Cesars Share a Story, Share the Love #ShareTheJoy

I never liked dogs. Crazy, right? When we talked about getting a family dog I was dead set against it. I liked our pet free home and I was a cat lover. When I realized the idea of getting a dog wasn't going away I figured I might as well get involved so I could at least control the breed. Since Hubby was allergic and I didn't want a dog that shedded or slobbered it really helped us narrow down the … [Read more...]

Cesar Meaty Selects For Our Best Friend

I remember the day we talked about getting a dog. I was horrified. I have spent all my life avoiding dogs and here my family was begging me to bring one into my home at 8 months pregnant. What were they thinking?? After some serious begging by not only my kids but the hubby I found us making an appointment to look at some puppies. They had a few but I was interested in the golden female they had. … [Read more...]

#ShareTheJoy with Cesar Savory Delights and WIN!

As you know we didn't just welcome Sawyer into our family this year but Charlie too! It's been quite the experience having both a newborn and a puppy all at the same time. I've had dogs growing up but never had an attachment to them so I never really paid much attention to how they ate, played, or did anything for that matter. I had to learn it all and we're still learning over six months … [Read more...]

Cesar Cookie Crunchies Make Great Treats For Puppy Training!

In February we brought home a puppy and we were so excited. Considering I was nine months pregnant at the time we were also crazy! We wanted to try and train him as fast as we could so when the baby came our hands wouldn't be too full. Neither of us were experienced dog owners and really didn't know what we were doing. We knew he needed to be rewarded when he did what we asked and that we needed … [Read more...]