Stay Cool this Summer with Refresh by Turning Leaf {Review & Giveaway} #WineOverIce

I'm not a big drinker. However, in the summer I find that on the weekends it's actually nice to put my feet up at the end of a long, hard, hot week and enjoy a nice chilled glass of wine. There's something about taking a moment when the kids are in bed (or better yet a sitter!) and you have a small fire going in the backyard. Just sitting back and putting your feet up and either regrouping with … [Read more...]

Bébé au Lait Chateau Silver Nursing Cover with Lille Hooded Towel {Review & Giveaway}

My sweet little Halli is 4 months old now... See look.... I know right?! Could she be any cuter?!  *sigh.... oh my heart... ANYWAY! I am also ridiculously proud that we have been successfully breastfeeding!   This may not be super exciting to some people, but for me especially this is a HUGE accomplishment.  With my son breastfeeding was rough.  I did not enjoy it at all, he ate all the … [Read more...]

Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bites!

Last week the boys and I went blueberry picking with Grandma and we picked a total of 21 pounds! Thirteen of those were ours and I've been trying to figure out what to do with them since. I've been freezing a ton of them and with my recent addiction to greek yogurt it only made sense. See at first I was throwing a handful in and eating it regularly but then when I pulled out my frozen grapes it … [Read more...]