Have you tried Walmart Great Value Naturals?

Ugh. It was just a little over a week now when the flu hit me and knocked me down. One minute I was up and the next I was down. Down so hard it hurt to lift my own head. Do you know what happens when a work at home mom who takes care of it all goes down? You get a very dirty house. My hubby tried to help the best he could but it wasn't easy. Around the one week mark I was finally feeling a … [Read more...]

NEW! Free & Clear Baby Wipes from Seventh Generation {Review & Giveaway}

When you are planning the arrival of baby we research everything. Especially this last time. I looked into everything. Except wipes. I had looked into diapers, detergents, and even lotions and creams. So why when researching everything that would touch my precious baby's skin did I not research wipes. I've bought the so called sensitive wipes. They are supposed to be easy on the skin and … [Read more...]

Win a $50 Walgreen’s Gift Card from Flatout Flatbreads #FlatoutHot

On my last trip to Walgreens I grabbed a few groceries which was great since it turned my two trips into one. I was able to get everything from cheese, bread, yogurt, and even beverages. Since they had just come out with the new Flatout Flatbreads that I shared with you last week I've been messing around with all the different ways I can use them since. I love that they come in so many … [Read more...]

Tween Academy #DontFretTheSweat [Join Me!]

This year Johnny turns 11. He's in the 5th grade. That alone should tell you where we are with the dramatics. Everything is becoming a big deal. Last year was the beginning of the changes but this year it's on and it's strong. I try to do all I can to be support and help him realize and distinguish the things that are important and the ones that he shouldn't bother with. It's the first year in … [Read more...]