The Little Tikes iTikes Piano {Giveaway}

Gavin is my difficult one this year. I really have no clue what we are going to get him. He really has no one big want and we are stumped on things to get for him. He's watched his brother learn how to play both the guitar and the drums and has told us a few times he'd like to learn piano. A family member let us use their big keyboard but I think the size of it was over whelming. When I saw this … [Read more...]

Nomad Brush Giveaway! Long Tip (Original) for iPad & Touchscreen Devices

Isn't it amazing how far technology has come? I love things that are touch screen and I find myself constantly banging on things that aren't touch screen expecting everything to work like my iPad. When I first got my iPad I thought I'd use it for the basic things like email, facebook, and blogging. Instead we've discovered the world of apps and have found so many uses for the iPad we never thought … [Read more...]

The Apple iPad 2

Am I the only one drooling? They announced the iPad 2 yesterday and I was all over it! I have the original iPad. When I first wanted one I gave all these reasons as to why I needed to have one to my Husband. Already owning the iPod touch I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for. I was wrong. I don't use my iPad for any of the reasons I thought I would want it for but I use it all the … [Read more...]

Vera Bradley – Metropolitan in Very Berry Paisley Review

It wasn't until this summer that I started my Vera Bradley Collection. I was in Mystic, CT and walked into this small little store and from top to bottom they had an entire wall of Vera Bradley Bags. It was there when I purchased my first bag in the Purple Punch. From there I wanted more. When I went to BlogHer I was super excited when I found out the The Product Review Place had swag bags and the … [Read more...]

iStyle Originals Fun Tees! Review & Giveaway!

ipad, iphone, ipod- It's all the rage these days. Ask anyone I know (even the kids!) what they have on their Christmas list this year and one of those is on it! Many of us already have some of these and are just extending out our collections. Why not get them a shirt to go with their little obsession? User-friendly, wireless peer-to-peer networking softwear with dynamic real-time text … [Read more...]