Lovable Labels {Friendship Packs} Review & Giveaway

  I've been using Lovable Labels for years. They are so much easier then scribbling a name on something and chancing it falling off or removed or using a permanent marker and making a mark that isn't pretty and can't be removed. This is the battle I went through for years as Johnny went to daycare. Plus, after so many bottle and sippy cup washings the marker would still wash off even though it … [Read more...]

Icebreaker Will Keep Your Family Warm This Winter! Review & Giveaway!

Being an adult you'd thin kby now I would have invested in quality items to keep me warm through the winter, after all I do live in New England. Instead year after year and often several times per season I find myself buying cheap hats and gloves to outfit my family. I have it set that way as if they lose them it's okay but honestly no one is losing anything instead we're ending up with wet, cold … [Read more...]

PaigeLauren Baby – Classic Infant Gown Giveaway!

PaigeLauren has some really adorable clothing. If you've never heard of the brand before I'd recommend checking out their full website. I wasn't familiar with the brand and hadn't heard of them previously. The website really doesn't do these pieces justice. Sure the kids look absolutely adorable in the clothes but what you don't see is the quality, details, and the amazing softness I never … [Read more...]

B2B: Elegant Baby Unique Baby Gifts Review & Giveaway!

Even though I still don't know the sex of this baby I find myself spending hours each week cruising through baby website after baby website. However, after a while I swear so many of the websites begin to look like each other. Same products, same choices. Then I was introduced to Elegant Baby. They have so many items that aren't in every other online website. They have unique and original gift … [Read more...]

B2B: $75 Zutano Gift Card Giveaway!

I first worked with Zutano two and a half years ago and I've been a fan ever since. I love the bright fun colors and cute styles that they carry. They go as small as newborn and preemie and all the way up to toddler. Of course since it's been a while since I've been in the market for baby clothes I was quickly lost in all the pages. Of course since I'm not sure just yet of what I'm having I am … [Read more...]

Children’s Clothing from Tea Collection Review and $50 Giveaway!

I admit I'm not much of a clothes shopper. It's crazy, right? However, there is something about shopping for clothing for my kids. I love it. I avoid it because once I get going it can be dangerous. Tea Collection is an online website that sells children's clothing and let me tell you they are so adorable! First things first let's just say it's a good thing I don't have a girl. The girl's clothing … [Read more...]

@Kidorable Fireman Rainwear Review and Giveaway! Coupon and Discount Codes Too!

Over a year ago I first discovered Kidorable. Since then I can't look at all rainwear as being the same. See Kidorable Rainwear has the most adorable rainwear sets. They take the imagination and bright colors our children love and take them to the next level. In November of 2009 I did a review of Kidorable on their cute frog rainwear. Gavin loves having any opportunity to wear this set. I had … [Read more...]

Win an Old Navy Coupon! $50 off a $100 purchase! NINE Winners!! 72 Hour Giveaway!

I love Old Navy. It's one of the only stores that my entire family can walk into and easily find complete outfits for everyone! Not only that but we can afford it too! The clothing is quality made and fashionable too! One thing I really need is a new sweater that can easily be layered. I love the Women's Cable-Knit Tie-Belt Cardigan! I love that its nice enough to take to work or wear with a … [Read more...]

iStyle Originals Fun Tees! Review & Giveaway!

ipad, iphone, ipod- It's all the rage these days. Ask anyone I know (even the kids!) what they have on their Christmas list this year and one of those is on it! Many of us already have some of these and are just extending out our collections. Why not get them a shirt to go with their little obsession? User-friendly, wireless peer-to-peer networking softwear with dynamic real-time text … [Read more...]