{Wordful Wednesday} Halloween Decor

I have been chasing my own tail since the birth of Sawyer. I’m finally starting to catch up both at home and here on my blog. Today I got part of a review in. As I opened it up and set it all up I realized I was also behind in pulling out my holiday decor. Isn’t it pretty?

So down into the basement I went to get both my autumn and Halloween decor.

I still have some more decorating to do before I can share it all with you but for some odd reason decorating my home makes me all happy. Now, I gotta go I have some spiders to put on my windows…

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  1. So pretty! I love the fall season!

    My Organized Chaos

  2. Love those place settings! I need to get seasonal place settings like that!

    • Jennifer says

      I got them from Walmart last year! It’s the Better Homes series. I saw some of the pieces were back again this year.

  3. I LOVE that Eyeball Hurricane!! And I LOVE fall decorations!! I can’t wait to pull mine out next week!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful!
    Makes me want to run downstairs and snatch up our Fall decorations πŸ™‚

  5. Jenny says

    So fun! I can’t wait to get our Halloween stuff out. I’ll have to do so this week!

  6. Love the decor you have out so far! I also decorated for fall this week – it’s my favorite time of year!!

  7. Yep, this is definitely my time of year. I love fall and I love, love all the holidays! I love your place settings. Do you not sit there to eat? I wouldn’t it looks to pretty I’d tell hubby he’ll have to eat at his desk like he always does. hahahahaha Thanks for sharing.

    • Jennifer says

      I actually take it all off when it’s time to eat and then reset it after we’re done eating. A little bit of work but I love walking by it all set up and pretty looking.

  8. We still have to put up decor to! Your stuff looks great!

  9. Cute decorations! I really love your table decor.

  10. I love that you go all out with the decorations. Halloween is one we just don’t do much for except some pumpkins and gourds outside. Inside, decorating is impossible with kids that won’t keep their hands off of stuff.

  11. Amanda says

    I really wish I was better with seasonal decor. I keep saying I will do it and then I get busy….

  12. Cathi says

    Now I’m even more excited for Halloween!! πŸ˜‰

  13. Mimi says

    You know, I just don’t have very much fall stuff, but that dining room set looks beautiful! That candle is adorable! Did you find any spiders?

  14. Lolo says

    I need to whip out my box of fall decor too!

  15. Love, love, love decorating my house for the holidays…looks like you’re off to a gorgeous start!

  16. Rosey says

    That place setting is fab for the season!! You do nice work. πŸ™‚

  17. That table setting is beautiful. You’ve got quite the haul in decorations!

  18. Dee says

    Can’t wait to see it! I put all of my fall boxes on my front porch as we were moving this weekend and I’m gonna decorate today/tomorrow after I cut the grass and paint my post for our new mailbox. I have about 6 HUGE boxes worth and can’t remember what half of it is so I’m ready to dig in!

  19. Rob says

    I like your decorations. We used to decorate for Halloween but haven’t done so in the last few years. I think we save all of our decorating for once a year at Christmas. LOL.

    Happy WW!

  20. I got a few items out, but need to get going on the rest!

  21. Beth says

    NICE! πŸ™‚ This reminds me that my fall decor needs to be pulled from the shed. πŸ™‚

  22. Amy says

    Love all the decorations. I have to get mine up!!

  23. Oh I love it – especially your table! It’s so pretty, Jennifer. I wish I was more of a decorator, like you!

  24. Carolyn G says

    You need to come and do my house!! I can’t wait to see pics of the finished decor!

  25. Your tablescape is beautiful! I love those leaf placemats! I wish I could find some motivation for decorating but it just isn’t there these days, my house is too cramped!

  26. Your table setting is SO pretty! I wish I had more fall decorations but we just don’t have a lot of storage room. Dare to dream, right?

  27. I am SO bad about holiday decor. I’ll go to the extent of…picking up a few pumpkins but that’s it! πŸ™‚

  28. I love your table! I wish my husband would appreciate decoration for the holidays, he thinks it is a waste lol!

  29. Katie says

    that looks great! I need to get my Halloween stuff up this weekend!

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