Crocs Women’s Sandals {My Favorite Shoes!}

Crocs. They got a reputation from the start for having a certain look. Some even went as far as to call them ugly. I know my hubby was never a fan of my warm fuzzy mammoth shoes but man they were so warm and comfy that I never cared what he thought. Now Crocs has so many different styles of shoes. Shoes you'd never know were crocs. They no longer have that recognizable look for all their shoes but … [Read more...]

Crocs Crocband Winter Boots – Review & Giveaway (FOUR Winners!!!)

Crocs ugly? What's that you say? I have loved Crocs from the start. No matter what anyone would say to me as I walked around in my fuzzy pink crocs. However, those that knocked them never tried them. They were the most comfortable and warm shoes I've ever worn. And I wore them, til they could be worn no more. I've never worn out a pair of shoes until I owned those. I will forever love Crocs and if … [Read more...]

Crocs Shoes – Claire Boots – Review & Giveaway {Ended}

Crocs Shoes have been a favorite of mine for years now. For some reason it seems for people they are a love or hate relationship. The haters of course have never actually worn a pair though. For the last two years I have been wearing a pair of pink fleece Blitzen Shoes. Hubby hates them but it hasn't stopped me from wearing the bottoms right off them!I love Crocs because they are incredibly … [Read more...]