The Classic Espresso Bookshelf from Guidecraft

When it came time to prepare Sawyer's nursery I really wanted to invest in furniture that could last longer then the nursery. I wanted pieces that could either stick with him as he grew older or fit else where in my home. I've been familiar with the Guidecraft name for a few years now and have loved the pieces we've collected. I knew the Classic Espresso Collection would be a good fit in his room … [Read more...]

Guardsman Wood Furniture Care Review

I use to never think much about my furniture. They were just pieces of furniture that I had collected and my husband had collected through the years. None of it matched and none of it held any significance  to us. Then our house burned down and we had to buy all new furniture. Suddenly we had nice furniture, it matched, and looked great. Problem? We had no clue how to take care of it once we had … [Read more...]

$150 Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse from Melissa & Doug Giveaway!

When Gavin was little he didn't talk. We had to put him into speech therapy to work on it. One of the tools that they recommended us purchasing were wooden puzzles. So, of course being the parents we were we went out and bought a ton of puzzles - all of course from Melissa and Doug. The therapists said that repeatedly doing them with him it would encourage him to speak the words when he placed … [Read more...]