Ablaze Candles Review! Stunning Holiday Centerpieces!

I love candles but not for their scent. I love using them in my home for decor. I love the way they can put personality into a room.I know that sounds really silly that I'm not the fan of the actual candle as I am of the ambiance that it gives. I love that calming glow you get when you have a lot of candles lit at once. I especially love candles that light a room up in a special way like Ablaze … [Read more...]

Enjoy Lighting with LED Battery Operated Candles! Review and Giveaway!

Ever since we lost our home to the fire I have given up on my love for candles. I love the look, the smell, the feel it gives the room. However, my fear of the flame over took all of that and away went the candles. Since I loved them people feel the need to constantly gift them to me. I wonder why I keep getting them when they just end up in a closet. Then I discovered LED Candles. I could have … [Read more...]

Things That Make Scents – Oh Soy! Candles, Aroma Critters, Cupcake Candles, & Tart Cups! Review & Giveaway!

Things That Make Scents is a candle company founded in 2002 by Janine who was sick of all the soot stains coming from her paraffin based candles. She discovered that soybean based candles were not only cleaner but greener too! All of their wicks are either made from hemp or cotton and burn up to 50% longer then leading non soy based candles. She has an extensive listing of many soy facts that you … [Read more...]