10 Holiday Tips I Try To Follow

I can’t believe the holiday season is approaching so quickly! I’ve started learning their are tricks to staying on top of things and believe me when I say I need all the tips and tricks to manage to pull the holidays off smoothly.

1. Clear Out
Around this time I go through the kids rooms. I remove all the toys they are no longer using and pull out all the clothing they are no longer fitting into. I get them ready and find a local consignment. I sign up for one that always falls in October and the check comes just in time to help in replacing those items but to put under the tree. I’m left with clean rooms and closets and I know exactly what they need before we hit their wants.

2. The wants.
They each get a list. We add all their ideas on the list. If they don’t want it anymore it comes off but we put all ideas at all price ranges on the list. It’s not just for mom & dad but for family use as well.

3. Family Requests.
Is every one asking what your kids want and you’re starting to forget who you told what too? Welcome to my world. I keep a master list of who I told what so I know I haven’t given a request to more then one person. If I know it’s been purchased I highlight it. If one of the items becomes a super want I know exactly who to go back to and find out if it was purchased.

4. Perfect photo
You want to have Christmas Cards that you’ll be proud of. The photo makes or breaks the card in my opinion. Once you have the perfect photo or photos finding the card is a breeze.

5. The Card
Regardless of which holiday you’re celebrating your cards can make quite the statement. I know for me sometimes it’s the only time I communicate with certain family and friends. It’s awful and I know it but we all do it. Don’t you want to have a quality card that goes out? Storkie Christmas cards quality cards and a great place to get some ideas for that photo shoot if you’re still struggling.

6. List
Who are you shopping for? Make a list and go over it with your spouse to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone and that there is no question on spending limit. If you can put ideas next to their name. As you make purchases remember to cross them off so you can track who needs to be shopped for and who doesn’t.

7. Storage
Designate one area in your house for gifts. This will keep you from misplacing any gifts and will help you when it comes time to gift wrap. Providing you have space put a basket for smaller gifts and a file folder for cards and gift cards.

8. Use a Datebook
I know around here all the different functions that take place. Not to mention the fighting over who goes where for what and when. I know I jump for gift giving with the husbands family to be held at our house. It’s one of the only entertaining functions I do during the winter and I’d be so upset to lose it. Having all your dates with you at all times makes sure you don’t double book anything and that you always know what to plan for when your out shopping.

9. Outifts
If you have a fancy function or if you dress your kids up start looking now. I’ve discovered the good outfits sell out fast. I also purchase new pj’s for the kids Christmas Eve gifts every year. I wanted two years ago and ended up having to give Johnny salamander jammies while Gavin got festive snowman. I had seen the perfect ones for Johnny but I thought I’d wait. I was foolish.

10. Enjoy
Don’t go into such planning mode that you’re a robot getting through. You want to enjoy all the traditions, events, and decorating fun. After all in the end it’s about the memories not the gifts. The celebrations and not the food.

What’s your best tip?

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Storkie holiday blogging program. I received compensation for my participation. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Todd Teghtmeyer says

    Great tips – Thanks ! You already covered my best tip which is to try to enjoy the holidays as much as possible. They can get pretty hectic.

  2. karen M says

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. blueviolet says

    Your tip about designating one spot for gifts is so good! I made the mistake of scattering them one year, and I didn’t find some of the things for a month!

  4. Janet W. says

    I love all of the tips!
    I love #7 – if you don’t have a good storage system, it can be complete chaos!

  5. courtney says

    these are great tips.. I love the part about not being a robot.. I find myself doing that sometimes.

  6. Jenny says

    I got the list ready and started shopping, but I’ve got to work on #1. I keep telling Abby that Santa won’t stop here, because there’s no room for presents!

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