NEW! Free & Clear Baby Wipes from Seventh Generation {Review & Giveaway}

When you are planning the arrival of baby we research everything. Especially this last time. I looked into everything. Except wipes. I had looked into diapers, detergents, and even lotions and creams. So why when researching everything that would touch my precious baby's skin did I not research wipes. I've bought the so called sensitive wipes. They are supposed to be easy on the skin and … [Read more...]

Protecting my Family from the Cold and Flu with Seventh Generation

The last thing we want is for our little baby to get a cold, let alone the flu!  We  make sure she has her shots, but unfortunately she cannot get the flu shot until she's 6 months.  With that said we have to do everything we can to make sure our home is germ free!  A new baby and those pesky flu germs just don't mix.  So I'm being proactive this year with Seventh Generation.  I'm armed with hand … [Read more...]

Seventh Generation – Keep Sick Days To A Minimum – Prize Pack Review & Giveaway!

Germs. When you have kids they are everywhere. Why would you use harsh chemicals to clean up or disguise whats there? Seventh Generation has ways to keep your family germ free and chemical free!The Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Paper Towels were my favorite! Not only do I like the off brown color from not being bleached. They are just as effective as any other paper towel but these are 100% … [Read more...]