Share Happiness Anytime and Anywhere With A Gynoii Baby Video Monitor & GIVEAWAY!

I absolutely love and cherish those first few days and weeks of a newborn baby. They seem to change so quickly. Even though I am sleep deprived there are sometimes I just like watching my babies sleep. Babies don't stay little for very long and now you can really capture every moment of it, even when they are sleeping. The Gynoii Video monitor is the most amazing baby monitor I have ever seen. … [Read more...]

Summer Infant Baby Touch® 2 Digital Color Video Monitor {Review}

It has been really fun seeing the major differences between my two kiddos.  They have such different personalities and temperaments.  Hayden has always been so easy going, and getting him to sleep through the night was a piece of cake.  My sweet and oh so sassy baby girl Halli is an entirely different story.  She is a very needy baby, and good grief does that girl have an opinion.  She is also … [Read more...]

Summer Infant – Exceptional Baby Products! Day&Night® Flat Screen Color Video Monitor! Review & Giveaway! {closed}

Summer Infant is a company that specializes in superior baby & children's products! They carry everything from baby gear, feeding products, nursery furniture and so much more! If you're an expecting mom or looking for your next baby shower gift Summer Infant can provide you with an amazing selection of products sure to make your lives easier and more enjoyable.Natures Purest® Sleepy Safari - … [Read more...]

EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor Review & Giveaway!!!

There he goes, tugging at his ear again. I wonder if it's bothering him. I wonder if he has another ear infection. I wonder if it's just fluid. I wonder if I should bring him to the Dr.'s office. I wonder if I have the $20 for the copay.Does all this sound all to familiar? That's because we all know the importance of treating ear infections, but with kids it's not always easy for them to express … [Read more...]