Bake Up Some Holiday Memories with Your Kids & Betty Crocker This Baking Season

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is bake. I love all the delicious holiday treats. They make my house smell delicious, and whenever I bake everyone seems to gather in the kitchen. I love the family time that I get when I am baking. I especially love it when my kids help me. It is so fun making memories in the kitchen with them. Hayden is 6, and is getting to be quite the good little baker. He already knows a lot of the different kitchen tool names, different baking measurements, and baking terms. One day I know his wife will thank me for teaching him how to bake.

Betty Crocker is always around in my kitchen. Betty Crocker always has yummy recipes, and products that help my kitchen be even sweeter. Especially when I am cooking with my kids Betty Crocker helps the baking be simple and also fun. This holiday baking season make sure you head over to Betty Crocker’s Kids’ Christmas Cookie Corner. There are lots of great recipes that would make the perfect cookies to take to Christmas parties, share with friends, or to leave out for Santa! There are also videos of the Top 10 Christmas cookies to give you extra tips.

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

Betty Crocker has yummy cookie mixes to help give you a head start on baking. My kids and I received a great holiday baking pack from Betty Crocker with everything we needed to make delicious memories. After looking through the Betty Crocker Holiday Recipe Booklet 2014 my kids, and I decided on some different ways we wanted to decorate our cookies. Two of the ideas were from the Top 10 Cookie Decorating Ideas of 2014!

First we used the Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Hayden had his heart set on making Chocolate Chip Reindeer cookies. Those little reindeer were so stinking cute! Someone is so clever to turn the gingerbread man cookie cutter upside down and then turn it into a reindeer! I also had a few more ideas so Hayden could make them with minimal help from me start to finish. Hayden put the Betty Crocker apron on and got to work. After he mixed the dough, it needed to be refrigerated, so we popped that in the fridge and started on our second set of cookies.

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

The Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix was so simple. We just poured in the mix in, and then add an egg and butter. My kids also loved taking turns mixing. Then they rolled them into balls and put them on the tray.

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

Halli wasn’t sure what to think. She loved helping, but wasn’t super sure about how sticky her hands were. I think she just prefers the job of taste tester. We baked up our sugar cookies and then put them in a bag to save for the next day. I knew it would be best if I let Hayden just do the actual decorating, and it would be fun to have some just one on one time with him while Halli napped.

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

The next day we rolled out the chocolate chip cookies and baked them up. This was an epic mom fail baking moment. Number one rule of baking with kids: DON’T get distracted and pay attention to the recipe! I totally missed the step where you are supposed to add another Tablespoon of flour! So the first batch was flat and did not hold their shape. After I put in some more flour they were perfect. Then we could finally decorate them.

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

Instead of using a round chocolate mint for the noses we used a red peanut butter M&M. We also used pretzels for the reindeer antlers instead of white icing. Hayden was able to decorate them all start to finish without any help. It was so much fun seeing our little Rudolph the red nose reindeer cookies come to life.

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

Hayden loved decorating all our cookies. It was such a fun project to do together. He kept coming up with different ideas of how to decorate our circle sugar cookies. He started with the idea from Betty Crocker to make Melting Snowman Cookies and then ran with it! We made snowmen, Santa’s, Elves, and Ornaments. I loved seeing his creative little mind work!

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

This was just our first time baking this holiday season. We still have to make the perfect Christmas Cookies to leave out for Santa. I know Betty Crocker will be there to help me along the way.

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers has the opportunity to win ONE (1) Betty Crocker Holiday Baking Prize Pack so you can #GetYourBettyOn this Holiday Baking Season!!

Betty Crocker Holiday Baking

The Betty Crocker Holiday Baking Prize Pack includes:

  • Kitchen tablet stand
  • Betty Crocker™ Mixing Spoon
  • Betty Crocker™ Oven Mitt
  • “Get Your Betty On” Apron
  • Gingerbread Cookie Cutter
  • Betty Crocker™ Sugar Cookie Mix
  • Betty Crocker™ Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
  • Betty Crocker™ Vanilla Frosting
  • Betty Crocker™ Holiday Recipe Booklet 2014 – feat. The Top 10 Cookie Decorating Ideas of 2014

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About Megan

Megan loves being a stay at home mom to a busy boy Hayden (10) and sweet girl Halli (6). She has been happily married to her ridiculously good looking husband for 11 years. She also enjoys blogging, trying new recipes to cook or bake, girls nights, fashion, and reading. You can also find her on twitter and instagram @fourheartsproject


  1. Casey Everidge says

    sugar cookies for sure!!

  2. Dana Rodriguez says

    We like to make cookies and fudge.

  3. Janet W. says

    We love to bake and decorate gingerbread men cookies!

  4. shelly peterson says

    We like to bake sugar cookies.

  5. Christina Foley says

    My kids love baking cookies and making candy. At Christmas their favorite may be making gingerbread houses though.

  6. Ronda Garnett says

    gingerbread men 🙂

  7. Jilene says


  8. vickie couturier says

    they like for me to make sugar cookies shaped like santa,,they don’t last long

  9. LaTanya says


  10. David says

    My favorite are oatmeal scotchies, but that is primarily so I can eat a handful of butterscotch chips.

  11. Jennifer Tilson says

    I like making no-bake cookies and rice crisp cereal treats with my kids.

  12. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like making Monster Cookies with dd!

  13. Jodie Ellis says

    Love sugar cookies!!!

  14. Melissa M says

    My kids would love the Holiday Fruit Roll-Ups® Cookies.

  15. We love to bake sugar cookies…then decorate them afterwards!

  16. Kayla Starrett says


  17. Karen Boblett says

    We always use to put fruitcakes together when my daughter lived at home. Also made decorated sugar cookies.

  18. janet woodling says

    When my children were small we always made Snickerdoodles.

  19. Sue Ellison says

    I love to bake/decorate sugar cookies with my children.

  20. Nancy says

    We like to bake Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies.

  21. Betty says

    sugar cookies were always the holiday fave where they could roll, cut and then ice.

  22. Kristi C says

    We love to bake Snickerdoodles.

  23. Sharon Kaminski says

    My favorite holiday treat to make with the kids is bake and frost cutout cookies.

  24. Amanda Kinder says

    It would probably have to be sugar cookies.

  25. ELIZABETH C. says

    My kids and I love to make peanut butter cookies. Oh yum!

  26. Alyce Poalillo says

    I do not have any children but I make sugar cookies every year for distribution to food pantires.

  27. dario says

    portugese short bread cookies

  28. Missie Freeman says

    I like making Grandma’s Christmas cookies with my niece.

  29. Kristy Miller says

    Sugar cookies are my favorite ^_^ yumm

  30. Ani says

    My favorite to bake with the kids is gingerbread blossoms (like the peanut butter ones but ginger cookies instead), they love putting the kisses in the middle.

  31. Virginia Rowell says

    We love to make decorated sugar cookies.

  32. Shelia H says

    The kids in my life seem to love baking and decorating cookies as a rule, gingerbread men and sugar cookies in particular, but most recently, doing off-the-wall shapes, like Star Wars, Doctor Who, ninja cookies, ugly sweater cookie competition, stuff like that, seems to be the favorite all around. 🙂

  33. Melissa L. says

    I like to make sugar cookies with my kids as they can get creative with decorating, and have fun. Thanks for the giveway!

  34. Melissa Smith says

    Fudge – chocolate, maple and mint

  35. Veronica L says

    We love making gingerbread men during the holidays

  36. Shannon Baas says

    we love making sugar cookies.

  37. Jackie says

    We like to make sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies.
    Thank you!

  38. Seyma Shabbir says

    We love to make sugar cookies or rice krispie treats!

  39. Melissa Shirley says

    I love to make sugar cookies with my kids and they decorate them They love to eat them and share them with Santa

  40. Kelly Nicholson says

    Tell me your favorite Holiday treat to bake with your kids!

    i dont have any kids,but i like to bake pies..

  41. We love buckeyes. They’re a lot like resse’s with peanut butter and chocolate.

  42. Amy Pratt says

    Love making sugar cookies, and eating them!

  43. nickie says

    chocolate chip cookies

  44. Rebecca M says

    Christmas Wreath Fudge is so fast and so easy! Plus, it’s super fun to decorate!

  45. Linda G. says

    We love baking cut out cookies and decorating them.

  46. Michelle C says

    We love making sugar cookies. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Tricia Galbraith says


  48. Tari Lawson says

    I like making gingerbread cookies with my kids.

  49. jennifer says

    we love decorating sugar cookies and gingerbread people!

  50. Tammy Horn says

    Christmas cookies and cupcakes.

  51. Jenny Ford says

    Love to make gingerbread cookies.

  52. Deb Jackson says

    We like decorating sugar cookies together.

  53. Selinda says

    Pumpkin Pie!

  54. Rebecca Orr says

    Sugar cookies are our favorite.

  55. Marlena Little says

    sugar cookies

  56. Karen D says

    They really like to help making the peanut butter ones with the kisses in the middle.

  57. Leela says

    Soft sugar cookies.

  58. Santa shaped ginger bread cookies for santa, christmas eve

  59. Clarence Smith says

    We like to attempt to build gingerbread houses.

  60. Ann Fantom says

    I like to bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip cookies with my daughter

  61. Carol Nine says

    My grown son and I make a giant dish of homemade mac & cheese together for holidays.

  62. April Croissant says

    I love baking sugar cookies with my boys to decorate, but I personally like making/eating Oatmeal Scotchies.

  63. Meghan Finley says


  64. Ann says

    Chocolate chip m&m cookies – we have been baking together since my son was little. LOVE this.

  65. Katy E says

    Chocolate crinkles are the family fav in this house

  66. Ana says

    Chocolate chip cookies 🙂

  67. Wes Hovorka says

    I like making the sugar cookies with kisses in the middle.

  68. Sadly I don’t have any little ones around to bake with!

  69. Deirdre says

    Butter spritz cookies — it’s a Christmas tradition!

  70. Caren says

    Chocolate chip cookies!

  71. Allison Downes says

    I love making a variety of christmas cookies. They are easier and fun to decorate.

    Thank you for the chance to win this!

  72. Oh yes have to make the favorite sugar cookies for sure.

  73. sarah s says

    Peanut butter balls have my heart.

  74. curtis says

    We like making fudge and mm cookies

  75. McKim says

    We like to bake date pinwheel cookies.

  76. Hello I would love to win this I hope I do

  77. Kori Kocian says

    This would be awesome to when so I can enjoy baking with my nieces and nephews!

  78. Amber G says

    Always iced sugar cookie cutouts! Perfect for santa =]

  79. Pat B says

    Sugar cookies – they have so much fun decorating them.

  80. Eloise Carlson says

    We love to bake Peanut Butter Cookies and Chocolate Chips cookies but we also love to make Rice Crispy Treats and mix peanut butter in with the marshmallows. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  81. Jo says

    This year, I am making chocolate reindeer cupcakes with pretzel antlers, nilla wafer snouts, frosting eyes, and m&m noses. 🙂

  82. love to make christmas cutouts. thankyou, ken

  83. sandra says

    sugar and gingerbread cookies

  84. Dawn Monroe says

    I like making cut out sugar cookies and popcorn balls with the kids.

  85. Kathy Kuykendall says

    We just made our favorites oatmeal raisin cookies, peanut butter kisses, and canolis

  86. Monique Rizzo says

    I would probably say sugar cookies are our fave.

  87. Mary Cloud says

    We bake brownies together

  88. Mary Anderson says

    Old fashioned sugar cookies are our favorite to bake.

  89. Becky Moore says

    our yearly Gingerbread ‘shack’….

  90. Kim Keithline says

    We love to bake and decorate cookies

  91. JLin says

    chocolate cookie

  92. Susan Christy says

    We like baking brownies and sugar cookies.

  93. Marci Wright says

    We make almond Christmas cookies together every year. Cut them out in Christmas shapes & decorate them. I used to do it with my mom when I was a kid & now I do it with my son. 🙂

  94. allie says

    I like to bake cookies

  95. Sherrie C. says

    My granddaughter is only four years old but next Christmas I plan on buying Christmas cookie cutters so we can make and decorate sugar cookies and gingerbread men.

  96. Kayla Hyde says

    We love to bake gingerbread cookies!

  97. Linda Crispell says

    We love decorating cut-out cookies together. I make a runny glaze frosting, that you can do some pretty neat things with.

  98. michelle k. says

    We like to cook cut out cookies at Christmas

  99. lena says

    I love to bake chocolate chip cookies with my sons.

  100. Merry says

    We like to bake sugar cookies and snickerdoodles

  101. anthony ciofani says

    We love to bake sugar cookies

  102. Cassandra Eastman says

    We love baking sugar cookies and frosting them for Santa!

  103. Terry Maigi says

    We love baking and decorating sugar cookies!

  104. Sara says

    I like to make rice krispy treats with my child

  105. Heather Dawn says

    I like making Peanut Butter Blossoms.

  106. KV says

    We like to make doughnuts.

  107. Wendy R. says

    We always make sugar cookies and frost them.

  108. Crystal Sell says

    Love making sugar cookies with frosting. We cut them out in holiday shapes and color the frosting. Add some sprinkles and it’s a lot of fun!

  109. Denise S says

    We like baking sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles.

  110. jennifer says

    paper thin granmas sugar cookies!

  111. willis flanagan says

    I like to bake sugar cookies also.

  112. Theresa Smith says

    We love to bake period. But our favorite around Christmas time is cut out sugar cookies to decorate. It is a tradition to bake them and give them to others who don’t bake.

  113. Audrey L says

    Caramel pecan rolls, iced sugar cookies, walnut fudge brownies, etc. etc.!

  114. kristy thiel says

    we love making sugar cookies!

  115. DIANE HAMEL says

    Rice Krispies reats

  116. Terri S. says

    My 2 granddaughters love to help me bake gingerbread men. They are my “official taste testers” when the cookies are ready. 🙂

  117. Brittney House says

    I love making homemade creamy cheesecake.

  118. polly says

    Love making & decorating rolled out sugar cookies with my 6 year old grandson

  119. Theresa Clift says


  120. I always liked to bake cookies with my daughter. Its a lot of fun.

  121. vera wilson says

    I like to make chewy cookies (chocolate chips and raisins).

  122. Roy F. says

    Sugar cookies.

  123. MIchelle says

    Rice Krispie treats

  124. They love to cook anything… esp. if they get to “dump” i the ingredients.. which I always premeasure so they can. But cookies have got to be right up there, as they not only like making them, they sure like eating them too!

  125. Wendy McBride says

    We like to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies the most!

  126. Denise Welch says

    Like to make sugar cookies with the grandkids

  127. My favorite holiday treat is Italian Wedding Cookies (aka Cocoa Wedding Cakes or Snowball Cookies).

  128. Julie Cutshaw says

    Our favorite Holiday treat to bake with the grandkids would be shaped sugar cookies using all sorts of cookie cutters and toppings to make them personal and unique

  129. Paula Hafner says

    I like to bake traditional sugar cookies then decorate them. I have a large cookie cutter collection so it’s a lot of fun.

  130. Katie Bellamy says

    I love making sugar cookies & frosting with them!

  131. Stacy says

    I love baking vegan sugar cookies because they are easy to customize with frosting and sprinkles and other goodies.

  132. sheryl granholm says

    I love making cheesecake 🙂

  133. Dawn Keenan says

    We love making cut out cookies. They are so much fun to decorate!

  134. zMom Smith says

    I love to make rice crispy snacks!

  135. Lesley F says

    We like making Christmas cookies

  136. Kim says

    We love to make chocolate chip cookies

  137. Lisa V. says

    It would be sugar cookies.

  138. Carolyn Daley says

    We love to bake snickerdoodle cookies with lots of cinnamon.

  139. Sara Weekley says

    Chocolate pie

  140. deana c says

    I love to make cutout sugar cookies with my children.

  141. Samantha says

    I love making homemade chocolate chip cookies with them!

  142. Stacey says

    We spend days baking cookies, breads and muffins. This year we tried the Betty Crocker gingerbread cookie mix and the cookies were a big hit. Since they cut down the work I think they are my new favorite next to pumpkin bread 🙂

  143. Tina F. says

    I love to bake sugar cookie cutouts.

  144. Karen Drake says

    I love making Peanut Blossom cookies with my daughter.

  145. Erica B. says

    We like making chocolate chip cookies.

  146. Mindy (Kelly) Menard says

    We love making Chocolate Chip Cookies

  147. Susan Smith says

    We love to bake snickerdoodle cookies

  148. Danielle says

    We love to make cake bites in a variety of flavors.

  149. Nicole C. says

    We love to make sugar cookies!

  150. i love making gingerbread houses

  151. melissa Resnick says


  152. Lisa says

    We love baking snowball cookies.

  153. laurie murley says

    we love to make sugar cookies and the chocolate oatmeal no bake cookies the most

  154. Jessica Ruggiero says

    We love baking christmas cookies!

  155. Darlene Owen says

    I love to make Christmas Cookies

  156. Rebecca Parsons says

    My favorite thing to make with and for the kids are cutout cookies. The fun we have in decorating is a blast!

  157. Marissa M says

    We love trying all kinds of cookie recipes!

  158. Nancy says

    Gingerbread cut outs with frosting

  159. Devon F says

    My favorite is peanut butter cookies

  160. Trisha Burgess says

    I love to make new bake cookies with my daughter!!!

  161. Heather B says

    We really like doing Snickerdoodles!

  162. Courtney says

    We like baking cookies and fudge!

  163. Amy Reed says

    snickerdoodle cookies!

  164. Melina R says

    We like to make simple sugar cookies with holiday cookie cutters.

  165. Hoilday cookies with sprinkles are always the best to make with kids. They can be creative!

  166. Linda Madden says

    We love to bake and eat peanut butter blossom cookies.

  167. Linda Bradshaw says

    We love to bake and decorate sugar cookies for Christmas. The kids have so much fun doing it.

  168. Hope Mitchner says

    My kids always loved baking sugar cookies and then decorating them with sprinkles.

  169. Deb Jackson says

    We like making sugar cookies.

  170. Carol Mclemore says

    We like to make Sugar cookies!

  171. Bridgett Wilbur says

    We love making ginger bread men and sugar cookies..

  172. Lori Walker says

    We love to bake cornbread.

  173. Jammie says

    Favorite holiday treat would have to be peppermint chocolate chip cookies.

  174. cynthia Dawson says

    cutout sugar cookies!

  175. Jesse Penny says

    our yearly family cookie party with three genarations of woman and kids in the kitchen…. its a crazy mess but we all have fun an make memories

  176. lisa kay says

    My Grandson and I love baking tons of cookies!
    He Loves to decorate!

  177. gina says

    gingerbread people are a favorite 0f ours

  178. Jennifer Reed says

    My favorite cookie to bake with my kids is snickerdoodles.

  179. Anita Mitchell says

    Cookies and cupcakes are our favorites to make.

  180. Stephanie Larison says

    I love making sugar cookies with the girls, decorating them also!

  181. Lorena Keech says

    Sugar cookies to decorate.

  182. Candie L says

    I like the make peanut butter cookies. Thank you

  183. Diane C says

    Decorated and frosted sugar cookies

  184. Diane Baum says

    We love baking cookies as a family, love the reindeer cookies

  185. We love making buckeyes and gingerbread houses

  186. Lori Williams says

    I love to bake anything with my kids/grandkids. I love especially to bake my mom’s cranberry pie with them. None of my grandkids ever met her so when I make this with them I tell the stories all about how wonderful she was. Brings back lots of sweet memories for me. #missmymom

  187. shirley says

    All kinds of cookies and cupcakes are my favorite Holiday treats to bake with the kids.

  188. kelly g says

    Sugar cookies!

  189. Kim N says

    sugar cookies

  190. Elsie says

    We love to make gingerbread cookies, and can’t wait to make gingerbread reindeer!
    Oh what fun, and so clever!!

  191. Jill Myrick says

    We love making and decorating gingerbread men together.


  192. Tiffany Greene Elliott says

    I love baking sugar cookies with my kids!! Thanks!

  193. Ashley says

    I love baking peppermint cookies.

  194. sandra davis says

    sugar cookies with icing

  195. natalie yeoman says

    i love baking our strawberry cake balls

  196. Francine Anchondo says

    Sugar cookies

  197. La Dayna says

    Chocolate chip,,,

  198. Love to make sugar cookies and decorate them. Don’t have cookie cutters but still decorate to look like Christmas trees or snowmen.

  199. desiree grubbs says

    oreo balls!

  200. I enjoy baking Snickerdoodles with our son when he was growing up.

  201. Angela Bartlett says

    Sugar cookies and fudge and brownies and … oh heck we love to bake them all!

  202. Rebecca Lock says

    I like to bake sugar cookies with my kids.

  203. Brandi Price says

    Definitely cookies we can cut out and decorate ourselves!

  204. karen mayernick says

    Sugar Cookies!

  205. Stephanie Galbraith says

    We like to make Oreo Balls.

  206. Barb Stenby says

    chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate

  207. Nora H says

    gingerbread, pb fudge

  208. Laurie Emerson says

    I like baking holiday sugar cookies with my daughter.

  209. Lisa Garner says

    We love making Peanut Butter Blossoms together.

  210. Chris Noe says

    Cranberry Orange Walnut Bread is my fave.

  211. Melissa S says

    We love to bake and decorate sugar cookies for the holidays.

  212. Amy Deeter says

    we like to bake sugar cookies with Hershey kisses on top

  213. Peggy D says

    We love to make cut out sugar cookies….The kids love decorating and it’s lots of fun and laughter

    Sweetheart4171 (at) yahoo ( dot ) com

  214. Jessica Lewis says

    We love to make chocolate chip and sugar cookies.

  215. Trisha McKee says

    We most love making sugar cookies – they are the best to decorate.

  216. Kelley Roach says

    I like making Monster Cookies with dd!

  217. Kim Reid says

    We like to bake gingerbread cookies with icing, thanks!

  218. Terra Heck says

    I like to make peanut butter fudge and coated peanut butter Ritz patties with my kids. Thanks.

  219. Karen Beckett says

    We always liked to make Gingerbread boys & girls and decorate them!

  220. Betty C says

    Sugar cookies and decorating them is so much fun.

  221. Rosey says

    Sugar cookies are my fave to make with the kids because we like to decorate them.

  222. darby says

    chocolate chip cookies

  223. Gingerbread men they love to decorate them. They also like use to do salt dough ornaments.

  224. Tina Reynolds says

    We love making sugar cookies and snicker doodle cookies.

  225. e michelle says

    I like to bake cookies with them! Now that we found out how to use parchment paper they tastes great!

  226. adriana says

    sugar cookies!!

  227. Nannypanpan says

    We like to make sugar cookies with lots of sprinkles

  228. Breanne says

    I like making sugar cookies.

  229. Paula Tavernie says

    We like to bake Ginger Bread People!

  230. Trish Dowling says

    chocolate pretzels

  231. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    Our favorite is Sugar Cookies and decorating them for Christmas

  232. TRACY SIMMS says

    my sons like chocolate chip cookies to bake! thanks

  233. Melissa Ramos says

    Our favorite is chocolate chip cookies, the kids love to help bake them!

  234. Jennifer Vega says

    Sugar cookies

  235. Phalon Bennett says

    Lazy Cake Cookies! They can handle all of the ingredients and sneak candy!

  236. Vikki Billings says

    Sugar cookies are my favorite things to make with my grandkids during the holidays.

  237. heather way says

    I love baking gingerbread man cookies with my Daughter and she decorates!

  238. Jessica Miller says

    Sugar Cookies with frosting oh yes!!!!

  239. Sand says

    We love to bake sugar cookies.

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