{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Pirates!

When we were in FL on vacation we found a few of these and took a bunch of photos!I think they look so silly but they are fun just the same.For more vacation photos check out my post from yesterday. … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Kermit

A few photos I took when we drove to FL in October just hubby & I.The frog was the size of a penny. Cool, huh? … [Read more...]


I know its so not {almost} wordless!How do I not share something like this with you!In case you don't know. My Gavin is the cute one in the striped sweater ;)He was a Penguin for his Holiday Concert. … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Mickey…again

Another Great Mickey Find!These are definitely a favorite in our house!Good deal at Costco's too!ps. The plate is part of my Olive Kids giveaway that ends 1.2.10Isn't it cute? … [Read more...]

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Computer Geek

Gavin seems to have using a laptop down pretty good LOL! … [Read more...]

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – First Christmas

Some pictures from Gavin's first Santa Trip!Can't believe how big both my boys have become in just a couple years!Also, I always chat a little and call my WW {almost} Wordless Wednesday so I thought if you chat a little too you could add my button and link up every week.Let me know if you do!*Added b/c of comments:Our local park has a Mrs. Claus every year! This is why after paying for admission … [Read more...]

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Festive Lights

Brought the boys to go see Santa at a local town park.Found out that just because the festival of lights is on does not mean Santa is in his village.Turns out he'll be here in 2 days.I would have just waited so I didn't have to pay twice! … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – A Really BIG Cupcake!

Why bother with little cupcakes?With Wilton's Cupcake Pan you can have BIG cupcakes!~Remember you can find more WW at Our Ordinary Life! … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Seriously? GPS, Seriously?

I know its blurry but I was driving home from the Build-A-Bear Event on Saturday and with .2 mi notice Garmin gives me this.Um, Do you notice its pointing back at me?!?!For more WW visit Our Ordinary Life! ps. This is from on the way home from the Build-A-Bear Event we went too. You can see ALL thos photos HERE. … [Read more...]