Icebreaker Will Keep Your Family Warm This Winter! Review & Giveaway!

Being an adult you'd thin kby now I would have invested in quality items to keep me warm through the winter, after all I do live in New England. Instead year after year and often several times per season I find myself buying cheap hats and gloves to outfit my family. I have it set that way as if they lose them it's okay but honestly no one is losing anything instead we're ending up with wet, cold … [Read more...]

Executive Gifts – Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter with Scissors Swiss Army Knife by Wenger Review & Giveaway!

I struggle shopping for men. I despise it actually. They always seem to be so picky and if they want something it is usually a tool I'd know nothing about. So when I was asked to do a review for Executive Gift Shoppe I gladly accepted! As I went through the different categories I found about 10 different things that would make great gifts for the men in my family. Now, they also have great choices … [Read more...]

Horny Toad – Men’s Clothing – Davie Marino Wool Sweater – Review

My husband is so incredibly picky when it comes to clothing. When I stumbled on to the Horny Toad website I couldn't believe that as I looked over all the men's clothing that they were ALL selections my husband would make. Not only that but clothing my father would like as well.Horny Toads has all categories of mens clothing from shirts, pants, sweaters, and jackets. Function, comfort, and style … [Read more...]

UV Skinz – The Best Protection From The Sun For Your Little One! Chemical-Free Sun Protection!

Rhonda Sparks lost her husband at the very young age of 32 years old to skin cancer. She felt she had to do something to help prevent another person going through what she and her husband had endured. In 2005 she started UV Skinz! She is fully committed to making sure that her company provides great quality products but she is also trying to make her voice heard to "get kids covered!" all over the … [Read more...]