Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness: My Story {Megan}


I was so naïve.  I was so unaware of how common miscarriage was.  I knew a few people that had miscarried and I was sad for them, but I couldn’t imagine what that loss was like.  I never thought it would happen to me.  1 in 4 women miscarry, and in between Hayden and Halli I would be the 1.  I have been running the idea of sharing my story for months.  What to share, what to leave out?  Do I … [Read more...]

Pregnant? Put together your tool kit now! #DulcoEasePink


My first pregnancy was prefect. I didn't ache, I didn't have discomfort, nothing. Then my second pregnancy came and it was harder in so many ways. I had started off heavier, older, and the baby had his own list of issues. By the time my third pregnancy rolled around I knew that I couldn't base one pregnancy off another. When you first realize you're pregnant I strongly recommend doing some … [Read more...]

Pregnancy: Push Presents


I have to be honest that this is a concept that is completely foreign to me. The idea of a push present when I had Johnny back in 2000 the idea of a push present was unheard of. To my knowledge I didn't hear anything about them in 2006 when I had Gavin either. Lately though it's all I'm hearing about. I've even had a few people ask me what I'm asking for as a push present on my facebook … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks {VBAC, C Section, Gestational Diabetes}


32 Weeks! Well, 32 weeks 5 days to be exact! Where has the time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday I was sharing with you my positive pee sticks and still in complete denial. Now, I only have a couple of weeks left. Both my boys were born at 36 weeks so I'm desperately trying to be ready by then, but at the same time I don't want to focus on the beginning of March when I'm not due until … [Read more...]

Hospital Bag – Packing Your Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery!


The hospital bag can be so overwhelming. While some of us plan to spend less than a day in the hospital others need to plan for up to five days. Regardless of what your birthing plan is you need to remember that things happen and sometimes no matter how much planning you do things happen. Your 24-hour pit stops to have a baby could turn into a week-long event. After having a breech baby who … [Read more...]

Dealing with Gender Disappointment


I wrote this post the week I found out the gender of this baby. I wrote it without the intentions of publishing it. Then last night I sat at Gavin's boys only tumbling class and looked around. I was surrounded in a sea of adorable little girls in leotards. His class had only 6 boys in it but the building was filled with hundreds of little girls. It's a stadium set up and we sit on a platform … [Read more...]

Baby Names, Back Aches, and Third Trimester!


I feel like just yesterday I was coming here and announcing the fact I was preggers! Now I'm almost 29 weeks in and can't believe the end of this pregnancy journey is almost over. Both boys were born at 36 weeks. Johnny was determined to come and Gavin came for safety reasons because of his brothers determination. As of now they said they will let me go as far as 41 weeks before I'll have to have … [Read more...]

Another Undocumented Newborn {Pregnancy Update & Pic}


Why must we have to name our children? It is such a big responsibility and one that, well, is too much for me and my husband. You would think finding a name for a child should come easy but we just find it to be such a difficult process. We want names that aren't bouncing off the wall with uniqueness but at the same time aren't a dime a dozen. I grew up as a Jennifer in the 80's & 90's. There … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – 16 Foot Christmas Tree & 24 Week Prego Pic! #Linky


I can't believe what little time we have until Christmas is here. So much to do and such little time! Every Monday the boys and I go to my Dad's for dinner and my step-brother and his girlfriend generally join us up there as well. Last week we about fell over in awe when we saw that he managed to top last year's 14 foot tree with a SIXTEEN foot tree! Of course before I left my step mother … [Read more...]