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I have been horrible about getting anything accomplished craft wise these days. I got a couple of huge orders in the beginning of October and it kinda burned me out. I recently got a request to design and make a set of custom pink and brown wedding table numbers so it was great to make me have to step up and work again.
I like to give my custom order people a choice of 2 designs. Here is choice number one:
Pink and Brown Satin Wedding Table Numbers with Roses
These are based on brown but have a more baby girl/carnation pink color to them.

Wintery Snowflake Merry Christmas Happy Holiday Card

Elegant Dusty Rose colored Pink and Brown Satin Wedding Table Numbers
These were the second option I gave and the ones she chose. They have more of a dusty rose color to them. And the middle paper is actually a shimmer paper.


  1. LD says

    Cool blog! Very informative. I will be back here soon.

  2. goooooood girl says

    Very fine……

  3. viv says

    Those wedding table numbers look great!

  4. Julia says

    brown and pink = awesome color combo!!!

  5. Kathy and Carrie says

    Hey great job! They are beautiful…I like the second one better for a wedding as well. I love your blog, and the color!

  6. Shell Mitchell says

    The numbers turned out great. I would have gone with the 2nd choice too. Thanks for participating in the carnival!

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