Not-So-Wordless-Wednesday {Oh! The Joys of Facebook!}

So, this week I just needed to explain this one so I am far from wordless…my apologies!

I can’t imagine being a teenager in today’s world! The technology has grown way past the beeper I was given to stay in touch with people from when I was in high school (which wasn’t that long ago, for the record). Cell phone cameras, Flip cameras smaller then ever, its all gotten so advanced. There must some serious consequences come Monday morning for some teenagers these days.

Well, not just for teenagers. Facebook got me. Ok not Facebook exactly…
Remember I told you hubby was in his best friends wedding last weekend? Well, there was also an open bar that served endless glasses of Pinot! It took over an hour for my hubby to arrive with the wedding party so I stood by the bar socializing not realizing how easily they were going back. I don’t think I made it past 9-10pm before I found myself a seat outside and fell asleep.
This is what happens when us Mom’s only get out 1-2x a year. We miss out on all the fun completely passed out.

Now, I didn’t make a scene or make a fool out of myself. I just simply fell asleep.
Funny thing was its not one of my friends that thought this would be hilarious to post in their pictures….it was the “lovely” (cough) bridesmaid who walked down the isle with my hubby and wanted him to let her “ride” him as they walked in. Guess she was bitter when he told her no….

The best part was when my mom came across the picture…it made for a great phone call….

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