Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks {VBAC, C Section, Gestational Diabetes}

32 Weeks! Well, 32 weeks 5 days to be exact!

Where has the time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday I was sharing with you my positive pee sticks and still in complete denial. Now, I only have a couple of weeks left. Both my boys were born at 36 weeks so I’m desperately trying to be ready by then, but at the same time I don’t want to focus on the beginning of March when I’m not due until the 29th as it will make a really long month for me.

As you know I failed my gestation diabetes test. It was a week and a half before Christmas when they called to tell me but there was no way I was going to be able to drop what I was doing and sit in my Dr. office and read magazines while they poked me on the hour every hour. The week after the boys were on vacation and if I didn’t want to sit there I knew they wouldn’t. Unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to leave where I go and that made it all that much harder. I scheduled it the first week they went back to school and we had a snow delay. Rescheduled two more times and wouldn’t ya know- two more snow delays. So, one of my Dr’s recommended I do an A1C test which was actually recommended by another blogger, Jenna @ For the Love of Baby. I haven’t heard anything from my Dr. so I’m figuring everything is fine this time because I never heard anything back.

The 3 hour test I hear was horrid. Not just trying to fit it in to the schedule but I had mom’s messaging me letting me know how sick they felt for days afterwards. I was so glad to be able to take the A1C. I didn’t fast and actually had the same routine I had the first time around. Of course had I failed I would have been prepared to take the three hour. Having not heard back I think I’m safe.

At this point I’m aiming for my VBAC. I’m going in as one of those moms who doesn’t have any real set plans. Sawyer will come when he’s ready (I hope) and if not I have a c-section scheduled for 4/2. They won’t allow me to go any farther then that and because of my previous history I can’t be induced. So I’m so hoping that Sawyer comes far before that is needed.

Friday we have an ultrasound scheduled. They think he’s measuring a little big and want to confirm his size. They also want to check in on his position. We know he can still change but with a previous breech baby who locked in at 32 weeks it can give us a standing point. I can’t wait to see him again.


  1. Getting close! I’m sure the no news is good news on the diabetes test – great news! I’m jealous you have an ultrasound this week. Hope you’re feeling well!

  2. simone says

    We went full term with Max, so I’m stuck waiting another month after yours. Passed the 3 hr, but honestly it didn’t bother me any worse than the 1 except for the increase in needle sticks. Crossing my fingers Sawyer is within range weight wise and no gest diabetes!


  3. Becca says

    I hope you get your VBAC! I’m hoping for one next time, too. That 3 hour GD test is AWFUL. Hopefully you are in the clear.

  4. Jenny says

    The A1C is good, as it can tell your levels over the last few months. You are getting so close!

  5. Kristie Belding says

    Congratulations! I remember being that far along, but my front was boxy…envy’d the lower rounded belly. Our daughter came out naturally at 9.5lbs and had to be kicked out. I swear she drank me like a juice box and was putting up curtains for an extended stay!

  6. Glad to read the A1C came out ok. A Vbac scares me but it has been 5 years so that is a big plus! My daughter’s children were all 2 years apart so she chose the numerous c-sections. You shouldn’t have long now as it is already 3/10. Congrats again!
    Gladys P

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