wash.  I like to mix things up during the week because my skin doesn't always need the same thing everyday.  Sometime's I need intense moisture, or an exfoliate.  Sometimes I want just a good deep clean for my pores.  Bioré has new products to help really clean my skin.  I have been really impressed by the Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser and the Self Heating … [Read more...]

Sally Hansen Nails the nude trend at Paris Fashion Week {Review}

I love nail polish.  I love how it can pull together an outfit and makes me feel more put together.  Playing around with new nail polish colors and trends is one of my favorite things.  Right now one of my favorite trends is nude colored nails.  I love it because my nails will always compliment and go with what I am wearing. SALLY HANSEN NAILS THE NUDE TREND AT PARIS FASHION WEEK As the … [Read more...]

P&G Best for Me with these Great Beauty Essentials! Plus, P&G Prize Pack #Giveaway #PGBestForMe

The past year I've really tried to step it up when it comes to how I present myself. Before I was completely fine with pretty much rolling out of bed and putting anything on that matched. The only beauty routine I had consisted of brushing my hair and teeth. I've found that when I take the time to look better - I feel better. Many of the brands that help me get there are from P&G. From … [Read more...]