Daring To Run Commando

One of my big goals for 2015 was to shift some of my habits towards a more healthy lifestyle. One of those habits included learning to love to run. I love exercising with my kids in tow- chasing them around the yard, hiking, or going for family walks.

Last December, my five year old son, Malone ran a 5k. And when I say ran a 5k, I mean he ran the entire thing at a 12:00 pace and beat 60% of the adults in the race.  At the time, I loved running as much as I love getting a root canal.

But this spring, I started to change my tune a little bit when I started the couch to 5k program. Slowly but surely, I’ve been increasing my distance. I’m not sure if I’ll ever fully make it through the program (week five is so intimidating, I’ve been on it for at least three weeks because of a mental thing). Getting through a mind over matter thing is so tough!

My husband runs marathons and complains often of chaffing. He insists that running commando is the only way to run and suggested I try it too.

running commando
It felt a little weird at first, but I’m slowly getting used to it. He’s right. There is less chaffing involved. AND less laundry. Please don’t mind my face, I was trying to not sneeze.

Thankfully, Cottonelle has a new product that’s perfect for freshening up after a run- CleanRipple® texture in Cottonelle® toilet paper and flushable cleansing cloths.

Go Commando With Cottonelle

The cleansing cloths come in an adorable holder. As a bonus, it totally matches the color of the paint in the bathroom. The CleanRipple® texture of the toilet paper is sturdy and unlike some other brands out there. The cleansing clothes are fresh and convenient. They’ve got use beyond the bathroom too- they’d be great to keep in your car to handle messy summer mishaps with your kids or to keep in your carry on bag while your traveling- I always exit the airplane feeling less than fresh. I think it is because of the stale air.

Go Commando With Cottonelle 2
Are you ready to experience the magic of going commando? You can experience the CleanRipple® texture by receiving a free personalized Go Commando sample kit. Click here to grab yours ASAP! Please note that the free sample quantity is limited, and will be replaced with a coupon once the samples are no longer available.


  1. CR Williams says

    I love using these I wish they would make them in bigger packages.

  2. Julie Wood says

    Are we talking about not wearing underwear? I can not go without underwear on at all. It is not comfortable. I thinkt he Cottenelle products are great and really like using them!

  3. vickie Couturier says

    no,dont think i could go commando,,i can hear my Mom asking me if ive got on holey panties,,god forbid we would be ain a accident and have on holey panties,I can just imagine what she would say to no panties,,im too old to start that ,,ill leave that brave ideal to you younger girls,,

  4. Rust says

    The *magic* of going without underwear? Seriously?

    This has to be one of the most ridiculous marketing efforts I have ever seen. Not sure who they’re trying to appeal to. It makes me think their ad department is filled with teenage girls who have yet to grow up.

  5. Rosie says

    These sound nice to use, although I still wouldn’t use them to go commando. My undies seem to be comfy enough to not worry about it.

  6. nicole dziedzic says

    I actually keep these wipes on the back of the toilet, awesome way to feel refreshed and really clean. Perfect for kids too!

  7. Dandi D says

    It sounds like a good idea, but I don’t know if I could do it.

  8. Janet W. says

    I love the holder that the cleansing cloths come in! I would find so many uses for these!

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