Win a Trip to New York City with Dove & Family Dollar! #FDBeautyIs

Beauty is so many things to me. It doesn't always translate to a pretty face either. Sometimes the beauty we see in people is how they treat others, treat their family, and most importantly how they value themselves. True beauty comes from within and I love how Dove is always promoting to love who you are in all their ads. I love how they use people from all different walks of life. It shows us … [Read more...]

Procter & Gamble and Family Dollar Bring A Better Clean for Every Dollar {Family Dollar Prize Pack & Gift Card #Giveaway}

  I hate spending money on certain things. Things like laundry detergent and cleaning products are high on that list. Problem is I like name brand products like Tide, Downy, & Febreze. Lucky for me there are coupons and stores like Family Dollar. I haven't really done much shopping with Family Dollar until recently but they just built a brand new store the next town over and I've finally … [Read more...]

Family Dollar Stores

Family Dollar. Where do I begin. I'm not a fan of posting unfavorable reviews. Really I'm not. I prefer to not post about them or just avoid them but this one was unavoidable so here is my experience with Family Dollar. Hopefully this will help the company clean up the ones in my area as from searching online it seems other areas have some great stores. This store in the photo isn't the first one … [Read more...]