Randomness – crashing to the bottom….

Went well last week so I thought I’d give it another try LOL!

We finally picked out a playground! I am ecstatic! I can’t wait to get it! We are just waiting to get a Home Depot coupon for 10% off and it’s ours! Of course we got a million of those coupons the last few weeks that are now expired and now that we need one you know we’ll wait for ever to get one…I heard I can go to the PO and get one out of the change of address packets…I need to remember to check this out since I am in the PO 2-3x a week!
Poor hubby has to build it. I wonder how long that will take LOL!

That friend I was telling you about has been put in court appointed rehab which is good for everyone to figure out what needs to happen. However pointless to be there when she doesn’t want to be. Her hubby has filed for divorce and her kids (11 & 7) don’t want to speak with her. So sad. The worst part was Sunday was her baby’s 1st birthday and she missed it. And sadly she was more upset about being away then she was about missing it.
Also, because she was hiding her addiction (again) her hubby is just now realizing that their house is almost in foreclosure and their cars are one payment away from being repossessed. Luckily her parents are helping him out and standing behind him to help him keep the kids.
It’s just a very sad situation all around. Sadly, I have informed them that I need to stay away from it all and to not have her contact me when she gets out.

Seriously, that Monster review I did last weekend is so true. I haven’t had G wake up once now in almost a week over monsters! The thing is a miracle! I can finally have slept!

Sunday Hubby & I brought the boys to the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It’s the second largest St. Patty’s Parade in the US! For once in the longest time I can remember I didn’t lose feeling in my extremities from the freezing cold. I think it stayed around 40-45 degrees (Fahrenheit).

I can finally see spots of the ground peeking through the snow on my front yard and it makes me so happy! Our neighbor across the street has this one itty bitty pile of snow left. However, since we are on the wooded side of the street the trees tower over and shade a lot of our yard making it impossible for the snow to melt. Now its more like this thick layer of ice that everyone keeps falling on.

Speaking of falling OMG I had the biggest scare yesterday. My 2 year old and 8 year old were at the top of the stairs. My 8 year old lost his balance on the top step and grabbed onto the 2 year old to catch himself. Since obviously the 2 year old couldn’t support his weight the 2 of them both went crashing down the entire flight of solid oak stairs. Literally somersaulting over each other. Very scary to see & hear!!! When they crashed against the wall at the bottom they both began to scream. I flew to them immediately not knowing who to help first. Luckily they didn’t break anything! However J has some really banged up shins that bruised and swelled up immediately. G has some bruising along his back. They both laid down with some ice and seemed to feel better so hopefully the pain will go away soon! Oh it was so scary!

When J was 18 months old we fell down a flight of stairs together. He was on my hip while I was standing at the top of a flight of stairs talking to someone and he wanted to leave so he threw himself back causing me to lose my balance. We both went down the whole flight. He lucked out because I held him so close the whole way down. Me? I ended up with a broken tailbone UGH!

So with that…Have you or your kids ever fallen down a flight of stairs?



  1. Susan says

    My precious daughter fell down a flight of steps at 10 months old onto a tile entrance! We didn’t have the gate up and she was just learning to walk…took my eyes off of her for 1 minute and BAM! She had a terrible bump on her forehead…luckily she was fine but scared me to death!! Then when she was 3 she fell again at a new house, the stairs were carpeted…she was fine! I hate stairs when babies are around:)

    Sorry about your friend:(

  2. My Home - My Life says

    I can’t imagine the panic you felt when they fell. I do not have kids yet but I know I would probably freak out of that happened to my kids. Glad they are ok!

  3. Sarah says

    I fell down the stairs a few years ago and fractured my ankle. Thankfully I wasn’t holding a child. It was a challenge to be a stay-at-home mom with 2 little kids and a broken ankle though:)

    Glad to hear both kids are o.k.!

  4. Tina says


    on checking my Entrecard stats it seems you are one of my Drop Stars! Thank you!

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    Have a good day

  5. Five O'Clock Somewhere says

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I appreciate it. Lots of interesting stuff on your blog, and your creations are beautiful.

  6. blueviolet says

    That is so terrifying but I’m glad all that came of it were some bumps and bruises. It could have been so much worse.

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