Pregnancy: Push Presents

I have to be honest that this is a concept that is completely foreign to me. The idea of a push present when I had Johnny back in 2000 the idea of a push present was unheard of. To my knowledge I didn’t hear anything about them in 2006 when I had Gavin either. Lately though it’s all I’m hearing about. I’ve even had a few people ask me what I’m asking for as a push present on my facebook page.

What is a Push Present?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
A push present (also known as a “push gift” or “baby bauble”) is a present a new father gives a new mother when she gives birth to their child. In practice the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room. The giving of push presents has supposedly grown in the United States in recent years.

I don’t know I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of getting a gift just for having a baby by the baby’s father is ridiculous to me. Isn’t a beautiful, healthy baby gift enough?

Why do we need additional gifts? The gifts I’m reading about aren’t small gifts either! They are talking Tiffany diamonds, tropical vacations, and lavish expensive gifts. Are we really about materializing even the most precious of life’s real gifts?

Am I the only one who feels this way?
If you received a push present why did you feel it was needed?


  1. I think I saw those mentioned on one of the Housewives shows and I thought, oh my gosh, how entitled are these people? I think the concept is pretty absurd!

  2. It does seem odd to me to have something maybe persay as a specific “push present” from a spouse but I guess technically I received a push present from my Mom when Kelsie was born. It was technically going to be my birthday present but she joked that if I had baby by such and such time, she’s buy me concert tickets I desperately wanted.

  3. Victoria says

    I didnt get a push present when i had either or my kids nor did i want one. i just don’t under stand why someone would want to get a gift for having a baby. I love my children and what i wanted was to hold them in my arms not some diamond bracelet. it just seems un real to me that some people go out and get these things for their wifes, parters, girlfriends, baby mama ect. If i would have been giving something i most likely wouldnt have accepted it because the money that could have been spent of the baby was spent on a un needed gift. A friend of mine when she has her last child her husband went out a bought her a new car, and it wasnt because they didnt have one it was because she told him she wanted that as her push present. and the way i look at it my Children are my push presents.

  4. Jenny says

    I agree that is kind of odd. The present should be the new baby!

  5. While the gift isn’t necessary, it certainly is a nice thought, especially after the pain and work involved in delivering a man’s child. I would have loved a push present but I didn’t expect one either. I did however get a nice bouquet of roses after the kids were born so that was nice.

  6. To me it’s as silly as getting your bride or groom a gift before/during/after the wedding. The wedding is the gift – and it costs enough itself, and it special enough in itself. The RING and the Honeymoon are the gift!

    The baby thing I could see in other countries maybe – like Ukraine for instance, the husbands are not allowed into the hospital -at all- while mom is in birth or recovering. They wrap the baby up in a blanket and a bow (blue or pink) and then the father ‘unwraps’ his gift – the child. So, if they were a family with money (which most in those countries) are not – maybe the husband would get a gift for his wife as well to unwrap? I duno, still seems silly.

  7. Eileen says

    I have never heard them called Push Presents, but I have had friends and family who might wish for something nice from their hubby. I don’t see this any different than having husband and wife get each other a wedding gift beforehand. And with that the marriage is also such a wonderful gift. My husband and I were pretty poor at the time, (still are, LOL) but we did exchange beautiful watches the day before.

    I think the best gift to give a mom for withstanding the pains, the morning sickness, the headaches and backaches and sometimes ending in Csection, is some small trinket to just feel validated for putting our bodies through hell, but to also just have something special to REMEMBER it all. It IS a wonderful, beautiful moment in time! I always wanted a pair of earrings or a pendant or some form of birthstone for each little one, and wanted to be able to gift these to THEM or their wife someday as a remembrance of what a gift they each really ARE. Not so much a Push Present, but just a thoughtful gift. ( I did not get my wish though..LOL) Let’s face it, hubbies do go through emotional worry and they are much more present and involved these days, but they dont have to go through all the physical, hormone and emotional hell we do. If they don’t feel the need to gift their wives or girlfriends, I do think it is a wonderful idea to commemorate what just HAPPENED to each mommy. My daughter just gave birth as a first time mom, and I had purchased a simple heart pendant ahead of delivery, with a mother inscription on it. She wears it all the time and know she will keep it forever. It cost less than $50 and meant the world to her. I think most could afford at least something and better this than flowers that many husband’s used to do. Push Present? Maybe not call it that, but it is nice idea to be pampered a LITTLE for what we have to go through.

  8. Charity says

    I couldn’t agree more! RIDICULOUS! But I’m also the girl that doesn’t believe in giving your husband/wife a gift on your wedding day. Aren’t you already spending enough money!?!?! I just think our society has become OBSESSED with the material things. Gift-giving is OUT OF HAND! My “push present” was my first-born son being well cared for while I was on bedrest & a house that was still standing when I came home & I gave birth to QUADRUPLETS! ha!

  9. My husband gave me a gift when my son was born. It was a simple silver necklace with his birthstone. It was nothing big, but something meaningful. My MIL told me that my FIL gave her gifts with each of her 5 births. Started strong with perfume and by the last 2 it was simple flowers. I think its a nice gestures, but not something to expect or go crazy on. I also got my husband a few cute daddy board books as a gift when my son was born. Then he had special books to read with him.

  10. Leann L says

    When I had our son, my husband got me a really nice white gold necklace with our son’s birthstone & diamonds in it & it means alot to me.

  11. I’m not necessarily for or against the idea. I first heard about it on a Housewives show and it seems they were more interested in the gift than the kid. I don’t think anyone should feel obligated to buy a push present, especially an expesive one, but the gesture is nice if the person wants to do it.

  12. Katy M says

    I think these moms and dads know the child is the true gift. If not, then that’s the real issue here.

    A nice and thoughtful gift to commemorate a special event in life is sweet, and should always be accepted gratefully.

    On the other hand, expecting anything material from someone else is just bad manners. 🙂

  13. Niah says

    My push presents were necklaces with the birthstone of the baby. I didn’t “need” one but at the end of pregnancy when I was tired and sore and my body had stretched to new widths I enjoyed having a small token that showed that my husband appreciated me carrying his child, still loved me and found me beautiful at my new size and was excited himself to have a new baby.

    You say it is a new trend, but my mom got a similar type of small gift 35 years ago when she had each of us 5 kids.

  14. bonnie says

    I have never heard of this, but I love the idea… I mean after all it is the MOM who is doing all the work so why not give her a little bauble to let her know all her hard work is so appreciated. After all friends and family send flowers to the MOM and give the baby new clothes and needed baby items.

  15. Maria W says

    I got a lovely gift, a push prize if you will, after the birth of my son. I love it and will give it to his wife, or daughter someday. The child is certainly the gift, but having something you can pass down to them commemorating that special day is nice too.

  16. Lyn says

    I don’t get them either. Women gave birth by pushing babies out for generations and all without Getting specials gifts. Now just because a mom gives birth vaginally (naturally) they get some fancy gift? Why? I sort of think it is also mostly done by celebs and such. Hearing of it more in the real world just blows my mind. I had two kids naturally no pains meds nothing and no push prize either. Well I lie. I did get push prizes…MY CHILDREN.

  17. Kelly says

    I have had 3 kids and I never heard of this and I think it’s ridicilous. I would never expect my hubby to buy me something materialistic for having our child. Isn’t that like being bought off to bring a baby into this world? I’m sorry but what does this say for the mom that would even expect this, cold and very shallow woman.

  18. I’m with ya! I’m about to push out baby #5 and that baby is my gift! I certainly do not need a material gift!

  19. Sarah says

    I typed Blue+Baby+Present: looking for a stock image. Then fell across this blog… Because the line that showed up was/ that I read:” I don’t know I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of getting a gift just for having a baby by the baby’s father is ridiculous to me. ”
    Sooo, me being completely confused had to take a look at the blog.
    1) I think people give gifts because they CARE: normally! (OR abnormally they are trying to suck up for some reason: Being job associates/boss, Family members)
    2.) I dont understand “having a baby by the baby’s father”? … Am I missing something because I think a Father deserves a gift just as much as a mother: It is THEIR child… right? What is the difference?
    3.) Maybe Im just confused because I have never heard of a “push present” (I live in western NY)< But it kinda sounds like… You did well pushing… wow you are great… must have sucked… here is a present for your pain?. (lol)
    4.) People that give extravagant gifts / Normally live an extravagant lifestyle. Hell: whats wrong with people showing they appreciate you?… If its a huge diamond or a handmade card: shouldn't they both be considered equal? The real GIFT from someone: isnt the choice of gifts- But the reason behind giving the gift. 🙂

    I think overall be grateful and loving and appreciate people for trying to show you they care… If by any gift (Birthday, Christmas… or even PUSH). I think most gifts come from genuine love/care. No reason to analyze the gift… Just say "Thank you"… or a Vaccation Getaway … maybe say "THANK YOU!!!!!." (lol)

  20. Sarah says

    I just read some of the above comments… I think Im looking at this at a different angle. After I’ve had baby’s (4) people come in to see the baby with a balloon… or teddy bear. I dont think they were giving because…”push”… I thought because they care for the new baby and the family. There isnt anything wrong with giving!?

    Obviously Anyone having a baby… to get a “push” aka balloon!…/present… well thats just absurd! No one does that! I couldnt even try to comprehend that! lol. And I would hope people have a baby because they care for the baby!… Who would just want a present… lol… I really think you are OVER-analyzing. People say “push” or give a gift… just because ~Its a baby~ Say “Push” or Say “Welcome little One”… I think are what most people do. I would always give a gift< walking into anyones birth room… I thought that was "normal" lol- not "push". I thought that was called "humanity" hahaha

    • Jennifer says

      A push present is given to the mother from the FATHER. Not just anyone. I’m not over analyzing at all. For instance see this site:

  21. Miranda V says

    I had never heard the term of a “push present” before but I do think it would be nice to receive some sort of sentimental gift from my husband. Perhaps a little pendant or something small I could wear memorializing the moment. When we got married my husband didn’t know about gifting something to each other so while he got the nice new watch he had been wanting, I got nothing. It has made that watch more important to him since he received it on our wedding day. I at least have my wedding ring that I love to look down at so that makes up for it. 🙂

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