{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Friendly Birdie

Last week when I was at work I went outside to go to the Shell Station next door for a bottle of water. There was a bird on the ground that I almost stepped on. He didn’t move when I rubbed him with a leaf. I called up to the office and told my boss about the bird. When she came down he flew up on my Jeep.
We inspected him and realized he wasn’t hurt. But he wasn’t afraid of us either.
Wendy, my boss, rubbed his belly and he seemed to like it. I was worried he was sick somehow and refused to touch him.
I got the keys to my truck and we used the door area to stand on to get a better view. He hopped up into Wendy’s hand.
No matter what we did (non-abusively) he wouldn’t fly away.
Her son came out and was also amused by the bird. Eventually after about 20 minutes he decided he had enough and just flew away and the work day went on us usual.

(No clue what kind of bird it is, but I think they are common here in MA)

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