Back to School with POLLY-O/Kraft and Crayola Big Prize Pack Giveaway! #KRAFTStringCheeseB2S

Can you believe it is September already? My boys still haven't started school yet and I swear they are the last ones to return. Gavin is less then thrilled about school lunch so we make sure to pack him a lunch he can bring in each day. I like making sure he has healthy options that are easy to eat and mess free.  We love including cheese sticks and with POLLY-O there are FOUR varieties that make … [Read more...]

Crayola Summer Fun Spark #MyBlogSpark {Crayola Giveaway}

We are a Crayola house here. Big time. Gavin is our little artist and he can't get his hands on enough art supplies- ever. We've tried competitor brands to save a buck here and there but it seems when we do the quality just goes right out the door. Even Gavin now knows which brand he prefers and as a mom I have no problem spending a little more to get quality that is far above and beyond all … [Read more...]

“Inside the Crayon Box” from Crayola Easter Fun Giveaway!

We all know what a budding artist Gavin is. If you asked me to name the date he last DIDN'T pick up a crayon or marker I honestly couldn't give you one. He thrives on art and being able to express himself through it. He'll often share the stories of what he's going through by drawing them and finds it easier to explain himself at times through it as well. We love all products Crayola. They are … [Read more...]

Girls Night Out! Twitter Style Again! Plus, a Crayola Creative Pack Giveaway! {CLOSED}

This is the final night to get into the Girls Night Out (GNO) so if you haven't tried it out yet make sure you do!Remember these are the rules:Every Sunday through Tuesday, you can RSVP for the party by clicking on the RSVP post on MomItForward.comThere, you can include your Twitter URL in the link list and see the list of other #gno galsIf Mr. Linky is not showing up, go ahead and leave your … [Read more...]

Girls Night Out! Twitter Style! Plus, a Crayola Creative Pack Giveaway! {CLOSED}

My Blog Spark let me know all about GNO otherwise known as Girls Night Out! For the next few weeks Crayola and MomItForward are putting on some special back to school nights!"Starting July 28 and every Tuesday night through the month of August, Crayola is sponsoring "Girls Night Out" on Twitter - the mommy social gathering featuring colorful and engaging discussions on all things back-to-school. … [Read more...]