Is your Toddler/Child afraid of Monsters? Then you need your own customized CurlyQ Cuties Monster!!!

As most of you who read my blog regularly know. My toddler has been having some real issues with “monsters” in the house. If he is watching tv or playing with toys and he suddenly noticed the room close by was dark he would get upset saying monsters were going to get him. This in return resulted in more lights on then we liked.

Night time & Nap time weren’t much fun either. Even with a night light in the room it made no difference. He would wake up at night and make us go in there and search his closet, look under his bed, look behind the toy box and make sure there were no monsters in his room. There were times that even after looking around he was still too scared and made me lay in his itty bitty toddler bed with him until he fell asleep.

Then I was contacted by CurlyQ Cuties. They have these little monsters that you can customize to your likings and then you get this adorable little monster shipped to you!

Their Website:
CurlyQ Cuties have an awesome website. When you click on “Design your own Monster” it brings you to a screen where you get to decide not only on colors, but everything right down to the shape of the monster! Here is what “G” picked:

“G” and I sat down and played with all the different designs, shapes, and colors. My son is seriously addicted to anything ABC so the fact that we got to put a “G” on his monsters belly was an added bonus! At the end you can even print all your monsters that you make. “G” had fun then coloring over the different monsters he had designed.
When we received our monster “G” was so excited. He immediately began playing with him. He loved the “G” on his belly and ran right to his scribbled over monsters he had previously colored. He was so excited to remember HE had made this monster. The quality of this monster is excellent. It is soft, bright, and very well made. The colors on the website are very true to the colors on our little monster.
“G” now refers to his little monster as “Good Monster”, so even though the letter on his belly was originally supposed to stand for his first name it now stands for “good”.
He has carried him from room to room in the house. He brings him to bed at both night time & nap time. It arrived in the mail on Thursday and he hasn’t woken us up once in the middle of the night because of monsters since!
The more amazing factor is he has actually booted his 2 puppies, Blue, Piggy, and Turtle all out of his bed to make room for “good monster”. He loves thinking that this little monster keeps all the other monsters out of his room. And as Mom, I just find it cute!
Want one of your own little monsters?
You can go to and get started now. They start at just $25.00!
In 10 days or less you could be holding your very own customized monster!


  1. OldWestMom says

    Too cute! We’re in that stage right now too with our toddler. I may have to check this out.

  2. NICO Designs says

    What a great idea! I love how someone can take a desperate situation and turn it into something positive. Thanks for the link.

    And your little “G” is a cutie:)

  3. TiLT says

    Those look so great! And what a fantastic way to customize….
    and he looks soooo adorable sleeping with it 🙂

  4. Felicia says

    How adorable!

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