Toddler Boys Spring Sandals from UMI Shoes! {Review & Giveaway}


In the past Sawyer has gone from crawling only to stumbling to figuring out how to run. Along this journey he has also become obsessed with shoes. He loves his shoes and always wants them on. If you take a look down my instagram feed you’ll notice one thing in common. He’s always wearing UMI Shoes!

Sawyer loves UMI Shoes

He goes back and forth between his Wheelie Shoes to his Carrter Sandals. Both these shoes are our go-to shoes on a daily basis. They are both comfortable and durable and takes everything my lil’man puts them through. As you can see that can be from concrete floors he’s crawling over to stepping in puddles. They don’t bother him or stop him in anyway. He just loves his UMI Shoes!

UMI Collage

If you are still on the hunt for summer sandals check out UMI. They are fashionable, durable, comfortable and the best part- will last you until your child outgrows them looking great the entire time. Aren’t these great looking summer sandals?

Heโ€™ll slide right into spring with his new Umis on his feet. While the wind blows his hair and he puts his hands up in the air for the ride, these durable and double-strapped shoes are sure to stay securely put. The Carrter has an insole designed specifically for running and jumping, so when he lands in the sand, heโ€™ll want to get right up and climb back to the top again.

Umi Shoes Carrter Sandals

They give his entire foot support and also protect his little toes all while having the comfort of a sandal. They have two separate velcro straps that go over each foot getting the best fit possible!

Umi Shoes Carrter Sandals

The bottom of his shoes are a bit stiffer then others but I’ve seen no problems from it. You can see they do provide extra arch support.

Umi Shoes Carrter Sandals sole

UMI Shoes are a great shoe for any child! If you think the boys shoes are cute you have to stop over and check out their great girls shoes!

umishoes giveaway

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers has the opportunity to win a $60 Gift Certificate towards a pair. To enter use the Rafflecopter form below.

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Contest ends 7.8.13 at 11:59pm. For Official Giveaway Rules click here.

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  1. http://Lena%20N. says

    I’d choose the Belair in Yellow Multi! Thanks

  2. http://anna%20maria says

    I would choose the umi cassia shoes for my daughter if I won this prize!! They are so adorable!

  3. says

    I would get the Karolina for my daughter!

  4. http://Jennifer%20Mae%20Hiles says

    I would get the Elain shoes.

  5. http://Mandy%20strong says

    so need a new pair of sandals for my little boy!

  6. http://nicole says

    I would get the calie black patent leather shoes! for my toddler

  7. http://nici%20r says

    I really like little boys Dann shoes

  8. http://Shirl%20Crites says

    Benet in Cocoa for my grandson ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. http://Linda%20Kish says

    I like the Toddler boys Weelie shoes

  10. http://Christina says

    I would either get the Roxanna little girls sandals or the Halina B

  11. http://nancy says



  12. http://Courtney says

    I would pick Umiโ€™s Belair Sandal in the pink multi color for my little girl!

  13. says

    I like the Elain in pink multi in the toddler girl sizes

  14. http://Amanda%20Alvarado says

    I think I would get the Roxanna sandals

  15. http://Janet%20W. says

    I like the Zander shoes in Gray Multi.

  16. http://Melissa%20M says

    i like the little boy Laren sandals

  17. http://latanya says

    conner big

  18. http://sandra%20davis says

    i like the Natalia Big

  19. http://jeanette%20sheets says

    little boys dan shoes

  20. http://Rachel says


  21. http://Marissa%20M says

    Roxanna Big

  22. http://Veronica%20L. says

    I would love to get their Zander in Gray for my 21 month old son ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. http://Lori%20Taube says

    I would love to use it toward the “Hayman”!

  24. http://jennifer says

    My daughter would love the belair big sandals!

  25. http://K.Pugh says

    I’d get the Little Boys Benet sandal
    Thanks for the chance

  26. http://nicole says

    love the elain in pink multi

  27. http://darci says

    Mira – 322543 – these are awesome!

  28. http://Keara%20B. says

    I just love the toddler Glena shoes- so cute!

  29. http://Tara says

    Connor Little

  30. http://Leann%20L says

    I like the Zander350082-492.

  31. http://Amanda%20stauffer says

    I like the Elain shoes.

  32. http://Nicole%20Larsen says

    I think I’d choose the Laina pair for my daughter

  33. http://Rachel%20B. says

    I really want the Elain in pink multi for my daughter.

  34. http://Christina%20Parker says

    I like the grey and red carrter

  35. says

    I’d get the belair big sandals.

  36. http://Mandy says

    I like the white Cassia

  37. http://Kortnie%20Tesdall says

    I like the Connor Little for my son!

  38. http://Claire%20Rheinheimer says

    Halina B- I love these little girl sandals!

  39. http://stephanie%20hodges says

    I would either get Kayley or Chaarmy (both girl boots) for winter time. She loves boots.

  40. http://susan%20h says

    I like Belair.

  41. http://Rachel says

    Love Talas!

  42. says

    I would choose the Elain in pink

  43. http://Leanne%20M says

    Kayley boots

  44. http://courtney%20hennagir says

    i would love to get the elain shoes in coral for my baby girl.they have some seriously cute styles!

  45. http://Carrie%20Phelps says

    I would apply this towards getting my grandson the Hayman shoes.

  46. http://Jenny%20Lloyd says

    i would get the laren in steel

  47. says

    I’d choose elain pink multi

  48. says

    I like the Morie girls shoe

  49. says


  50. says

    I’d get the Connor or the Juli ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. http://Beth says

    I love the Karloina sandals

  52. http://courtney%20b says

    I love the cassia shoe..

  53. http://Sandy%20VanHoey says

    I like the Karolina Big

  54. http://Michelle%20C says

    I like the Roxanna Ii in silver for my daughter!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  55. http://Tiffany%20Schmidt says

    Green Benet

  56. http://Rachel%20C says

    Love the little girls’ Misha sandals!

  57. http://LANA says

    I would get Karll I

  58. says

    I like the carter

  59. http://Devon%20F says

    I like the Elain

  60. http://Rebecca%20Orr says

    I like the Elaine for my daughter!

  61. http://Colleen%20Maurina says

    I like their Boys Oleson shoes in OCN/DK NVY.

  62. http://Claire says

    I like the Damian velcro shoes.

  63. http://Cheryl%20Chervitz says

    I like the Natalia Jr.for toddler girls. My granddaughter would look so cute with these. Thanks for the chance.

  64. http://amy%20pugmire says

    I would get the zander in gray

  65. http://Sonya%20Morris says

    I would pick the Calie!

  66. http://Stephanie%20V. says

    Shane for my little boy!

  67. http://Andrea%20H says

    Belair Big in Yellow! So cute!

  68. http://JLin says

    Elain in sliver

  69. http://Laurel%20O. says

    I absolutely love the Carrter toddler sandals in black with blue. They are so cute!

  70. http://Robyn says

    I like the shane little boy shoe!

  71. http://Cynthia%20R says

    i would get elain in pink multi

  72. http://Sarah%20C says

    I like the Halina B Big

  73. http://Kimberly%20G says

    I would get Zander in navy

  74. http://T.h.Ransom says

    I would like the Carrter in Grey – Multi

  75. http://Tamar says

    I like the Natalia Jr in silver.

  76. http://Katie%20Roch says

    I would get the Elain girls shoe

  77. http://Tiffany%20W says

    I would get the Elain shoe

  78. http://tina%20reynolds says

    I really like the hayman and shane for my son

  79. http://melissa%20Resnick says

    the Damian velcro shoes.

  80. http://Marlena%20Little says

    I like the laran

  81. http://sandra says

    i might get the ryder shoe

  82. says


  83. http://McKim says

    I like the Carter sandals for toddler boys.

  84. http://Ashley says

    Shane for my son!!

  85. http://Vivian%20Sun says

    Payce is cute for my daughter!

  86. http://israel%20y says

    i would get the Carrter in choc multi

  87. http://Jeanna says

    I would pick the Tala in Pink Multi!

  88. http://Lauren%20Brown says

    I LOVE the Roxanna sandals!!

  89. http://Ashley%20C says

    I would get the Laran in Cocoa Multi


  90. http://Jennifer says

    I’d pick the weelie!!!

  91. http://Becky%20Richied says

    I would choose the Belair Big they are adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. http://Stephanie%20Larison says

    I really like the Adeline 320122

  93. http://polly says

    I like the boys Wheelie in Navy

  94. http://BeckyM says

    I like the Shane

  95. http://carol says

    I like the Elain

  96. http://Peppin says

    I like the Weelie.

  97. says

    I want the Carrter Toddler boys !

  98. http://Sharon%20Kaminski says

    roxanna big are so cute, love them, thanks.

  99. says

    Maryjanes for my two year old!

  100. http://Paol%20Trenny says

    I like the Kayley boots

  101. http://Crystal%20F says

    I would get the Karolina Big sandals. thank you!

  102. http://Kim%20D. says

    I would get the Morie D (ii).

  103. http://Jennifer%20T. says

    I’d get the Damian sneakers.

  104. http://Tiffany%20Hearn says

    My daughter would love Belair Big pair!

  105. http://Carol says

    I like Elain307133-690

  106. http://Sarah%20Hall says

    I like the Tyler in brown.

  107. http://Cheryl says

    Morie F (ii) 322672A-660

  108. http://Carmen%20Van%20Deursen says

    I like the Dersent III 35733C-001

  109. http://Robert%20Brown says

    I like the Elain pink Multi

  110. http://Megan%20C says

    I would choose the Weelie in light grey/multi – would be perfect for my little boy, who is due to take his first steps anytime now ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. http://Monique%20Rizzo says

    I like the Tyler in brown.
    Thanks for the chance.

  112. http://Terra%20Heck says

    I’d get the light gray multi Weelie shoes. Thanks.

  113. http://Cassandra%20Eastman says

    I’d love the Natalia Jr. shoes in white for my daughter!

  114. http://Kerry%20G. says

    I like the new Terri in Pink

  115. http://Michelle%20Lee says

    I’d pick Trincy in purple multi.

  116. http://Kelly%20H. says

    I like the Cassia in pink multi.

  117. http://Rachael%20Coe says

    I would get the Naomii shoe for my oldest daughter. It is adorable!!!

  118. http://Laurie says

    Misha sandals – so cute!!!

  119. http://Nannypanpan says

    Moraine in cherry

  120. http://ReggieMann says

    Girls Roxanna Big in Pink

  121. http://Tanya%20White says

    Big Boys Ryder II

  122. says

    Connor – gold multi, thanks

  123. http://Rebecca%20Peters says

    I like the tala ll

  124. http://Tabathia%20B says

    I like the Immani in white

  125. http://K.%20Finn says

    I like the Cassia in Cocoa Multi

  126. http://Lisa%20Garner says

    I would get the Naomii shoe in pink multi.

  127. http://Richard%20Hicks says

    might get big boys Ryder II

  128. http://Mihaela%20D. says

    the Misha sandals :))

  129. http://Adrienne%20Bireley says

    I love the Tala blue shoes for little girls.

  130. http://Candice%20Hull says

    I really like the little boys’ Dann shoe
    thank you

  131. says

    I think I would get the Morrow for this fall.

  132. http://Amy%20B says

    Love love love the misha sandals

  133. http://Michele says

    I would use the gift card to purchase a pair of Morie or Halina for my niece.

  134. http://Deb%20S says

    I would get the Laren364092-032

  135. http://Brittney%20House says

    Misha sandals

  136. http://kristy says

    love the Glena shoes

  137. http://susan%20smoaks says

    if i won, i would choose the glena in pink multi

  138. http://Peggy%20Rydzewski says

    Natalia Jr are just adorable

  139. http://Lisa%20L says

    I’d love the Natalia shoes for my daughter

  140. http://Daisy says

    I like toddler Carrter 360073-062

  141. http://Michelle%20C says

    The little boys Carrter 360071-966

  142. http://trixx says

    I’d love the Karolina sandals!

  143. http://Brigette%20Streeper says

    I really like Cassia30405-233. I love Brown and Pink together!

  144. http://Breanne says

    I like the Cassia

  145. http://Amylynn%20H says

    I would use it towards the boy’s Hayman.

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