Featured Friday: PaperPrincess34 featuring her new shop My Other Princess with GIVEAWAY

This week's featured friday is PaperPrincess34! I met her to through the Etsy Chat Rooms. It's funny to now realize all the great people I have met through those rooms. It first started as another way to get my shop noticed in return I met some really great sellers! Miranda who specializes in scrapbooking just started up a brand spankin' new store!PaperPrincess34 Who are you? I am Miranda. I'm … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: SKNaturals PLUS Giveaway!

This week's Featured Friday is SKNaturals! She has wonderful organic baby items. Everything from clothing and booties to crib sheets and pillow cases! Make sure to peek through her store for other great items! SKNaturals Who are you? My name is Susan, and I'm a wife and mom of 2 preschoolers. Love to do things with the kids, sew, bake, be outside! Love all things natural. When my kids were … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: BALANCED Giveaway!

This week's great Featured Friday Artist is Balanced. I met Balanced in the Etsy Chat Rooms. I usually go in there in the mornings while I enjoy my cup of Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Coffee! I love her work. I wish I had known of her shop before I went to Naples back in November for our friends' wedding because I had such a hard time finding jewelry to match my dress. I could pick so many … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Davie and Chiyo

I am so excited for this week's Featured Friday!!! Not only does she make awesome bags & clutches but they are doing a giveaway for one lucky person! SO make sure to read below on how to enter her awesome cotton/silk coin pouch!!! Davie & Chiyo Who are you? My name is Fumi Bull and my sister, who is my partner for Davie & Chiyo is Himi. I am 23 years old and my sister is 25 … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Spiffing Jewelry

This weeks FF person is Spiffing Jewelry! I love love love her stuff! I have to admit I am the proud owner of these earring right here :) She even gives me the credit for them in the listing since they started out as a custom order from me! They were my cute earring for Christmas, which I got many compliments on I might add! Candy Cane Bauble Earrings Resplendent Buxom Necklace This next … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Luca Tedde

I love this week's featured seller! I have even purchased from him and had the pleasure of seeing his work in person! Luca Tedde's painting is absolutely stunning! Witness of love - original acrylic painting Isn't his work beautiful! If you like him make sure to check out his Etsy Store! He has a bunch of amazing items for sale! Blue Gift BOX and tag (handpainted) Custom Realistic pencil … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: DonnaPool

This week's Featured Friday is actually the Monthly Feature for my Etsyblogger's Team. Her name is DonnaPool and she makes the cutest buttons!You can find many items from buttons, to photographs, to plush toys in her Etsy Store. Don't forget all of our members have a blog that you can check out. She actually has two! Click here or here to check them out!   … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: NICO Designs

I thought to start out my very first Featured Friday I would show you to a store I have always drooled over. I have always peeked through her shop and said to myself when I get THAT sale which bag would I buy. Here are just a few of the great bags that are available in her Etsy Store: NICO Messenger Bag 9 Pocket Green Meadow How awesome is this bag. Sturdy enough for a school bag yet stylish … [Read more...]