Mini Babybel Cheese is the Perfect Halloween Snack!

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that everywhere we turn there is chocolate or candy in sight and soon enough we'll have so much candy we won't know what to do with it all. Whenever I can I try to make choices that are fun and tasty but not full of sugar. Mini Babybel® is the perfect solution to that right now! They even come dressed in their favorite Halloween … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Oreo Squares Dessert

Morning around here just got a little better and, well, so did their school lunch dessert. I was looking for some inspiration for a bake sale friendly idea and when I stumbled upon this new cereal, Oreo O's, at my local Shop-Rite. I knew what I wanted to make instantly- Oreo Squares. Of course, I grabbed a couple of boxes so I could hold up my title at home. Ingredients for … [Read more...]

Daring To Run Commando

One of my big goals for 2015 was to shift some of my habits towards a more healthy lifestyle. One of those habits included learning to love to run. I love exercising with my kids in tow- chasing them around the yard, hiking, or going for family walks. Last December, my five year old son, Malone ran a 5k. And when I say ran a 5k, I mean he ran the entire thing at a 12:00 pace and beat 60% of the … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Chicken Nugget Parmesan Ring Recipe

My kids keep complaining that dinner is boring and I don't mix it up enough. I thought I'd try to take some of our favorites and mix them up with some of their favorites and see what I could come up with. Chicken Parm is a big favorite here and so are chicken nuggets so I thought maybe if I could combine them and make a Chicken Nugget Parmesan somehow it would be a big hit. Guess what? It … [Read more...]

New Eric Carle Collection at Gymboree! #WhatDoYouSee

I was provided with compensation from Gymboree as part of my participation in this campaign. It's no secret we LOVE Gymboree here. One way or another Sawyer is wearing something Gymboree! We just love their style and the quality is great! You may have heard but there is a whole new reason to get excited about the collections at Gymboree because now they have an Eric Carle Collection of shirts … [Read more...]

It’s an Unspoken Kinda Normal. #Underwareness #DropYourPants

I was provided with compensation from Depend as part of my participation in this campaign. You know there are things we are told when we are growing up that don't get discussed. We are straight out told not to discuss them because they are considered controversial. There are other things we are told not to discuss because they are rude or impolite. Then there are things that are just never … [Read more...]