Carolina Pad – All New TranZend Everyday Tote Bags! Review & Giveaway!

Carolina Pad is one of those products that you love from the moment you spot them. They have great style and fit all your practical needs at the same time. They are convenient to find in many stores and are priced incredibly reasonable.So when I was asked to be one of the first people to review and see Carolina Pad's All New Bag Collection called Studio C I was quickly on board. Beginning today … [Read more...]

Puddle Gear – Children’s Abeko Rain Gear that’s PVC Free! Review!

My husband loves to go fishing. Especially in the early hours on his weekends off in the summer. His favorite is when it's misting and damp. My 9 year old son loves to go with him. Sadly, my husband always had a rain suit but I could never find one for my son so he couldn't join him on these mornings.I searched high and low for some great raingear for older children but all I could find were adult … [Read more...]

FoldTuk Bakeware – Review & Giveaway

Do you enjoy camping? Do you have limited space in your kitchen? I have the answer for you. FoldTuk is the new innovative collapsible bakeware. This bakeware will let you make so much more of your limited space. FoldTuk is not only space saving but it will save you so much more like dishes, money, and time. Do you know you can take this bakeware from freezer to oven. I don't know any other … [Read more...]

Baby BanZ – The Ultimate In Children’s Sun Protection – Swimwear & Sunglasses Review & Giveaway!

I love Baby Banz. They protect my children and let us enjoy all the opportunities that summer throws at us! They have full lines of sunglasses, swimwear, and hats as well as other protective wear too! They have sizes from infant up to around 10 years old! They even have a selection of Earmuffs, just like the ones Super Bowl Winning Quarterback had on his son!For the first time we were able to try … [Read more...]

Vtech KidiZoom Plus Digital Kids Camera – Review & Giveaway!

My kids are always trying to get their hands on my cameras. Always. Of course my cameras aren't the cheapest cameras by any means and they certainly aren't drop proof. They aren't easy to use and don't have any fun options that kids would enjoy.More and more I was looking for my camera and realizing the reason it wasn't where I left it was because someone had snatched it on me. That someone being … [Read more...]

DLL Rainwear – Chooka Rain Boots {Review & Giveaway}

I recently came across DLL Rainwear and was immediately impressed with the product line they carried. They specialize in rain boots. The selection is great with many well known brands! I love Hatley and they have a whole selection of their products right down to the boots to match all of Gavin's Preschool Gear in the Aliens Pattern. They have a full line of Adult Rain Boots as well Kid's Rain … [Read more...] – Bounce Bot Inflatable Bounce House by Blast Zone {Review} PLUS, an online discount promotional code!!!

I have been so excited to share this bounce house review and giveaway with you from! As we know many mom's rent commercial bounce houses for fun summer fun and birthday parties- but what if you could OWN one for just a little more then the cost of a two day rental!! I did some research for rentals in my area and the average commercial bounce house rental ran between $200-$400 … [Read more...]

Bounce Bot Inflatable Bobble Bouncer by Blast Zone & {extra entries}

Are you looking for some warm weather fun?Check out they have great value bounce houses and waterslide bounce houses in both residential and commercial units!They are priced great! If you have rented a bounce house for a past event you know they generally cost around $200 for a 24 hour rental! What if you rented one two times? Do you know you could have OWNED one by then?Want … [Read more...]

{Outdoor Oasis} Are you sick of the cold?

Can you believe we're at it again?Dee & I are in the process of putting together yet another event!This time we're thinking warm weather! We're sick of the cold and we thought the best way to think spring is to throw an event all about great products that require warm weather, the outside, and getting outside! We want you to be prepared through rainy spring into warm summer!~If you have a … [Read more...]