P&G Best for Me with these Great Beauty Essentials! Plus, P&G Prize Pack #Giveaway #PGBestForMe

The past year I’ve really tried to step it up when it comes to how I present myself. Before I was completely fine with pretty much rolling out of bed and putting anything on that matched. The only beauty routine I had consisted of brushing my hair and teeth.

I’ve found that when I take the time to look better – I feel better.

Me, Jennifer Mom Spotted

Many of the brands that help me get there are from P&G. From cleaning my home and making it smell fresh and then myself from bathing to pampering. In the fall I had the awesome opportunity of visiting Proctor & Gamble and learning all about how the company started and progressed. It was rather fascinating!

Products I use on a daily basis from P&G are CoverGirl cosmetics, Secret deodorant, Pantene shampoos & conditioners, Crest oral care, and Venus razors. Venus razors are actually the only razors I can use. Suffering from severe psoriasis it is such relief to finally find a razor that gave a close shave without leaving me cut up.

PG Brands

When you’re busy getting ready during your day you can count on P&G brands to help you be your best. Many of their them are award-winning products like their CoverGirl Line Exact Liquid Liner, CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss, CoverGirl FlamedOut Mascara, Crest 3D White Strips & Secret Clinical Strength Light & Fresh Scent. To follow along make sure to follow #PGBestForMe!
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P&G Prize Pack

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers has the opportunity to win a P&G Prize Pack. To enter use the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck!

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  1. says

    hard to pick 1 product. I love and use all P&G products! I do love the new Downy Unstopables scent booster! Febreeze, venus razor I use everyday!

  2. http://Denise%20m says

    i love the Mr Clean Magic Erasers

  3. http://Mayela says

    I like the Crest 3D White Strips

  4. http://betty says

    i like secret

  5. http://Kelly%20D says

    I like Swiffer Dusters.

  6. http://Vickie%20Couturier says

    old spice body wash for my husband,He likes this brand the most

  7. http://susana%20mladenovski says

    I usually use the olay body lotion, its the best!!!.

  8. http://katherine says

    cover girl lash blast mascara

  9. http://Sents%20Saver says

    I use Secret Clinical deodorant everyday!!!

  10. http://D%20Schmidt says

    My favorite P&G item is definitely Bounty, I have young children and its an everyday essential for us.

  11. http://Cheryl%20B. says

    I love the Secret deodorant.

  12. http://Linda%20Tamayo%20or%20Reina%20Tamayo says

    I use Secret Clinical deodorant everyday!!! thank you for th eopportunity , fingers crossed .

  13. http://Jessie%20C. says

    Pantene shampoo is my favorite.

  14. says

    Secret Deodorant is my fave!

  15. http://janetfaye says

    I like Olay daily facial moistureizer.


  16. http://Lauren%20Riemer says

    Clinical Strength Deodorant

  17. http://Jackie says

    My favorite are the Olay products.
    Thank you!

  18. says

    My favorite is the Mr. Clean Erasers.

  19. http://steve%20weber says

    Crest 3D Whitestrips..

  20. http://sandra says

    my favorite is dawn dishwashing liquid

  21. http://wild%20orchid says

    I love the Pantene line of shampoos and conditioners.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  22. http://Anita%20Yancey says

    My favorite P & G product is the CoverGirl Foundation. Thanks for having the giveaway.


  23. http://Tiffany%20Schmidt says

    Tide and Pampers for sure!

  24. http://Leidy says

    My favorite p&g products are the herbal essences color me happy shampoo & conditioner

  25. http://Kristi%20C says

    We use the Tide with Febreeze Sport regularly.

  26. http://Rod%20Jackson says

    Definitely the tide and pampers. all the time.

  27. http://Laura says

    I use magic erasers like crazy. Love them!

  28. http://Kimberly%20Schotz says

    My favorite P & G product is Tide

  29. http://Beth%20W says

    Our favorite is Tide!

  30. http://kellie%20rose%20wilson says

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

  31. http://Amanda%20Alvarado says

    We use Crest!

  32. http://Ann says

    That amazing Magic Eraser. It really is magic!

  33. http://Susan%20Christy says

    Mr Clean Magic Eraser

  34. http://Jennifer%20Tilson says

    We can’t live without Pampers for our littlest.

  35. http://wen%20budro says

    I use crest toothpaste and swiffer dusters.

  36. http://Vera%20K says

    I use Tide regularly.

  37. says

    Crest 🙂

  38. http://stephanie says

    Crest 3D Whitestrips

  39. http://Vunda%20V says

    i love dawn hand renewal soap

  40. http://June%20S. says

    My husband really likes that Old Spice good smelling shower wash a lot.

  41. http://Tina%20W says

    Tide Free. Doesn’t make my skin itch and gets my clothes clean.

  42. http://Virginia%20Rowell says

    There’s so many products I use a lot. I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner regularly.

  43. http://Lisa%20V. says

    My favorite is Cover Girl foundation.

  44. http://tracey%20byram says

    I use Olay Regeneriist Serum regularly.

  45. http://Sara says

    I have an almost 2 year old. I don’t think I could live without the mr. clean magic erasers.

  46. http://Dana%20Rodriguez says

    I love all of their products.I use Mr Clean and Secret daily!

  47. http://Debra%20S. says

    Do I have to pick only ONE? I use Pantene! Cannot do without it now. I tried SO many others, not as good. TIDE.. need any mother say more? or Dawn? MUST have these. I must!

  48. http://Natalie says

    My favorite product that I use every week is the Tide pods.

  49. http://Marlene%20Thomas says

    I live on social security I really could use all these products I find it very hard every month to make it I am broke all the time this would be a very nice Mother’s Day gift Thank you May God Bless you

  50. http://Adrienne%20Gordon says

    Pantene shampoos and conditioners

  51. http://McKim says

    I use the Tide unscented liquid detergent.

  52. http://Rosanne says

    I use Crest 3D White toothpaste

  53. http://angela%20cunningham says

    Pantene shampoo

  54. http://Helen%20Keeler says

    Tide is the only detergent I will use. Get out even the hardest dirt.

  55. http://bn100 says

    Mr. Clean eraser

  56. http://JLin says

    Pantene shampoo and conditioner

  57. http://Ann%20Fantom says

    Our favorite P&G product is Duracell batteries because they last a long time in my daughter’s toys.

  58. http://Vikki%20P says

    Great giveaway. I wear CoverGirl mascara every day!

  59. http://Meghan%20Malicoat says

    Mine is Bounty paper towels. I seriously have to have them in stock at all times.

  60. http://Sharon%20Kaminski says

    I like to use Tide every week doing the wash.

  61. http://Laura%20Collins says

    Mr.Cllean is great

  62. http://Rebecca%20Parsons says

    I use Cascade every day.

  63. http://Michelle%20S says

    I love the Secret Clinical Strength.

  64. http://Mya%20Murphy says

    Regularly, none of them.. but I use Bounce when I can afford it. I’m frugal and buy dollar store brands.

    • http://Jennifer says

      If you use coupons you could actually get P&G brands for cheaper 😉

  65. http://Eva%20D says


  66. http://Kimberly%20M. says

    I have to say I use my Swiffer and Mr. Clean Summer Citrus daily.

  67. http://angie says

    My favorite is Tide.

  68. http://Danielle says

    I use the Crest toothpaste and the Secret deodorant every day.

  69. http://Katie%20J says

    I love Cover Girl makeup.

  70. http://Cynthia%20C says

    I like Pantene hair care products.

  71. http://Rhonda%20Petersen says

    My covergirl makeup

  72. http://Tracy%20Pryor says

    I use Secret deodorant everyday.

  73. http://April%20Brenay says

    I use Tide daily, I try to do 7 loads of laundry a day!

  74. http://Lacey says

    I love Secret deodorant!

  75. http://cheidy%20Moya says

    My favorite products from P&G is Tide. Love fragance and cleaning

  76. http://Monique%20Rizzo says

    I love Tide HE Liquid and use it exclusively.

  77. http://nickie says

    I like Pantene hair care products.

  78. http://Stephanie%20Grant says

    I love Covergirl cosmetics and I use them daily :). Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  79. http://ken%20smith says

    I like tide laundry soap it does wonders on everything.

  80. http://Diane%20Vescio says


  81. http://Audra%20O'Hara says

    My favorite is CoverGirl mascara; I’ve used that brand since high school.

  82. http://Debra%20Guillen says

    Tide is my fav and I use it regularly

  83. http://Denise%20Welch says

    Like to wear CoverGirl make up

  84. says

    I always have Prilosec on hand! It’s the best! And Crest toothpaste has been my go to product since I was a kid!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  85. http://Susan%20Smith says

    I use Tide often.

  86. http://erin%20dear%20(@mummadear) says

    My favorite P&G product is Tide free and gentle laundry soap!

  87. says

    <3 Tide n Dawn

  88. http://Peggy%20Rydzewski says

    I am a faithful user of secret deodorant.

  89. http://Erica%20C. says

    Tide is my favorite.

  90. http://kim says

    I have 2 favorite P&G products Tide and downy are the best

  91. http://Nannypanpan says

    My fav are pampers

  92. http://ELIZABETH%20C. says

    My favorite would have to be tide. Ive been using it for years!

  93. http://Shemp%20DeYoung%20(@shempgames) says

    My favorite P&G product is Liquid Tide Sport with Febreze.

  94. http://Amanda%20S. says

    The mr clean magic eraser! They are simply magic and have helped out my chores immensely.

  95. http://Jennifer says

    I really love to use Venus Razors.

  96. http://joe%20gersch says

    i use pantene shampoo

  97. http://Tari%20Lawson says

    I like Tide liquid.

  98. http://Marci%20Wright says

    CoverGirl Ultimate Finish – I use it every day!

  99. http://Kim%20H says

    I use cover girl products regularly

  100. http://Cindi%20Simon says

    This is a great products

  101. http://Kelly%20Grant says

    the deodarant

  102. http://Lesley%20F says

    I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser all the time

  103. http://Jennifer%20Reed says

    I use P&G Febreze Air Effects and Magic Erasers all the time in my home.

  104. http://Leslie%20L%20Stanziani says

    My favorite is Venus razors.They are all any of us use.My husband swears by them since they give a close shave on his bald head.

  105. http://Brutus%20Duffy says

    I use Gain laundry dtergent and scented household products all the time. They keep my home smelling fresh and clean.

  106. http://Lauran%20Chvz says

    My favorite product is the Mr. Clean because it has good smell =)

  107. http://Laurie%20Emerson says

    My favorite product is Tide as it cleans so well.

  108. http://Jenn%20M. says

    The Magic Eraser, it’s a great product.

  109. http://Angela%20Ash says

    I regularly use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I have them sitting out on my kitchen and bathroom counters for quick use.

  110. http://jules%20m. says

    i use covergirl makeup every day 🙂

  111. http://Tara%20Woods says

    My favorite P&G Product is Tide Pods.

  112. http://shawna says

    I use Tide regularly.

  113. http://Karrie%20Millheim says

    I love Tide

  114. http://Angela%20R%20Higdon says


  115. http://Lee%20Mckoen says

    I love the magic eraser

  116. http://Paula%20Michele%20Hafner says

    I use the Original Gain laundry detergent every day.

  117. http://Cassandra%20Davis says

    I use Gain laundry detergent regularly.

  118. http://Courtnie says

    I use and love CoverGirl products!

  119. http://Brittney%20House says

    I love the tide pods.

  120. http://Shannon says

    My favorite is Dawn.

  121. http://Kathleen%20S. says

    I use Secret deodorant almost every day. I love the different scents they have.

  122. http://Michelle says

    My favorite is the Tide Pods

  123. says

    My favorite product is Tide Pods! I love them. Thank-you for a great #giveaway 🙂

  124. http://deana%20c says

    My favorite P&G product that I use regularly is the Tide To Go pen.

  125. http://Jessica%20Ruggiero says

    My favorite would be my covergirl eyeliner. It goes on very smoothly and does not smudge or wear off during the day.

  126. http://ellen%20casper says

    My favorite is Bounty paper towels

  127. http://Tarah says

    The magic erasers are amazing

  128. http://Nichole%20S says

    mr clean magic eraser!

  129. http://Francine%20Anchondo says

    I like tide

  130. http://Danielle%20D says

    The tide pods

  131. says

    My favorite is Bounty paper towels!

  132. http://Stephanie%20Galbraith says

    I use the Bounce Dryer Bars.

  133. says

    Richard and Jake love the Old Spice Swagger body wash.

  134. http://Cálaeb%20Temple says

    i use a lot of bounty paper towels.

  135. http://susan%20smoaks says

    i love the tide and bounty

  136. http://Lisa%20Garner says

    I love Tide and use it daily to wash my families clothing.

  137. http://Lisa%20L says

    I use Tide detergent and Swiffer a lot

  138. http://trixx says

    I use Bounty paper towels every day

  139. http://Vikki%20Billings says

    I favorite is Swiffer and I use the mop and dusters daily

  140. http://tina%20reynolds says

    My cover girl black waterproof mascara

  141. http://maria%20simon says


  142. http://MARIA%20simon says

    we all use secret in my household and we all smell good 🙂

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