Kelly Moore Camera Bags Review {$15 Off Discount Coupon}

I love camera bags as you have probably already figured out but it has been awhile since I have gotten so excited about one. When I found out I was going to be able to review a Kelly Moore Bag I was beyond excited and couldn't wait until it was on my doorstep. Lately, I've been doing a lot of airplane traveling and I've been having difficulty finding just the right carry-on bag. Once that wasn't … [Read more...]

JJ Cole Diapers and Wipes Pod Review & Giveaway!

As you know from all my previous reviews of JJ Cole Collections that I absolutely love the brand. With all the products I've reviewed from them there isn't one I don't like, in fact there aren't even any complaints about them either. Do you remember my review of the Mode Tote Diaper Bag? This bag has remained my #1 Diaper Bag through all the bags I've reviewed from all brands. It's not too big, … [Read more...]

JJ Cole Collections Technique Diaper Bag Review & Giveaway!

You've heard me in the past tell you all about my love of JJ Cole Collections. Their designs, patterns, and their diaper bags. Oh their diaper bags. I reviewed their Mode Diaper Bag in the past and even after all my reviews on competitor bags my JJ Cole Collections Diaper Bag always comes out on top. So when offered a chance to review their Technique Diaper Bag how could I say no? Keep track … [Read more...]

Vera Bradley – Metropolitan in Very Berry Paisley Review

It wasn't until this summer that I started my Vera Bradley Collection. I was in Mystic, CT and walked into this small little store and from top to bottom they had an entire wall of Vera Bradley Bags. It was there when I purchased my first bag in the Purple Punch. From there I wanted more. When I went to BlogHer I was super excited when I found out the The Product Review Place had swag bags and the … [Read more...]