Homemade Strawberry Fruit Popsicles #tropimommas

Since having a baby I've had to slap my own hand a few times as my kids reached into the freezer this hot, hot summer. I've been trying to stay cool but many of the sweet treats aren't the best thing for my waist line. The kids & I thought it would be fun if we made some of our kind of popsicles. Grab your blender and about 3 cups of strawberries and one banana. Cut up and place in … [Read more...]

YoCrunch Yogurts & Parfaits Review with 10 Coupons Valued at $38!

Since I had Sawyer I'm really trying to make smarter choices not just for me but for my whole family. Since I'm the one that does all the grocery shopping in our home it really comes down to me on how much junk we're eating. Now, I'm not looking to make my family feel like they are dieting but I want them to know healthy choices. Sometimes all I want is something small. Preferably sweet. These … [Read more...]

Wanna Win A Trip To LA With A Friend?

Dole fruit bowls are a staple in our house. Not only are they convenient for  quick snack and fruit portions with lunches- but you can toss them into your bag and bring them with you easily. Did you know that Dole is the first major brand in the industry to pack its Fruit Bowls and multi-serve Jarred Fruit in 100% fruit juice... with no syrup, refined sugars or artificial sweeteners! In a world … [Read more...]