Luma Comfort Air Purifier {Review}

The holiday season brings hot cocoa, cold temperatures, cute boots, Christmas music, and snow if you're lucky(In TX we are NOT lucky, it was 80 degrees today).  This season also brings lots of runny noses, coughs, and sneezing.  We have already had a few colds at our house, thankfully none that have been too unbearable.  I am a pretty big germaphobe.  We hand wash all the time and I love the … [Read more...]

Summer Infant Baby Touch® 2 Digital Color Video Monitor {Review}

It has been really fun seeing the major differences between my two kiddos.  They have such different personalities and temperaments.  Hayden has always been so easy going, and getting him to sleep through the night was a piece of cake.  My sweet and oh so sassy baby girl Halli is an entirely different story.  She is a very needy baby, and good grief does that girl have an opinion.  She is also … [Read more...]

Tommee Tippee Snowflake Bottle & Pacifier Set AND Colour My World Line {Review}

When I was pregnant and looking for which type of bottles we were going to use there was no question we would use Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles.  I really like the compact size and that they are easy to hold.  Even when I could barely hold my head up from extreme sleep exhaustion I have never fumbled or dropped a Tommee Tippee bottle.  Most importantly Halli was exclusively breastfed, but … [Read more...]

Hess Toy Truck and Tractor {Review & #Giveaway} #hesstruck2013

Ever since Hayden could make the noise of a truck he has loved them.  He has been pushing trucks around the floor as long as I can remember.  As he has gotten older he likes the realistic looking ones.  The trucks that in his words:  “that daddy’s drive.”  The noisier and the bigger the truck the better is Hayden's theory. Hess Toy Truck has a new toy truck and tractor for the 2013 holiday … [Read more...]

Citrus Lane {Review} High Quality Children’s Monthly Kits in the Mail!

What if you could give your kids a fun box full of surprises, and with great quality products once every month?  It would be like Christmas all year long right?! Citrus Lane lets you do just that.  You can personalizes a box for your kiddo by telling Citrus Lane their age and then they will pick out the right products for your box.  Citrus Lane has boxes for newborns all the way to 5 years … [Read more...]

Disney’s Mary Poppins on Blu-ray Combo Pack & HD Digital Available Today!

Disney has recently released for the first time on Blu-ray in celebration of its 50th Anniversary the Disney classic Mary Poppins.  Starring Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews in her Academy-Award winning role, Mary Poppins is the perfect movie for your family this holiday season and you will continue to watch it all throughout the year.  There are a few movies I watched as a child that are … [Read more...]

Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer {Review & #Giveaway}

One of my favorite baby essentials is a bouncer.  Both of my babies have liked to sleep at an incline and a bouncer is an easy way to keep them in a semi upright position.  When Hayden was a baby his bouncer was so big and clunky.  It was a pain to take from room to room and I can’t tell you how many times I tripped on the darn thing. Tiny Love has a wonderful new bouncer that Halli and I both … [Read more...]

NCircle Entertainment Holiday DVD Bundle {Review} & FIVE Day #Giveaway!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is all the Christmas movies.  As a kid I remember getting all cozy in my pj's with a yummy Christmas-y snack and watching old school Christmas movies with my family.  I love getting out all the old school claymation movies I grew up watching and enjoy them with my kids now.  But it is also fun finding some new ones as well!  I don't think there is such a … [Read more...]

Posh Play Bib and Diaper Clutch Combo {Review}

When I am out and about with my kids I like products that are quick, easy to use, that will take up the least amount of room in my diaper bag, and will make my life easier.  Is that too much to ask?  Oh and I would like it to be pretty…  Posh Play has fabulous kid and mom friendly products that met all of our needs. All Posh Play products are PVC free and have been designed by a mom, with … [Read more...]