Wordless Wednesday! The Monsters are back!

The Monsters are back visiting Gavin at night time...At this time we have look out stations. See Mr. Webkinz dinosaur on the top right corner of his bed? And "Good Monster" sitting on his night table? What you can't see: Mr. Turtle is perched on the windowsill, Miss Piggy is on dresser duty, and Cartwheel (tigger) is standing guard on the toybox! But he's sleeping right? LOL!ps. stay tuned for … [Read more...]

Randomness – crashing to the bottom….

Went well last week so I thought I'd give it another try LOL! We finally picked out a playground! I am ecstatic! I can't wait to get it! We are just waiting to get a Home Depot coupon for 10% off and it's ours! Of course we got a million of those coupons the last few weeks that are now expired and now that we need one you know we'll wait for ever to get one...I heard I can go to the PO and get … [Read more...]

Is your Toddler/Child afraid of Monsters? Then you need your own customized CurlyQ Cuties Monster!!!

As most of you who read my blog regularly know. My toddler has been having some real issues with "monsters" in the house. If he is watching tv or playing with toys and he suddenly noticed the room close by was dark he would get upset saying monsters were going to get him. This in return resulted in more lights on then we liked. Night time & Nap time weren't much fun either. Even with a night … [Read more...]