NEW! Free & Clear Baby Wipes from Seventh Generation {Review & Giveaway}


When you are planning the arrival of baby we research everything. Especially this last time. I looked into everything. Except wipes. I had looked into diapers, detergents, and even lotions and creams. So why when researching everything that would touch my precious baby’s skin did I not research wipes.

Free & Clear Baby Wipes from Seventh Generation b

I’ve bought the so called sensitive wipes. They are supposed to be easy on the skin and gentle. Honestly, until I tried these I thought they were.  Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes are just that- free & clear. Free & Clear of fragrances and dyes. Free & Clear of parabens and pthalates. They are hypoallergenic and made with renewable resources.

Sensitive little bottoms demand extra TLC at changing time. New and improved Free & Clear Baby Wipes combine gentle, cloth-like performance with the thickness you need to wipe away little (and big) messes. As always, our baby wipes are free of alcohol, dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens and phthalates. Keep a spare pack handy for clean-up on the go. You’ll love the way the generously sized wipes handle meal-time spills, grubby hands, muddy feet and everything in-between!

free & clear Seventh Generation baby

Don’t let that fool you though. These wipes are tough. They stay wet. They do the job. In fact, they’ve done every job I’ve thrown at them. They’ve wipes down dirty bottoms but they’ve also wiped down dirty faces, dirty hands, dirty strollers, well anything and everything dirty that has needed wiping down. They are tough enough to do it all yet still soft enough for the day you welcome your little one into the world.

Free & Clear Baby Wipes from Seventh Generation a

One of the things I really like about these wipes is that they really are free of all things stinky and sticky. I hate how it feels when you wipe your hands with a regular wipes. You end up still wishing you had access to water because it leaves a film on your hand. I also like knowing it doesn’t do that to my son’s face and leave that taste on his lips. These wipes are thick and soft and well, our new brand of wipes.

Seventh Generation baby wipes

I know you want to give these awesome wipes, how about a box full!

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  1. Olivia Douglass says

    Have all of your baby stuff in one place, easily accessible so when you need to clean up a ‘mess’ you know where to go! Also, couponing offers great opportunities to stock up on baby essentials!

  2. amy rouse says

    Enjoy them while you can!!! That’s the BEST baby care tip. Because before you know it, they’ll be 30.

    Oh, and don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ll never remember if they had on matching jeans/tshirt/shoes, etc ten years from now.

  3. Crystal Brashear says

    Hold them while can!

  4. Jessie T-B says

    Try to be calm as much as possible. Getting worked up never is helpful. If you are calm, you can think clearly about how to deal with unexpected situations. And it transfers calmness to the baby too!

  5. Amanda Hoffman says

    my tip is baby proof . anything down low and also anything a little high my son always reaches for stuff so were always baby proofing.

  6. Cindi says

    Enjoy and accept your child….always. Set your home and their life up to be safe so you can relax knowng the really dangerous accidents aren’t going to happen on your watch!

  7. Jessica S says

    Baby proof & keep wipes everywhere, they come in handy 🙂

  8. I was thinking of making my own wipes but haven’t done it yet. I wonder how the two would compare.

  9. DebbieKL says

    Sleep when you can!

  10. Cassandra Eastman says

    Get your rest, and enjoy every moment while it last!

  11. Kim Pollock says

    I love using coconut oil on their skin, for rashes or moisture.

  12. Erin R. says

    Use a good moisturizing lotion for your baby’s skin

  13. Jen says

    I say always pack two changes of clothes!

  14. Lori Thomas says

    Enjoy them, they grow up so fast. Make lots of memories.

  15. Rebecca Orr says

    Keep a small diaper station in your bedroom and the living room. Not just in the babies room. It is really handy to to have a stash of diapers and wipes and other related items at your side where ever you happen to be in the house when a stinky diaper happens. Especially if the babies room is upstairs and you are downstairs….it is a real pain to have to climb stairs just to change a diaper!!

  16. Jenny Sims says

    Always carry a spare set of clothing. Always. Even for the quickest trips.

  17. susan h says

    Don’t take everything so seriously. Have a sense of humor.

  18. Andrea says

    Never leave home without an extra pacifier. It can be a lifesaver!

  19. Jen says

    Buy a few extra loveys (baby’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket) while you can find them!

  20. nancy says

    Use diaper cream around the neck, under arms, or in any creases to avoid skin breakdown.


  21. simone t says

    Keep Lotrimin around for the diaper rashes that don’t go away with normal treatments.

  22. Tina says


  23. Colleen Maurina says

    Use a natural all in one body wash/shampoo for your baby. It’s so much easier!

  24. shelly peterson says

    always remember to have patience and enjoy them the best you can because they grow so fast

  25. Tyanne Lowe says

    I would love to try these! Thanks!

  26. Baby (or mommy) care tip- sleep when your baby does, if at all possible! It will make baby and mommy happier.

  27. Cynthia R says

    take lots of pictures, and let some of your housecleaning standards go, its not worth stressing about

  28. Jolene says

    Always have a favorite toy on hand, and don’t stress out- it just stresses them out and makes for a crabby baby!
    taznjade at gmail dot com

  29. Kim says

    soak up every moment!! even the gross ones!

  30. vickie couturier says

    sometimes is good to let the baby air dry

  31. Andrea H says

    Enjoy the babies while they are still babies! Time flies!

  32. Beth says

    I’m due next month with my first, so I don’t have any tips, but would love to win these!

  33. Liz says

    Keep a change of clothes and a diaper & wipes in the car at all times!

  34. Lilia Kharabora says

    Breast feed is you can!

  35. Kristi P says

    I followed the boy scout motto – always be prepared. When I didn’t have the extra supplies was always when I needed them!

  36. Rachel C says

    Keep a change of clothes in the diaper bag – for YOU!

  37. Jennifer T. says

    Find an intriguing toy that keeps the baby’s interest and only bring it out at diaper changes–helps to keep him/her still.

  38. Laura Brooks says

    The best diaper rash medicine around is “Corona” (not the beer!). It is purchased in the horse care section of your local feed store or even Walmart. Works like a charm!

  39. Plan ahead and be ready for anything

  40. Addison Kat says

    My baby care tip is to just go with it and try not to control everything.

  41. Vanessa Coker says

    Relax and let them explore 🙂 and also, using oatmeal in their bath water when they get bad diaper rashes.

  42. clarissa says

    when washing a small infant skip the washcloth and use your hand to lather them and rinse. They will enjoy the skin to skin contact

  43. Terra Leigh's M. says

    Amber teething necklaces work wonders! Nothing seemed to help my daughter when she was teething, until I got her one. She wore it as a necklace most of the time, while attended by me, but during playtime, when I wasn’t right there, I would wrap it around her ankle. I didn’t need to give her tylenol or teething tablets after using it!

  44. April V says

    Rub baby oil on baby’s head to help with cradle cap.

  45. Laurel says

    Using coconut oil as a moisturizer or as a diaper rash ointment on your baby works wonderfully. Smells great too!

  46. Amanda Alvarado says

    Don’t bathe your baby every day! It will dry out their skin! Instead just use a wet washcloth to wipe them down.

  47. Sabrina Radke says

    Definitely apply lotion twice a day, babies lose moisture faster than adults!

  48. Keep Q-tips around – they have so many uses!

  49. Nori S says

    The dishes and laundry can wait. Enjoy your baby because they grow up too quickly.

  50. latanya says

    always carry an extra set or two of clothes with you

  51. Evelyn says

    Taking time out for yourself makes you a happier mother

  52. Nap when baby naps

  53. JLin says

    Put on lotion all over body after bath

  54. Melissa says

    Don’t feel guilty doing something special for yourself now and again. Happy Mama= happy baby

  55. nannypanpan says

    don’t give up on getting them to sleep in their crib…they WILL get used to it

  56. LANA says

    always keep extra tylenol or advil never know when fever still start

  57. Kelly B. says

    Don’t bathe your baby every night. It could dry out their skin.

  58. Mel says

    Leave a nursing tank near the crib so your baby smells you and feels comforted at night.

  59. Joanne Gregory says

    Keep smiling!

  60. Make baths FAST!

  61. Priscilla Benavides says

    Always have the wipes ready before starting to change a baby!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  62. Jessica says

    Always pack extra wipes and a change of clothes

  63. Katy P says

    Use cornstarch when changing diapers

  64. Nancy P says

    You don’t need a wipes warmer or a diaper genie… Save your money!

  65. Samantha R says

    Make sure you use wipes with some sort of ridge or groove in them helps get dried poop off of babies but without irritating skin.

  66. Kristina says

    Earth Mama Angel Baby Baby Bottom Balm is amazing. 🙂

  67. Noemi says

    This can save money on buying face/hand wipes

  68. Melissa M says

    Wipes arent just used for the butt 🙂

  69. Linda says

    These are WONDERFUL especially after meal time 😉

  70. Baby wipes also get out deodorant stains from shirts.

  71. Robyn Galloway says

    Muslim swaddling blankets, hands down a must have baby item!

  72. Deborah Mireles says

    We use cream on my grandaughter with each soiled diaper change and she has never had any rump rash or irritation.

  73. Mendy Dinsmore says

    breast feeding is always good for babies

  74. Carmen says

    Don’t think that babies have to be perfectly clean at all times – too much cleaning can be just as bad; drying their skin, making diaper rash worse with over-cleaning, etc.

  75. sylvia says

    trying a different diaper may help with diaper rash. we started using one brand and switched after my baby’s bottom got a pretty good diaper rash; the rash started to clear up with the new diaper.

  76. Tina Bartunek says

    Always carry baby wipes and extra clothes.

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