{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Friendly Birdie

Last week when I was at work I went outside to go to the Shell Station next door for a bottle of water. There was a bird on the ground that I almost stepped on. He didn't move when I rubbed him with a leaf. I called up to the office and told my boss about the bird. When she came down he flew up on my Jeep.We inspected him and realized he wasn't hurt. But he wasn't afraid of us either.Wendy, my … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Table Talk – Group Shot

(if you were curious- I'm sitting in the front, center. Blue jeans, legs crossed, black shirt)For more Wordless Wednesday visit Kristin over at Our Ordinary Life! … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Mickey Mouse Cupcakes, Sorta…

Gavin recently celebrated his third birthday. Ok, a little longer then recently but it has taken me a bit to get the pics onto a CD. He didn't want a cake this year he wanted cupcakes! Plus, he wanted Mickey Mouse cupcakes! I know they aren't no Martha Stewart cupcakes, but he was happy! I've never made my own frosting before. I used the recipe on the back of the Hershey Cocoa. As you can see … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Why won’t he hug me back, Mommy?

This was taken the same week we came home from Disney. We stopped at CVS to get my pictures off my camera and onto a disk. Gavin ran and gave Mr. M&M a hug and then turned and said "Mommy, he won't give me a hug back like Mickey mouse did". He looked so sad it was almost impossible to keep from laughing! … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Brothers!

The other night I wanted to take a shower before my hubby got home so I asked Johnny to keep an eye on Gavin for a bit. When I got back downstairs they were both snuggled up together in the chair watching a movie. Awwww!Hee, hee can you tell Gavin looks like me while Johnny looks like his Dad, and neither looks alike! … [Read more...]

Not-So-Wordless-Wednesday {Oh! The Joys of Facebook!}

So, this week I just needed to explain this one so I am far from wordless...my apologies!I can't imagine being a teenager in today's world! The technology has grown way past the beeper I was given to stay in touch with people from when I was in high school (which wasn't that long ago, for the record). Cell phone cameras, Flip cameras smaller then ever, its all gotten so advanced. There must some … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Why’d I stop?

4 - Palmolive dish soaps1 - Aussie Shampoo1 - Aussie Conditioner1 - Herbal Essence Shampoo1 - Herbal Essence Conditioner1 - Huge Shea Butter St. Ives Lotion48 - #2 Pencils3 pkgs - eraser tops (45 total)2 - mini notebooks8 - Easy Touch Pilot Pens2 - Mentos Gum2 - ColgatePlus - 2 Candy bars my kids ate before I could take the pic!Total Amount before coupons: $65.57Total Paid: $19.54Extra Bucks to … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday! Digging for Gold

Seriously? … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Cousins First Meeting

One great thing about our trip to Disney was that I finally got to meet my cousins son Tyler!My Dad's family relocated to the Daytona Beach, FL area when I was little and I don't get to see my family very often. When My cousin had her baby it killed me that I didn't get to be there.So, when she found out we were coming to FL she drove the hour and a half from Edgewater to come see us! Tyler got … [Read more...]