Between Me & You Books Review & Giveaway! Father’s Day Gift Idea!

Have you always wondered what your Dad was like when he was younger? What are his favorite memories? Maybe he now wonders what your favorite childhood memories are! With Between Me And You Journals all your questions can be answered. Plus, you’ll have them all together in a hardcover, spiral-bound book!

The outside quality of these books is great! It is small enough to fit on your night stand or in your bag while you take your time filling it out. I personally wish that the binding was covered and could have the label on the binding so if you collect several of these from your family members you could easily pull them out when stacked together. If you’re looking for more privacy this would work as people wouldn’t know what they are unless they were pulled out. I love the softness of the cover and even if displayed it won’t distract from your regular decor.

ONLY $14.95 each. Give these special keepsake journals to the people you love. Each hardcover, spiral-bound book measures 6 ½ ” x 7 ¼ ” and contains 35 – 45 fun-to-ask and fun-to-answer questions. You get them back with handwritten responses you’ll cherish forever. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!

The inside of course is where it all matters. These journals are filled with great questions. I like that they are questions I may not have thought of on my own but definitely would love to know the answer too. Of course some might not be fitting with many broken homes now. I know with this Dad Journal there are talks about Mom and Marriage and if your father didn’t marry your mom or date your mom they may not be relevant. Overall most of the questions will be able to be answered. If you have questions that aren’t asked in the book or if your family member has things they want to say there are several blank pages in the back too which I think is great. I gave one of these books to my grandmother last year and I know she has been filling it out but getting it back to her seems nearly impossible. So make sure when you give it to the person they know you need it back.

You can purchase these books for almost everyone in your life. I especially love the “honey” version and would love if my husband was the type of guy to fill it out. If you have an overseas Hubby or Wife this would be great to purchase two of and fill one out for them and send it to them with one to mail back. You can purchase each book for $14.95!

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    I would get the MOM book.

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    I’d get either the Mom or the Sister book

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  8. Anne Loyd says

    I would love to win the dad book!

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  16. sandra says

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    i would choose the aunt book

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  24. Heidi V. says

    The Daughter Book I Would Love to Send with my daughter to college.

  25. Heidi V. says
  26. I think I would choose the Mom or the Dad book. We already gave the grandparents books.

  27. Aleks says

    What a fun idea! I would pick either Daughter or Mom. Thanks!

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  39. rebecca shockley says

    The MOM book!

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  47. Jerica Murphy says

    I would pick the Dad one for my hubby to fill out for our son and future kids. Jerica Murphy

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  54. sara says

    I would have to seriousl sit and think about this one if i won i would either get the mom one or the honey one!!

  55. Kelly says

    I would pick the girl bond between two best friends.

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  60. E Faye says

    I would choose the MOM’s Memories and Insights book for me to do for my daughter.

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