Kenny Loggins – All Join In – DISNEY CD – Review!

Now, I will be honest Kenny Loggins is not a CD I would pick up any day. Truthfully is you asked me if I could name a song by him I’d have to say no. If you asked me to listen to a CD from him and I had a choice of something else again I’d tell you no.

That’s why I’m typing this post. One 2 One Network asked me to review his latest CD that still doesn’t have a debut date yet. I wasn’t asked to post about it or even tell anyone about it in return. I just had to fill out a survey. So, I figured I might as well give it a try. After all he was making a Disney CD for Kids.

Did you know that Kenny Loggins sings a lot of Disney songs? Especially Pooh ones? I didn’t! Here is the song ‘Underneath the Same Sky’ for you to listen to.

Kenny Loggins – Underneath The Same Sky (Music Video)

This is the first track out of 13. I popped this CD in my Jeep on a trip to the library and we (or should I say I) was surprised right away that we liked it. Not every song is my style but the kids really like it! My favorite is ‘You’ve Got A Friend in Me’ from the Toy Story Soundtrack.

~All Join In~
1. Underneath the Same Sky
2. All Together Now
3. You’ve Got a Friend in Me
4. Two of Us
5. Come Go With Me
6. There Is a Mountain
7. The Puppy Song
8. You Can All Join In
9. Gandhi/Buddha
10. Long Tailed Cat
11. Your Lollipop
12. Moose ‘n Me
13. 1234

So, I just thought I’d tell you if you see the CD above in a store sometime soon, think about grabbing it up. It sure beats listening to the same Mickey mouse CD I’ve repeatedly listened to for the last 2 months straight. Plus, my 8 year old likes that he recognizes a few of them and can sing along without feeling like he’s too old or too cool to chime in.

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