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I have been counting down for summer since labor day weekend last year. It’s sad that I wait the entire year for summer and then as soon as it comes it’s gone. It doesn’t leave us though without having a complete blast so maybe that phrase ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ is true! With the economy being what it is our family has really learned to enjoy just being home. Now a days it seems it’s not just admission prices you battle anymore. On top of that you have to deal with parking, lockers, food, you name it. Who can afford that? I’d much rather take my money for a one time expense and enjoy it all I want summer after summer.

One thing my boys LOVE and I mean {LOVE} their waterslides from I have been fortunate enough to work with this copy on several occasions now and it’s given me some great experience to feel I can really give a proper review. I’ve had the chance to review several regular residential bounce houses and several residential water slides and I can tell you they are one thing you don’t think you need until you have one.

This year when going through their inventory I considered several things I wanted in my water slide. We have the Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park by Blast Zone and it is the perfect first waterslide. It is good for young and older kids and can be a hit for birthday and summer parties. We also have the Tropical Wave Water slide from Kid Wise and if you want your child’s chin to drop and love you forever this is your bet. It’s incredibly high up there but it really shouldn’t be used for more then 2-3 kids and have supervision at all times. It is a dangerous slide if used improperly. If you follow the direction this will be a hit every single time you use it. I’ll be doing a more in depth review later this summer to let you know my comparison on them all.

So for this year I wanted a water slide that could live up to the awe and wow that the Tropical Wave gave every child that looked at it and I wanted something that I could still pull out when we had friends with kids over, birthday parties, and any other time we knew we’d have more then 2-3 kids. It had to be able to work for Gavin at the age of five but not be to small for Johnny my tall ten year old. The Summer Blast Water Park by Kidwise to me seemed like the perfect fit! I mean seriously, look at this thing:

When it arrived the box was huge and as you can see by the parade of feet that it I had children waiting eagerly to use it. Everything I needed was included in this box. It was packaged well and the weight was evenly distributed.

Kid Wise usually includes a waterball and a small pump (which comes in useful for so many other things) with their slides. This is by far the best bouncy wate rball and I’d love to see them actually sell them separately.

It includes its own blower which has a little bit of weight to it but conveniently has a handle to you can carry it to where you need it.

Turning it on is as simple as pushing a button. It also has a plastic covering to protect any wet fingers.

I love that Kidwise always has a buckle strap around the blower. One of mine doesn’t have this and occasionally falls off. My Kidwise bouncers with this method have NEVER come lose.

When you are ready to set up it will look like this. Make sure you’ve laid it out as much as possible. Where the inflatable has pieces for the top we usually try to help it up. In all it only takes a minute to be ready to go. We leave the water tubes on it after the first use.

Once it’s inflated it will look like this. Amazing, isn’t it?

I know that front is great but let’s start in the back. It’s not lacking any special features either. You can see here my eleven year old niece getting up nicely. You can also see the tunnel that comes out the back. If you look closely down the right side you can also see that the tubing is nicely tucked where the kids will never get caught up in it or have an opportunity to mess with it.

The stairs are easy for kids to use independently. The handles are a great feature as they are wet and slippery and usually rushing as fast as they can up the ladder.

I really like that they took the extra step to put handles on the top so they can easily pull themselves up and over. This is a huge help for Gavin and he’d struggle without it.

As you can see he is having a complete blast. You’ll often find him up there just chillin’ holding his legs out under the water falling on the slides.

On the side there is a dry side. Both kids use it more then I thought they would. I thought for sure with no water on this side it would be ignored but it isn’t.

Speaking of water. My kids love when there is a pool waiting for them at the bottom. It takes a bit to fill but so worth it. Usually they lay in it while catching their breath.

Slides. Oh how the kids can’t get enough of the slides. Of course with three slides and two kids you’ll never have anyone fighting over any of them. None seem to be a favorite and they all get their share of use. Johnny loves going down face first but Gavin always sits going down. We do have a policy of never going up slides or standing anywhere but the bottom.

So much fun!

The slides stay wet because they each have their own sprayer that velcro’s to the top. You’ll find Gavin often sitting at the top just soaking his legs.

One thing I really like as a part is the high sides this water slide comes with. They are the highest sides on any of inflatables we have. It definitely makes me feel better with my kids on it.

Another loved section is the obstacle course. They love when the pool is filled up and they can crawl through.

Johnny usually tries to make a basket before crawling through the tube. I’m not sure what the two things are though sticking out. We thought maybe a ring toss but it didn’t come with rings.

Then there is the water canon. How everyone just loves the water cannon. As you can see it has handles so you can turn it and aim. With it’s force it can sometimes hurt if pointed at the face so we are still working on teaching them not to do that.

My only complaint about the entire waterslide is that the water cannon sprays right over the edge when no one is using it. This soaks my yard and makes a mess. It also worries me because it’s right by where the blower has to go.

Of course Daddy also loves to get the boys.

Gavin has a field day aiming it directly up. You can see just how strong it is by how high it goes!

You can purchase the Summer Blast Water Park by Kidwise for $749 right now and qualifies for FREE shipping!

Of course I always like to see things in actual use as pictures can only show so much of the story so here is our video review of the Summer Blast Water Park by Kidwise!

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